“It is finished.” You are complete in God.  When those three words were proclaimed, it meant there is no waiting for something more to happen.  You are complete now. Separation, condemnation, fear and guilt are man-made… man-created prisons of the mind and not love.  God is love.  “It is finished.”

Jesus IS come. I John states, “He IS come.”  His appearing or revealing or second coming is IN you.  If you are waiting for him to come in the clouds up in the sky, you are making the same mistake Jews two-thousand years ago made when they didn’t recognize the Christ in their own midst.  Do you recognize Christ in the “midst” of you?  Have you missed the Christ, as well?  People are the clouds he is coming in.  “Christ IN you the hope of glory!”

So, who is Christ?  Christ means, “anointed one.”  You are anointed.  Anointed means “to smear with oil.”  You are “smeared” with God; inseparable. Christ is God and man as one. Jesus showed us what it is like to walk in the knowledge of God and man as one. You and God are one if you look within to know that truth.  Jesus stated, “I am the way and the truth and the life.  No one comes to the Father (God), but by me.”  He was saying, “When you see me, you should see yourself.”  “When you see me, you see who you really are!”  Our minds have separated us from God. In our minds, many of us have God way, far, far up and away in the sky somewhere being unattainable; and ourselves way, way down as low as a snake’s belly.  As far as we can imagine, we make the wall of separation between God and ourselves vast and more vast.  However, nothing could be further from the truth.  There is no separation in God. There is no separation in Christ.  Christ is God and man as one.  “It is finished.”

“Who do you say that I am?”  Jesus asked Peter that question and he replied, “You are the Christ.”  It is upon that truth that God builds his assembly of people.  People are the living stones built up into a house of God; the temple of God.  Christ IN you is the hope of glory; not Christ outside of you, or Christ someday.  Jesus simply said, “The kingdom (or everything) is within you.” The kingdom does not come with outward appearance or show as Jesus told his listeners.  Paul the apostle wrote that he prayed until “Christ be formed IN you,” until you know that you and God are one and that His kingdom flows from within you.

See Jesus as yourself. As long as you see yourself separate from God…God outside yourself, you are living in a fallen mind-set.  That is what the “the fall’ in Genesis is: the same, old lie of God being separate from you.  Adam told God he was hiding, while God was asking, “Adam, where are you?  We are one and now you are trying to separate yourself from me and hide?”  The serpent in the Garden of Eden (or even in your paradise) is one’s own carnal mind which is lead by the outward, physical world and whispers, “You are not good enough.  You are separate.  You need to do something about it.”  That is what is called the devil or Satan in the Bible.  Even Peter was called Satan by Jesus when he was speaking what his head was telling him and not his heart.  Whenever mankind hears he is separate from God, he always feels it necessary to do something about it.  So, in futility he tries to “get to God,” by religion.  He forms a belief that if he does an exercise of some sort, he will be saved.  The tower of Babel was one of the first exercises in the Bible of man trying to “get to God.”  “God must be outside of us, so let’s build a tower up to Him and He will be pleased as we will then be closer to Him.”  That idea is illusionary, yet it still appears as truth to many even today.  Can you imagine that richly decorated, Jewish temple the disciples of Jesus admired when they heard the words, “not one stone of it will be left standing.”  Religion always tries to fix something that is not in need of fixing.  We must only look within to God for our answers.

I John 4:13 “We know we dwell in Him and He in us…”

Ephesians 4:6 “One God and Father of all, who is above all and through all and in you all.”

John 1:9 “…the light that is in every man…”

II Corinthians 6:16 “I will dwell in them and walk among them.  I will be their God and they shall be my people.”

God is not outside of you or in a temple to be built someday within the country of Israel.  You are the temple. How will God walk among His people?  He walks among His people by dwelling within all.  By walking with Him through His Spirit, one allows the relationship of oneness with God to pour out from within.  Jesus proclaimed, “What I hear and see the Father doing, that’s what I say and do.”  It’s within.  Truth is hidden within all people. God is truth.  The very life giving spirit which is God is in all and gives life to all.  Nothing exists nor can it exist outside of God, for God is Life. All the truth… God… is within you and you are not lacking. Why do you look for God outside of you?  It’s not without, it’s within.  God’s not without, He’s within.

Let’s look at Jesus’ life: The name Jesus means “Jehovah-saved.”  Jehovah is the Hebrew word for God’s name…”I am.”  Hence, the name Jesus means, “I am saved.”  What is salvation?  Look at Jesus.  He is what salvation looks like.  Salvation is knowing who you are.  When you look at Jesus, you should see the truth of who you are: one with God. 

Where was Jesus born?  He was born in Bethlehem, which means “house of God.”  You are the house of God. Do you see the picture of the Christ child being awakened in you?  Christ in you…

At Jesus baptism, the heavens opened up with the Holy Spirit pouring forth upon him.  And a voice came forth from heaven saying, “This is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased.”  Where are the heavens that pour forth the Holy Spirit and voice of God?  Jesus heard the heavenly voice from within himself.  The Gospel of Thomas quotes Jesus as proclaiming, “The Kingdom of Heaven is within you.”

Jesus demonstrated the way things should be.  He dealt with religious system and teachings, which bring wrong beliefs and bondage to the minds of people.  This is why he spoke of being born again or seeing things in a whole new way.  He spoke many times of faith and belief and produced miracles as evidence of his correct thinking.  Jesus knew who he was.  He did, however, attack religious leaders who were responsible for leading others astray.  He did so to change the minds of those who were bound by their religious teaching.  Hell is the state of a mind void of truth and believing it is separate from God. Religion often teaches this separation to its’ followers through fear of loss.  That is why Jesus spoke much of repentance, which simply means to change one’s mind; and faith, which is to come to believe truth.  He also focused on love, not fear, to free the minds of the bound.  This change in mind he sought for others is what he meant by being born anew.  It means to look within first and allow the inner to lead the outer. It means to no longer walk in fear, but in love.  It means to be led inwardly by the Holy Spirit and not outwardly by our head and five senses.   Apostle Paul in Colossians tells us that we were “alienated and enemies in our minds.”  Somehow, it seems we have allowed our own minds to become the enemy all along.  And when one finds the truth that he alone has been his own worst enemy, what is there to left to fear?   Sin?  Sin is just my own mis-thinking.  I must simply change my thinking; change my beliefs; repent.  Yes, Jesus understood this and lived it for us.  Jesus knew who he was and he is Life.  Jesus is Life made visible to all.   “I am the way, the truth and the life…”

I found this message recently.  I spoke it back in the year 2000 at Restoration Station Ministries in Massillon, Ohio.  I had forgotten its simplistic power and thought perhaps it may be a blessing to someone, again.    -L.C.

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