OCTOBER 7, 2007

 He told me to buy an orchid for the lady of my life and to let her know again how wonderful she is to me.  Next, He said that we would embark on a journey of confirmation, walking in pure light. 

 His words were so gentle and caressing, the whole atmosphere was changed. I beheld faces of love. There you are my haloed friend. There you are again pictured in my mind. Melting love is ever present in this eternal day.

 There are so many rewarding discoveries to searchers of truth. One discovery is this: The work of our hands needs be pure love whether it be selling or digging or sewing or cooking. God is found in whatever we find to do. The delight of His Presence is always here in the day to day unfolding of life. It is, after all, His Life. God is the shining walls of a hand dug ditch as well as the shining words of a salesman.

 Not many are called to be preachers or teachers only, but all are called to be expressed love. The love in all things is manifested through our own eyes. Even the world itself is converted before our eyes when seen through the rent veil of Heaven. “To He that is pure, all things are pure.” This is true to the person who no longer lives in the state of good and evil. This person sees Jesus only, the risen state.

 Work or labor is not just a means to an end in the resurrected world state, but is God manifesting His love in many varied ways. It is not simply abiding ‘til He comes, but loving now, today; now that He is here.

 The artist finds satisfaction in his creation, but so does the musician or the architect or brick mason. The love of God built the Hoover dam and also the dykes of Holland. How beautiful!

 We are on our journey of confirmation, and we see you whole beloved.

 Heaven does not wait,



JOURNEY of CONFIRMATION [Jim-Melba Crofford] 10-7-07          1


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