“And Jacob journeyed to Succoth, and built a house, and made booths… therefore the name of the place is called Succoth. Genesis 33:17


Within this one little verse we are able to decipher the mystery and destiny of all humanity. Of course you would have to have some prophetic insight of the times we are living in. By the power of the Spirit, I shall help you to see from a totally different perspective than we have heard most of our lives.


Jacob’s Journey started and ended over 3500 years ago on this physical plane of existence. However, he was only demonstrating in the natural what had already taken place in the Spirit during ancient times (before creation as we know it.) Jacob’s Journey is actually your journey, and all of creations.


“All rivers run into the seaand return where they came from..That which has been, is that which shall be; and that which shall be done, has already been done; and there is nothing new under the sun.” Ecc.1:7,9


.”.I am God and there is nothing else… and there is nothing like me, Declaring the end from the beginning, and from Ancient Times the things that have not yet happened.” Isaiah 46:9-10


“Before I formed you in the womb, I Knew You.” Jer.1:5




Where did we come from? This has been the question of mankind from the time he fell head first in the Garden of Eden, and developed amnesia. Did we come from a distant planet? Were we planted here as part of some universal experiment? Are we really here? The scriptures above clearly lets us know that we existed in another form (spirit-light bodies), before we were given our earth suits (physical bodies.) And the life you are now living in your flesh, you have already lived in spirit on another plane of existence, both positive and negative experiences. You are on a journey and you will ultimately end up right where you began.


This truth was demonstrated over and over again in scripture, (i.e, Noah’s Ark, Abraham, Israel’s 40 yrs..) “Now all these things were our examples (patterns, repetition) I Cor. 10:6 What were they repeating? What or where was the pattern? Yes, they were demonstrating on the physical plane what had already been done on the spiritual plane. And, they were also leaving clues for those with eyes to see, to see.




Jacob’s Journey demonstrates the law of circularity more clearly than some of the others, because of the powerful prophetic meanings behind the places where he stopped. As we look at some of these names, you will see how Jacob celebrated the 7 Feasts of God on the Jewish Calendar before there was a Jew. The names of the Feast are: Passover, Unleaven Bread, First Fruits, Pentecost, Trumpets, Atonement, and TABERNACLES (Succoth.) Lev. 23, Deut. 16:16 These Feasts also foreshadow our sacred journey. Take a look at the opening scripture again, and let’s begin our journey. Get ready for symbology.


Jacob was at his father and mother’s house in Beersheba. Beersheba means the well of sevens, the well of oaths. Seven is a number that denotes God, completeness and fullness. We also find in scripture that Wisdom has built her house and hewed out her seven pillars. Prov. 9:1 The seven pillars are symbolic of the 7 Eyes, and 7 Spirits of God, etc.


(1) Spirit of the Lord,


(2)Spirit of Wisdom,


(3) Spirit of Understanding,


(4) Spirit of Counsel,


(5) Spirit of Might,


(6)Spirit of Knowledge and


(7) Spirit of Fear of the Lord.


Isaiah 11:2, Zech.4:2,10 Rev.5:6 These 7 Spirits of God are parallel to the 7 Feasts, not necessarily in that order.




Jacob went out from his father and mother’s house (Yahweh – El Shaddai), symbolic of the realm of Spirit, (heaven.) He was running for his life in a strange land (earth), and he entered into a dark season. His brother the death angel, Esau (carnal mind, worldly desires) was out to destroy him, but his life was spared. That was his Passover experience. Gen.28:10-11


I am sure that he took bread for his journey, as was the custom to eat the next morning.-Because of the rush he left in, the bread would not have a chance to rise, it was Unleaven Bread. He laid down to sleep in a certain place called Luz, which means, almond tree, Growing. (You must continue to grow in the grace and knowledge of Christ.) This was a very painful time in Jacob’s life. Most of his time had been spent studying, and contemplating on God in his tent. To grow is to feel pain, negative experiences, and trials. But it was in this experience that the heavens were open unto him, and he saw the Way (ladder), that he and all humanity came down from and would journey back to the realm of Spirit. John 1:51 {For more insight into the Ladder, study our publication, Jacob’s Ladder.}


“And Jacob rose up early…” Gen.28:18 This is a type of Resurrection, which the Feast of First Fruits symbolizes. He renamed that place Bethel, the house of God. (Now we have covered the first 3 Feasts. Passover-your salvation experience, new birth, you escaped from Esau, the old nature which was out to destroy you. Feast of Unleaven Bread-you have the pure word of God (Torah) for nourishment on the journey. First Fruits-you have been resurrected out of the sleep of death/carnal mindedness. Buried with Him in baptism, risen with Him to the newness of life.




“Then Jacob went on his journey…” Gen.29:1 The experiences that Jacob has had so far are great, but he needs a good Pentecost experience. He is now in Haran, which means exalted, high place, mountainous. He sees flocks of sheep and Rachel coming to water them. Jacob experiences strong emotions, excitement, joy; he lifts up his voice, weeps, embraces and kiss strangers, he even commits to marriage. Haran is just what Jacob needed. Can you see the word of the Lord? Haran represents the upper room where they waited for the Holy Ghost in Act 1:13.


This is also the upper room of your consciousness. The flocks of sheep represent the believers: the Jews that came from all over the world to celebrate the Feast of Pentecost. Rachel represents the Outpouring of the Spirit, watering the flock, bringing a refreshing. Acts 2:1-4,17-21 The Believers experienced strong emotions on that day and after. They shouted, danced, laughed, fell on the ground, wept, kissed and embraced one another, and became committed to Christ. Hallelujah! This is exactly what Jacob did in typology.


Jacob stayed at Haran for 20 years, the Upper Room Experience is very exciting, and it’s hard to leave from there. In this place a lot of soul ties are developed. It’s a place where we learn the importance of fellowship. But the Believers have been stuck with very little or no knowledge beyond the Upper Room – Haran for the past 2000 years. We have produced many children (churches, religions, and moves of God), and have gotten rich , as Jacob did. Thank God for the prosperity message. Gen.29-30




I can hear the Voice of the Spirit calling to a people, Get back to Bethel, Arise, get out of this land. Pentecost is great, but it’s only the earnest of your inheritance, there’s MORE. Laban, the shepherd (Pastor-Traditional Church/Ministry) had a problem with Deception, Manipulation, Control and Greed. He did not want to let Jacob go on to celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles (Succoth.)


Jacob is running for his life again, this time it’s not the flesh (devil), or the world trying to destroy him. It’s the Religious Church!! Those that are weak eyed and stuck in Haran (Pentecost), and don’t really want to change. Jacob has to sneak out, he’s grown so much and become so rich that he is envied and despised by those which introduced him to this experience. (Have you experienced this yet?) His presence is a thorn in their flesh, they are small minded, and intimidated by him. So it is today, when one starts to here the call of God (Spirit) to go on beyond Pentecost, beyond the elementary teachings. And when Spirit begins to share the riches of his mysteries that causes growth and maturity, those which are complacent will try to destroy the life in you through Control, Manipulation and Character Assassination.




I find it interesting that Laban did not know that Jacob had gone to the next experience in God til the 3rd day, and that he finally caught up with him 7 days later. Laban was too busy shearing his sheep (fund raising.) Behold I show you another mystery. The 3rd day and 7th day are synonymous in scripture. Prophetically speaking, 1 day=1000 years. We are coming into the 3rd day, from the time of Jesus till now, two thousand years has past. We are coming into the 7th day, from the time of Adam till now, six thousand years has past. An Ancient Order is coming forth, the Melchizedec Priesthood; a people that are saying before Abraham was, I Am. It’s time to put aside the childish things (ministries, gifts, selfish ambitions), the Giver must be the main focus. It’s time to stop talking like a child (elementary doctrines), and understanding like one (limited.) God is requiring Maturity! Too many are more concerned about shearing the sheep (money), than feeding the sheep.


Jacob ends his Feast of Pentecost experience at Mount Gilead, the hill of witness. In the realm of Pentecost we are told to be witnesses. Acts 1:8 In the name Gilead, the color purple is also found; foreshadowing something of Royalty to be recognized.




“And Jacob went on…and the angels of God met him.” Gen.32:1 On this sacred journey back to El Shaddai’s /Wisdom’s house, where the 7 Pillars, Eyes, and Spirits of God are; you walk right into your destiny. The word of the Lord becomes even more clear and frequent. Revelation knowledge, the supernatural and the prophetic are no longer a struggle, it flows. Jacob called this experience Mahanaim, meaning two hosts or band of angels. The word angel means messenger, a messenger must have a Message.


In this we find the Feast of Trumpets. God told Israel to make 2 Trumpets of silver to be sounded. The number 2 denotes witness, trumpet represent a message and silver speaks of redemption. Deut. 19:15, Isaiah 58:1, Exodus 30:12-16


Your Mahanaim / Feast of Trumpets experience is when you understand the agreement between the Spirit and Word, your spirit and God’s Spirit. When your spirit witnesses to this message of Redemption for the whole man, yes, that means Immortality.


These trumpets were sounded to proclaim the new year, and we are proclaiming a New Age (period of time.) We call it new because we don’t yet remember it all, although we’ve lived it out in the spirit realm. Jesus said the Holy Ghost will start to bring all things back to our memory, whatever he said to us. Since he knew us before we were formed in the womb, I am sure he must have said some things us. The thief on the cross asked Jesus to Re-member (put me back together) me. I believe the more whole we become, the better our memory will serve us. Can you hear the trumpets? It‘s the sound of the re-birth of humanity. The call to Repentance, an Alarm, to Assembly; and Journey On...




“And he rose up in the nightand passed over the ford Jabok (emptiness.).And Jacob was left alone: there wrestled a man with him Until the Breaking of the Day.” Gen. 32:22, 24


Now that you have heard the trumpets, more is required of you. You are restless, you have had a taste of the powers of the ages to come. You are remembering, flashbacks of the ancient times before you were clothed in skin, everywhere you go there is no satisfaction. Somehow you just do fit in with that old crowd, the things that use to work don’t anymore, your real friends are very few and you feel empty and alone. That restlessness, dissatisfaction and emptiness you feel is GOD. It is not the devil. The Feast of Atonement is here. Azazel, the scapegoat (devil) has been driven away. The hand (5 fold ministry) of the man-child has destroyed the works of the devil. Lev. 16:20-22 You must have this dark night of the soul, where you wrestle with a man. On this level of understanding the man is you. You must completely overcome self, face those things about you that you have been afraid to admit or deal with. Wrestle and don’t let go till you are transformed, until the Israel swallows of the Jacob. Wrestle at this level not with outside forces, principalities, etc, but with the Jacob (deception within) till you look into the mirror and see the face of God.


This is where you become that day of the Lord that’s breaking in you, dispelling all darkness. Yom Kippur, the day,, which is also called the Fast. This is accomplished through Fasting, Prayer and Repentance. You will begin to realize your oneness with God, At-one-ment. Then you can say, “when you have seen me, you have seen the Father.”


Remember we told you that the color purple was tied into the name Gilead? Purple speaks of royalty. Israel means Prince of God. This experience happened at Peniel, meaning the face of God. When you see who you really are, your walk (lifestyle) will change. There is the Israel in each of us waiting to emerge. “Is there no king in thee?” Micah 4:9




“And Jacob journeyed to Succoth...” Gen. 33:17-20 The Feast of Tabernacles: ingathering, harvest and New Wine and many other things tied to it. Jacob’s nature had to be changed before he could come to this feast/experience. In this experience not only is your spirit renewed, your soul saved, but your body is also saved. You have been born of the water to see the Kingdom of God, but now we shall be fully born of the Spirit to enter into the fullness of the Kingdom. (Salvation is progressive I Peter 1:23)


In this realm you come and go as the wind, no limitations to the physical dimension. I can hear the voice out of the heavenlies saying, “Behold the tabernacle of God is with men.” Rev. 21:3 This is the desire of Spirit, and also the groaning inside of you. Full realization of who you are, not just in the intellectual, or mystical sense; but complete manifestation.


This is the realm where the sacred branches of your experiences come together to form the booth. Everything within you that has come to maturity is gathered, and the One who sits on the circle of the earth partakes of it, as He rejoices over you. For now you are a replica of the I Am. There are those that say we can’t have this, that this will only take place after you die, or get raptured, but you can begin to experience this NOW.


In this feast God commands us to rejoice and celebrate. Rejoice, to become dizzy, light headed, GaGa. Celebrate, to be giddy, dance, reel to and for. (Meanings from the Hebrew words. Lev. 23:40-41) Wow!


So this move of God with laughter is only the beginning. It’s going to get Worse! The believers will become so filled with New Wine (Spirit) till it will affect others blocks and miles away. According to some history it is said that the men danced for seven days before the Lord during the feast.


This was the only feast where God commanded them to Give Offerings above and beyond the regular giving. “Ye shall offer an offering… beside your Sabbaths, beside your gifts, beside all your vows, and beside your freewill offerings…” Lev.23:36-38 This is the hour that we must obey God even in our Giving. It is with the finances that you sow into good ground that the Harvest of the nations will be reaped. There are many that preach the Kingdom of God and believe in this Tabernacle experience, but they rarely give to the work of the Lord. You should not expect the manifestations of this experience, unless you can allow Christ to become Lord over your finances; otherwise, you deceive yourself.


This is the Feast of Harvest.  We left from God’s store house as a seed coming to the physical plane. We return as the mature fruit so that He can partake of us, the precious fruit of the earth. This place we are going is not geographical to a planet called Heaven, but the place is in you the Christ in you.


Succoth leads back to Beersheba, our Mother and Father’s house. Just as Samson had 7 locks of hair on his head, so will you experience the 7 Spirits of God in all His Fullness. Have an exciting, and safe journey.


JACOB’S JOURNEY [John Lewis]          1


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