Is This Much Too Clear?


FEBRUARY 27, 2005

Behold The Lamb, The Quick Work, The King, The Finished Work Is Come. The Lamb knows His Father and The Father knows The Lamb for They Are One.

I will do a quick work and cut it short in Righteousness.

Righteousness, therefore, Is The End of The Work.

Let us consider this: His Righteousness has risen and has revealed The Father; has shed abroad The Glory Which Is The Father.

What could this mean? What does this mean? It means He has paid the full price of redemption, and has reconciled us to Our Father. He stepped up and paid the fare, and packaged us to go with Him; a quick instantaneous work cut short in His Righteous Magnificence.

Now, What Are We with Him? We Are One. We Occupy and Are His Body. Where We Are, There Is no separation from All That He Is. We Are Fully Alive Without spot or wrinkle.

Now, what about spot or wrinkle? You, Oh Glorified Being of Earth’s Heaven cannot be unkempt, cannot be ill, know nothing about weakness, and cannot be afraid. There is no spot or wrinkle in You. This Is The Free Gift of Righteousness Which Is Jesus Himself, or The Lamb Come in The Flesh.

Now is the time to “Shout The Victory.”

Behold The Lamb! Let us hear about The Lamb and His Nature: The Lamb knows Father Is All, and In All, and there is no other god or law of existence. There is none beside Him. The Lamb has released all authority to behold only The Father because Father Is Everlasting Perfection Appearing As The Lamb’s Love. The Father Is All Harmony, All Beauty, All Things Wonderful. He Is The Very City of Pure Righteousness Where There is no sickness, sorrow, suffering or death. Why should The Lamb take up authority when He has discovered The Righteousness of The Eternal. He Is Peace.

I ventured into The City and found The Lamb everywhere. As I looked upon the Many Beautiful Faces of The Lamb, I felt at Home. Interspersed among The Lambs, Were Lions Here and There. I could see no difference in The Nature of The Lambs and The Lions. They Were All Peace, Entered Into Rest. All Were Turned Facing The Father. Like The Little Lamb Nature That They Were, They Were Utterly Satisfied; not looking for or separate from All Good. How wonderful Is This Rest !

The Lamb Is Spotless You Know; There Is no death Here, for He Is Risen. All Are In The Arms of Father bearing The Father’s Eyes and Heart. Can’t You just see Their Eyes, teared In Loving Beauty; teared In Rapturous Exhaltation, and perfect Love?

Can’t You just know Jesus Is Come Again? Yes, “Which in His times He shall show, Who Is The Blessed And Only Potentate, The King of Kings, and Lord of lords; Who only hath immortality, dwelling in the Light which no man can approach unto; Whom no man hath seen, Nor can see: To Whom Be Honor and Power everlasting. Amen “ 1 Timothy 6:16

This, Today Is The Time Cut Short In His Righteousness. There is no place for man because he has discovered he no longer lives. He died at The Cross of Calvary, and has risen, The Only Begotten of The Father. He Is The Full Heir, Risen Christ, Lord Jesus, Perfect Lamb, now Alive in This New Creation. He Is The Kept One of Salvation, Retired In Father’s Arms.

You, Oh Blessed Heir have A Lamb In Your New Home which if you haven’t discovered, Is Your Resurrected, Perfect, Righteous Self. Again, “He Being without spot, unrebukeable,” hath abolished death, and hath restored everything lost in Adam.

Your Beautiful Word of Testimony Is accepted when You Speak Perfection In The Blood Of The Lamb.

Amen To Jesus Our Lord and Christ,

Love from,

Jim and Melba





















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