On my journey this morning into the inner realms of my Father’s kingdom, I discovered that He has it “all covered.” He hasn’t missed a trick, or been asleep at the switch or been lost in His universe! But what I observe and hear in various conversations is that it’s man, not God, who is asleep!

The lost man’s emphasis is all on Himself and what He is all on Himself and what He is doing. The lost Christian’s emphasis, (Yes, Christians can get temporarily lost and caught up in their own intellectual doings), is often like the emphasis of the lost man. It is all centered on what he is doing, what his family is doing, with the possible addition of what his church is doing.

The spiritual paradigm shift that is needed in our day of intellectual centering on man’s performance, on what man is doing for God, comes only as we ask the right question. Is God really doing anything? Can God do anything to save Himself from this mess it looks like He has created? Of course, the answer to that is that He does not live or dwell in the consciousness of the human mess! Humans dwell in the limited consciousness of their own mess. In Jesus Christ, God cam to deliver us out of this messy captivity! The paradigm shift will come as we awaken to the realization that Christ dwells in us, as us, in our mess, to transform it into a blessing! But who knows that?

Is anyone asking the right question that brings the right answer? Does any one really know or care what God is doing? If He does, please stand up and be counted. Don’t just sit there! Show your colors but don’t buy a rifle. God’s army doesn’t need one. It has greater fire power! If any one believes God is doing anything, will he please tell me what it is? Don’t keep me in the dark. Is it in Canada, Australia, or on Mars?

Have you heard anyone in your church lately telling what God is up to? If you have please tell me. I want to know if He is doing anything. Is He still around or has He moved? What is His new address? Please tell me, I must get in touch.

I guess it’s time for me to stand up and be counted by telling you what I have been discovering. There must be someone out there who is interested in reading about where I’m finding God!! On the hunch that you are really there, I’m about to unload on you the discoveries I’ve been making. The truth is just too good to keep to myself. God is within me, and as a matter of fact, He is within you too! (I Cor. 6:19; II Cor. 6:16; Gal 2:19-20)












IS GOD DOING ANYTHING [Marvin E. Cope]  9-2-97        1


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