FEBRUARY 20, 2007

Did you know that if you choose to be joyful enough, it’s physically impossible to get angry, fret, stew, or worry?  And that if you choose it often enough, it’s physically impossible to be broke, sick, lonely, or confused.       Author Unknown

We are experiencing a spiritual awakening at work in the world today! One of the wonderful things I’m learning as I become more awake is the power of gratitude.  The “attitude of gratitude” has changed my life and made it into a journey of joy and inspiration!  As I awake every morning, the first things I do as I open my eyes, is to offer up thanks for all the wonderful and beautiful blessings in my life.  By the time I step out of bed, after spending the first few moments of awakening in focusing on the positive, the whole day ahead seems to be directed by a force of higher energy. Everything looks brighter, more hopeful, and the day seems to unfold and draw my way rich adventures and beauty everywhere I go.

How can it be by just changing my attitude, or the way I look at things, everything seems to transform?  Haven’t I known the scripture says, as a man thinks so his life goes?  Doesn’t it tell me to think about things that are lovely, pure, good and things I could praise about?  The key I have found, is putting these powerful words into action on a daily basis changes what I draw back into my life. I am understanding the dynamic principles of those scriptures in a practical way. I now look through more grateful eyes at my family, my friends, my gifts, and my experiences.  It has drawn my attention to the things many times I have taken for granted but now have become so appreciative for. It seems what I put my focus on is exactly what shows up in my life.

Each morning as I go through my list of blessings and things I am grateful for, it makes me major on the positive, and the negative seems to drift far away.  Each night as I again lay my head on my pillow and think on how grateful I am for life, I am lifted into a wonderful sea of joy!  Gratitude has become a secret portal to a realm I never knew was possible.

As I awoke this morning after writing this article last evening, I heard the old song, “Count Your Blessings,”  It goes something like this; Count your blessings instead of sheep, count your blessings, count them one by one, and when you do you’ll go to sleep counting your blessings instead of sheep.  A great principle is contained in this uplifting song and one that is biblical!

Try it… test it for yourself.  Take time as you awaken to be grateful, and just before you drift off, offer up thanks for the beauty of life and all you’ve experienced that day.   See if you don’t begin to draw into your life more joy, more happiness, and more beauty. Try it, surely it can’t hurt you and who knows, your life might just be transformed by this simple key of gratitude!














KEY of GRATITUDE [Mary Lou Houllis] 2-20-07          1


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