OCTOBER 16, 2008

There is always a problem when someone is waiting to become whole or waiting to become righteous or waiting to become love or waiting to stand up.  There always remains a problem when a man thinks the earth man can be improved or be changed.  Problems can go on forever, one change upon another.

Come and Behold The Lamb; The Only Begotten!  Behold The Righteous One Who Is Risen!  Behold Salvation Himself, Come In The Flesh!  Behold Mercy and Compassion, The Lamb Natured One!  Behold Resurrection, The New Man!   Behold The Only One Whose Right It Is To Be Life and The Way and The Truth!  He Is Standing, revealing The Father, walking in The Light, wherein there is no darkness at all!  He Is The New and Living Way, The New Man Without Spot or Wrinkle!  He Is The Eternal Earth Dweller, The Whole Man, The Father’s Pride and Joy; The Lamb That Has Conquered all darkness!  The old man is gone, for there is none beside The One Who Is Risen!

See Him In The Faces of All Men for He Is Come!  When you see Him, it puts you face down before Him.

Hallelujah!  Praise God as we bow to The Only Glory Who Is!



JESUS [Jim-Melba Crofford] 10-16-08         1


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