YEAR 2001

Contrary to what you may think, your relationship [or lack of same] is all in God’s hands.  It is God that has called you.  It is He that has chosen you.  It is He that is drawing you and nothing you can think or do can win more approval than you already have with God.  He has already accepted you right where you are and He already loves you doing exactly what you are doing.

He just wants a loving, intimate relationship with you and calls you to come along with Him and get to know Him and find out what this journey is really all about. God wanted this one-on-one personal connection with us so much – this feeling of a happy, complete, sharing of thoughts and deeds, that He came down to us in the form of Jesus – to live among us – to talk to us in the common street language of that day – to let us know that no matter what we have thought or done, He wants to be our closest friend and to help us have a better, more fulfilled life.

Unfortunately this happy opportunity has been taught to many of us as a “heaven or hell” decision and the flames of an “eternal hell fire” have driven us to a “save yourself” decision to accept God [as if by our decision we could really reject Him – the all-powerful Creator of the Universe].  But this unreasonable and unloving approach to God does nothing toward furthering God’s real reason for ascending into our midst and announcing that He wants us to get to know Him and quit fearing Him and start trusting and loving him.

As a result of the negative teaching so many of us have received, we have allowed a lot of different elements of defeat to rise up in our lives and prevent us from happily joining in with this marvelous plan of God for a successful relationship with Him.  Some of these include:  carnal thoughts [human reasonings], self-bondages [putting ourselves into a prison – set apart from a union with God], opinions of others [fear that our friends will desert us if we get closer to God], complacency [content to stay in our present circumstance of incompleteness rather than chance a new thing by taking a step toward God.], lack of spiritual vision [not being able to see God because He is spirit], and lack of faith [to dare to believe that someone you can neither see nor hear could love you and have a positive impact on your life.]

The written word of God, the Bible, tells us that we’ll never be complete within ourselves  – that it is only in a close friendship with God that we learn the truth of who we really are and the true purpose for our being here. All of us have a vacancy within ourselves that only this friendship with God can fill. Our own self-initiated religious acts are just things that we create to make ourselves feel good – convince us in our own human reasonings that we are doing something to earn God’s favor.  But our lack of knowledge of God’s plan and purpose for us, prevents us from knowing that He isn’t looking for our acts of charity – He wants to be our best friend.  He has all the knowledge of the universe and He wants to share it with us and show us a happier and healthier way of life.











IT’S ALL IN GOD’S CONTROL [Roger and Sunny Coffman] 2-2-01         1


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