JULY 22, 2012

Unless we are willing to think in NEW ways we will be stuck in our old thought patterns. We’ve all heard that the definition of insanity is, “doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.” This is especially true related to insisting upon keeping our old and limiting thought and belief habits.

One of the best lines I’ve ever read, but don’t remember it exactly, I think it was from Richard Bach’s “Illusions” was: “The original sin was ‘Arguing for one’s limitations’ …don’t!”

That some people insist on giving logical-sounding arguments for the reasons they cannot be healed or cannot break bad habits is a ridiculous, but very real phenomenon and the very reason they are so limited …this, particularly when all it takes to get beyond any limitation is the desire and a commitment to think and speak differently.

I’ll bet some of you, reading this right now, are coming up with arguments in your head against such a statement!

Those arguments are ringing in my ears right now; “what about people who have” (whatever)?

The antidote for every problem – is a promise that came through the mouth of Jesus –


That was said to the twelve guys who followed him around and, lest we forget, that he hand-picked and, at whom he became extremely irritated …to the point of calling them a bunch of “faithless perverts” – and that is an accurate, literal translation from the original language – because they failed to get rid of the cause of the seizures in a little boy.

The disciples, at least, had the courage to ask why they hadn’t been able to get rid of it …which brings us back to those who insist upon arguing or making excuses for their limitations. The point is, until we stop making excuses or arguments for or about our limitations and simply begin asking our SPIRIT-PARENT what, if anything we can do about it, we are not going to see any changes.

When the disciples asked Jesus, “How come we couldn’t do it,” he told them simply, and accurately translated from the original language, “because you don’t have enough faith.”

Then he told them, just as clearly, how to get enough faith. Now, some of us have tried what he told them and it still works. I’m not going to tell anyone to do what he told them to do, what I’m suggesting is to begin demanding and keep demanding to get clarity until they have clarity about what is best for them to do in any given situation.

If you want to know what Jesus told his disciples to do to get enough faith, I’ll be glad to give it to you, FREE …just e-mail me

Shouldn’t it be obvious to anyone, if whatever they’ve been doing isn’t getting the results they want; then isn’t it time to change? Not to “my” way or anyone else’s recommended way – it’s neither this nor that …get the way that is meant for you.

Ah, but that takes “faith.” Where do you get enough of that to proceed? I can only tell you how I get more than enough for me —  SPIRIT, I want more faith for this right now …I’m able to relax and know that it is coming to me in waves. But that’s now.

There was a time in my life that I didn’t have the kind of faith I have today. The kind of faith I have today and what I mean by the word “faith” is the kind of faith that gets results and attracts opportunities …a vessel through which healing power and spiritual healing flows to those who believe it can happen for them …I of myself can do nothing, but I know how to access healing power for others and Spiritual Healing for me …and anyone who wants it bad enough can have it too!

Does this sound like a wild and crazy claim? Ask my publisher, Ryan Bruce, if it is wild and crazy.  Ask why he sponsors this website at his own expense and why he publishes my books …and why he spends an inordinate amount of time and energy doing it.

Now, let’s understand something deeply. We cannot attract more faith until we have some faith. What we want is enough faith for whatever it is we want to achieve.

I just asked our SPIRIT-PARENT “what now” and I am supposed to remind us, since I’m using Jesus as a role model, what happened to him in Nazareth, the area in which he grew up.

Mark, one of the Gospel writers, reported that it was in Nazareth that Jesus could do nothing “supernatural.” The reason for his “powerlessness” there was because the people didn’t believe to the point that Jesus was amazed at their lack of belief and from then on he avoided the area.

Here’s a secret: Jesus also said that anyone who believes enough will do even greater things than he did – so we can actually get to the point of being able to do the seemingly “supernatural” even in those areas of which Nazareth is symbolic. Nazareth today is symbolic of those who say they believe in Jesus because they think they know who he is – that was the problem with the Nazarenes they thought they knew him, the son of Joseph, the carpenter. “Who does he think he is anyway?” was the prevalent attitude of the people there.

The reason I say that Nazareth is symbolic of Christians is they say he is the “Son of God,” forgetting that he is our elder brother with whom we are joint heirs, when we have our own “virgin birth.”

Some might feel I am being sacrilegious with the above comment, perhaps I am …I am also being deeply spiritual, meaning this is coming directly from our (your and my) SPIRIT-PARENT — the same one, whom Jesus said performed all the miracles credited to Jesus and all the words that came out of Jesus’ mouth.

It is when I received this bit of truth that my faith grew leaps and bounds because I began to accept that if I was willing to do what it took to believe enough and go after what Jesus referred to as “God-faith” or the “faith of God” …truly nothing would be impossible.

Here are two ways of looking at this “faith” business. “With God all things are possible” and “nothing shall be impossible to the individual who believes enough” …it is neither this nor that, but both.

Once we begin having intimate fellowship with our SPIRIT-PARENT we begin realizing we are joined together, as it was in the beginning, (the real meaning, literally in the original language of the term “salvation”) and allow HER/HIM/SPIRIT to speak I AM through us – that does not negate the fact that HE/IT/SHE is everywhere …it is nothing to argue over it is something to pursue so that we can interact with everyone, when they are willing, because we are ONE.

SPIRIT living within and elsewhere, no argument, no limits.

I AM, the only presence necessary in all that I do.




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