Not my hands, but Thine Oh Lord, for this is too great. It is beyond logic or reasoning or might or power. It is even too late; there being no time for logic or reasoning.

I will be in Heaven now, in Your Heart of Mine, palms upward. My cup is before You as I empty my thoughts to earthly possibilities and pass over into The Promise of That Which Is Perfect;  The Free Gift of The Savior.

I’m ready to receive; wrapping myself in Your Peace; stepping beyond council into Your Ever Abiding Wisdom and Righteous Presence. My step is above reasoning into the bottomless lake of completeness; meeting You face to face, My Creator.

Yes, take the wheel Love. Receive me into the fortified city. Nothing will satisfy except You as I dismiss all my games and toys. I receive the Army of The Lord to inundate the impossible and open the door of The Ever Present Now of Thee. I confess my passing and know it is You alone, for there is none other but Thee.  Earth’s dominion is yielded to The Heavens as I try my feet on Heavenly Paths.

My rest is Your Prepared Place as the Voice of My Heart says, “Holy, Holy, Holy”. Surely the wind obeys My Heart as I take My Place in You.





IT’S YOU MY HEART [Jim-Melba Crofford] 9-8-08          1


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