NOVEMBER 8, 2013

The answers I receive that work, for me, for life, don’t work for some people because they either will not receive them (a choice); or cannot receive them because something is blocking them from receiving the simplicity of the message in order to apply the answers that work for me to their own situations.

If you are at a place of wanting to argue with some of the things I say, there is little point in further discussion, a choice you are making about which neither you nor I can do anything …and, with that, I am not saying either of us is right or wrong.

If, on the other hand, something tells you that what I am saying is true, but you acknowledge that there is some sort of emotional, mental or spiritual obstacle standing in the way of receiving it and which is keeping you from receiving spiritual healing and healing power, then, this may be for you.


You are here reading this, right now, for a reason, look at the following and ask if it fits you. Would you like to receive spiritual healing for YOU and/or be a facilitator of healing power which can be used on behalf of others? Does the following help you pinpoint anything that might bring illumination?

Have you ever heard either “You have to be realistic” or “You have to be practical” …both can be taken a number of different ways. In other words, either might be taken with a mindset of “It is what it is” rather than whatever “it is” can be improved or replaced. Simply put, “You have to be realistic” and “you have to be practical” can be looked at from at least two different perspectives.

Surely you’ve heard the story about a team of behavioral psychologists using a pair of twins for a research project. The two boys were identical in everything except their attitudes. One was always positive the other always negative.

The research team landed on what they felt was the ideal project to begin the study of the two boys and to uncover an understanding of what made them so emotionally and intellectually different.

They took them out to a horse farm and put them at opposite ends of a line of stalls. Each was shown a stall that was filled with horse manure and each was provided with a shovel, a wheelbarrow and instructions to move the manure to a pile in front of the stall. Each was told that someone would be back in an hour to check on his progress.

One hour later: One of the boys was enthusiastically shoveling manure …the other was resting after moving about half the volume his brother had moved.

The boy who had moved only half the amount his brother had already moved …was sitting cross-legged on the grass nearby looking glum – one of the psychologists asked: “How come you quit shoveling?”

“Because I don’t see the purpose in shoveling a bunch of horseshit and wearing myself out for whatever it is you are trying to figure out.”

The other boy, with a determined and happy countenance, was shoveling away and wouldn’t stop even to answer the question: “Why are you so excited about shoveling this manure?”

The boy, sweating profusely, still furiously shoveling, breathlessly answered, “With all this horseshit there’s gotta be a pony in here somewhere.”

The story is silly and the point is obscure unless we force ourselves to look at it as being able to possibly teach us an important lesson …and that important lesson is hidden right here in this paragraph. We can choose to pass the story off as being silly and for all intents and purposes being pointless or we can begin to look at a number of different possible perspectives; all of which will take creativity and inventiveness. In fact, making up a number of possible different outcomes to the story might even be an effective exercise for increasing creative thinking – what do you think? 

Accepting situations on the basis of, “It is what it is,” may well be the first step to creating a plan that will bring about changes that are beneficial to many people. In order for this creative plan to come about, however, takes the ability to ask questions such as, how could this work out to everyone’s benefit? “There’s gotta be a pony in here somewhere.”

Accepting situations on the basis of “It is what it is” with an attitude of, what’s the use? …avoids the use of creativity and invention and fits the victim thought processes of “this is the kind of thing that always happens to me.”

Both of the ways expressed in the foregoing two paragraphs are acquiescing to the edict to be realistic and practical. Both are also locked into a limited way of looking at things.

Scientific experiments and research have proven that the subconscious part of the human mind is enormously faster than the conscious to the tune of being able to process (in computer terms) at a comparative rate of millions-to-one, if not billions-to-one, bytes of information. That tidbit of information is useless if we don’t know how to tap into the subconscious.

It is here that I am going to posit a different way of looking at it …or at least a different way of discussing it and thus BYPASSING the limitation brought about by the conscious vs. subconscious comparison.

I cannot prove what is clamoring in my mind that needs to be said, here, for those who have the “ears to hear it,” but then “proof” can only be based on the limitation of so-called evidence even if scientifically derived and even some rather noted scientists are beginning to quite seriously point out the limitations of physical proof. I’m thinking of world renowned geneticist, Dr. Bruce Lipton, who has shattered the former belief engendered by “scientific evidence” that genes and the DNA of humans determine their individual destiny and proven that the human mind has the ability to override genetic proclivity.

Before we move on, let’s examine the truth that the former belief, just noted, has severely, or perhaps better said, sorely, limited the ability of some people to be able to receive healing power and spiritual healing.             

Somewhere I remember reading that Niels Bohr, a contemporary and colleague of Albert Einstein said something to the effect that the hallmark of any scientifically proven deep truth is that its negation is also a deep truth.

I have written recently that so much recent scientific research has proven that beliefs built upon older science were untrue. …this, to me, when I wrote it, and NOW, is a deeper truth that must be recognized in order for us to escape the traps of the supposed “scientific” questioning of “how” and “why” things work.

I cannot explain the reason that something I do brings into existence the presence of healing power and spiritual healing – I just know that, for me, it does.

You can argue that what I am about to say is incorrect …and you may be correct from your perspective, however, it doesn’t change the fact that I have an ability that only gets results when I do this one thing.

Will it be true for you? How will you possibly know unless you apply it? Asking how or why, again, to me, is a fruitless endeavor.

This “one thing” that I do is to take absolutely NO personal credit, CONSCIOUSLY OR SUBCONSCIOUSLY, for spiritual healing and healing power.

I love to relate experiences where there are witnesses to this deeper truth. Some experts in the fields of psychology, neurology and other sciences that deal with both the mental and organic causes of human behavior differ with my conclusions in a fashion verging upon violence.

Some of these insist that what I do is based on information stored in the subconscious. Here’s the distinction: I say that the subconscious may well be the receptor for what I do, but since, in my mind, saying that healing power and spiritual healing are powers which are resident in me, again, CONSCIOUSLY OR SUBCONSCIOUSLY negates the power.

I do not deny the possibility that such a premise is a false belief and that may later be disproved, however the belief gets results that are provable by the fact that some people are healed from all kinds of medically diagnosed diseases dramatically and there are witnesses with M.D. and other letters indicating successful completion of advanced medical training.

When I say “I AM” …I say it with an absolute dependence upon our (your and my) SPIRIT-PARENT saying it through me. “I” am not saying the words. This is the very distinction that Jesus made and makes …that is, “It is not I who performs the miracles that you have seen, nor are the words I speak mine – No! Both the works and the words are the Father* in me.”

*As I have often written, I have chosen to supplant “The Father” with “SPIRIT-PARENT” based on Jesus’ words, “In the kingdom there is no male or female – God is a Spirit to be worshipped in Spirit and in Truth.” I am also given to say (also often) that this SPIRIT-PARENT has all the loving attributes of a “perfect” mother and father – one that doesn’t in my experience exist in human form. Therefore, to insist upon “Father” or “Mother” misleads us into gender identification which Jesus clearly said/says is non-existent.

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