MARCH 2006

It all started in earnest about twelve years ago.  Prior to that I had spent many years in Christian churches, listening as well as hearing, teaching, playing music, and helping where I could.  Many people spend their lives that way.  I suppose what makes me different from many is that I have always wondered about things that don’t seem to “hang together”I hate loose ends when it comes to the Word of God.

I remember a conversation with my wife, which went something like this: 

Marlene: “Ed, why can’t you be satisfied with simple old-time religion?”

(These weren’t her exact words, but they capture the gist of her question)

Me:“I can’t help thinking about Jesus’ remark to his disciples, saying ‘If you continue in my word, and my words abide in you, then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.’  I am not free, and I don’t know anyone else who is… not even preachers… nobody.

I still don’tnot really.  But we are becoming more free as more light enters, and as we abide more in His word.

I have been on a quest to discover the truth.  Who doesn’t?  I have learned that the real truths are hiddenoutside the walls we have erected in our minds.  Our best hope for truth is not to memorize the bible (although that is not a bad idea), it is to discover why Jesus said “I came to bear witness to the truth.”

I began setting down some of my insights about ten years ago.  Although I have had several invitations and opportunities to “publish” them, I never felt released to do so until just recently.

My writings will not reveal THE truth.  It is my hope that some of my insights, along with those of others will cause you to wonder about things you may have glossed over, or taken for granted up to now.  Perhaps you will be led to peer over and beyond the old walls.  It is just possible that your heart may resonate in a special way to a greater message the Lord is getting you ready to receive.

One day while meditating I believe I heard a voice saying “Every man hears from the Lord through the filters of his life’s experiences.”  If that is true, we are wise to seek the benefit of much counsel, for we may not be able to hear (receive) certain things because either something in our experience causes us to reject it, or the lack of certain experience causes us to not recognize it. Actually, the greater truth is that every one hears EVERYTHING through the filters of his life’s experiences.  I’ll leave the reader to ponder that thought…

If you are one who is inclined to shoot the messenger who brings news you don’t like, you might want to look elsewhere, because some things I will suggest may be so new as to seem outrageous.  If you become angry, that is good… it may be showing that you are insecure with your understandingnot at all sure you have the truth.  After all, when you know the truth, no falsehood can make you feel threatened.  In other words, if you have THE TRUTH and I do not, you ought to feel compassion for me, not anger against me.  That is what the truth will do in our lives.

I will promise this… I won’t offer anything that can’t be supported by: a) a literal understanding of scripture; b) a symbolic interpretation of scripture (where I see the symbols as part of a recurring pattern); or c) an appeal to consideration of our Father’s heart, as revealed to us by Jesus.



INTRODUCTION [E. M. ‘Ed’ Dupas] March 2006          1


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