In Luke 18:31-34, Jesus said that everything that is written of the son of man by the prophets will be accomplished; he will be delivered to the nations, shamefully treated, and they will kill him. On the third day he will rise. The twelve disciples did not understand. It was hid from them and they did not know what he said. Why is that so? All this was looked upon as literal, and in a sense it was. The spiritual truth of the nations, of his death and his resurrection as the son of man, is understood by very few today. It is still being hid from humanity.


All that the Father sent Jesus to do, in the likeness of the sinful flesh, is now a finished work. It is not to be expected for God yet to do. If a man believes it, his faith is reckoned as righteousness - the righteousness of God in Christ. Jesus spoke in parables and this parable is over. Now we live beyond the mystery of such as those whom it was hid from.


Luke 22:37, "What is written must be accomplished in me." With the lawless, he is accused. This clearly shows that all in the Old Testament had their fulfillment in Christ. What is hidden from those who are not in Christ is the literal, the natural, the written word, and that which is the reality of the spirit. 


John 19:28-30, "Jesus, knowing that all things were now completed or accomplished, thirsted." After this, he confessed that all was accomplished.  He then lowered his head and gave up the spirit Here again his last words were a confession that the finished works of God were accomplished in the firstborn of many brethren- What are we to believe and embrace in faith? This is not meant to be accomplished in a dead man (dead in sins and led by adverse spirits). This is a new generation out of the Son of God.


Revelations 21:6, "I am the Alpha and Omega. The origin and the consummation." The consummation of the law (Romans 10:4) is death, which is already fulfilled in all men in Adam and generated in the flesh. Very few believe this statement. Christ, not man, is the consummation of all God has for those who can believe in the unseen truth in Adam or Christ.  Christ came to give us truth and life. This is the basis of our very being and his very being. God is not a man, nor is the son a man.


John 4:34, "My food is to do the will of him who sends me and to finish his work." God's work is to restore his image, an image that is perverted by man (Isaiah 52:14). In the generation out of his son, this is accomplished. The sons believe, confess and walk in the spirit as sons of God in this evil world.


John 5:36, "The works the Father sent me to accomplish are testified to by the works I am doing." The healings and signs done by the man Jesus were to show evidence of a greater work that operated in the Lord. These signs were but an evidence of the reality in the spirit. Mankind was, and is, in ignorance of the true intent of the manifestations of Jesus.


Many refer to the scriptures as the word of God. If so, they are obliged to believe the very thing they read is God speaking to them. If one regards it as a true testimony, it should be believed that it would be true and accomplished, for it is a testimony of those things God has already done in Christ  


Just what is a believer? When something is said to be finished or accomplished, why do they say it is not so? Is this believing? It has been done, but not fulfilled. Some say it will be fulfilled in the earth. Will such a position as this ever come to what is done if they refuse to believe it is already accomplished for them? We are to be like Jesus - Christ-like.  Some people say this, "Until it comes."


Aside from the miracles, just what did Jesus do? Were there more important signs? Jesus was born of a woman, born under the law of Moses.  He came in this likeness of sinful flesh; and as a man, at the age of thirty; he presented himself to John the Baptist as a candidate for repentance. This was done in identification with man.  He went into the Jordan as one dead in sin. He arose from the water as one from the dead. He came to give life.  He did all this as a man, for man and for God. He came in the likeness of human man and did the things that God had already prepared for us in Christ. Those things were his repentance, being under the law, his death, his resurrection, and all the things he did, and then things that God did to him later on.


He was demonstrating that his relationship to God could bring man out of death to life. He was the life. This was nothing that he accepted in the realm of a sign or a demonstration. He rose out of death to the banks of Jordan. This was after the judgment of death. He received his identification with sin - a man. Then he received an anointing of the spirit, which he shared with those who follow him in the regeneration of the spirit. It is already accomplished. He then is declared to be God's son by God the Father. This is what those who follow him, in regeneration, share in his spirit that he has given us. The spirit reveals to our spirit that we are now sons of God. Now this is accomplished. This is the basis for encountering our real adversary. Up to this point, man was totally ignorant of who was leading him around, and who his boss was, and why he died.


We are led by the same spirit that raised Christ from the dead. We know who had control of our being and who the adversary really was. The Jews made many claims. John 8:31-53, "We are not in bondage to anyone" (of course they were to the Romans). "Abraham is our father." Jesus said that if you did the works of Abraham, then you can call Abraham your father, but you don't. He said, '"We were not born of fornication," insinuating that Jesus was born of fortification. "You are a Samaritan and you have a demon," they claimed. Of course, Jesus denied this. They said, "You are not greater than our father Abraham." Of course he was. Jesus said to them, "You are not of God. The devil is your father." Jesus thought this not only about a few Jews. It was intended for all men who were not regenerated in the spirit of Christ.


In John 17:4, Jesus said, "I glorify thee on the earth finishing the work that you gave me to do." This is the same commission that the saints, as the son of man, are given to do. Like Jesus, we must say it - "It is the father in me that does the work." It is the works of awakening, which is resurrection from the dead in Adam, and it is what we are to do. This is our ministry awakening people and having them find life in Christ. Many people are religious in many senses of the term "Christian," and yet they have no realization that they are awakened from the sleep of death and that Christ is their life. Being an heir in identification with the son is why we can call ourselves the sons of God.


When Jesus went to the Jordan, he showed us the spiritual realities of the changes that God is performing in us are the greater works that Jesus said that man would do. They are much greater than the healings, the feedings, and the natural evidence that happened here on earth. This is the work of God - to make man believe on the one he sent. He does that by sending the spirit. Jesus said, "This work is done." It is now the time to believe and confess the faith of things that are not seen - This is activity that brings righteousness, joy and peace in the Holy Spirit. This is an activity that happens only in the kingdom of God.


There are those who say, ''I do not see. It isn't what I think it should be. I see nothing happening in the earth and you don't look too great." These people are actually bringing their sense of unbelief into those people who truly believe. We know there are all kinds of confessions - true and false. Where is the evidence of power that Jesus had?


To bring down faith and belief will always be wrong. It is the devil's work to destroy both faith and belief. Belief is one of his key targets. When one will confess his belief in what is the finished work of Christ and what he has accomplished, it has nothing to do with self-attainment. I would tell you to leave it alone. Don't tear down things that God has done in people or you will be doing the devil's work.


This being true, we believe that our enemy has been defeated. A lot of people say that the devil has been defeated but they do not believe that Christ has accomplished all the work of our redemption and salvation. They choose to think the easy thing and think they have escaped by believing on the positive side. However, they really believe on the negative side and believe the devil is done and yet the devil is working full time in them. Defeating the enemy is part of the finished work of Christ in him. We are only to believe. God Bless!




IS IT FINISHED [Lloyd Ellefson]          2

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