MARCH 9, 2008


The ultimate need of humanity today is recognition of The Christ.  What I am about to write you may stretch your beliefs. It may be hard to accept, make you uncomfortable, and maybe even seem like blasphemy. Better yet, it may awaken and release The Christ, enabling it to ascend to new realms of consciousness! It is with this heart I write. Hold on, let your mind be open, and meditate on what I am about to write before you make a judgment.

We have been missing the most important part of truth. It has been veiled by a belief system which continues to worship someone outside of themselves. Jesus came to unveil The Christ.  Institutional religion immediately sewed up the veil, keeping man in a darkened state, unaware of his power, potential, and authority. Today we still see a people who call themselves “Christians,” powerless to affect their world, or their own lives for that matter. As Christianity has been on the rise, so have war, sickness, hunger, disease and limitations. It is time to ask ourselves, Why? Why, because we have not had a full revelation, an ‘epiphany’ in our lives of The Christ!

Jesus said a powerful statement; “It is better for you if I go…” what we have not fully realized is, Jesus came to unveil The Christ and leave. He did this so mankind would no longer look at one man outside of themselves, but be able to recognize The Christ coming within!  In our misunderstanding, we have called The Christ a he or a man. This false perception has kept us disempowered and in a ‘stuck belief’ mode for over 2,000 years.

As we are able to release limiting beliefs and unveil divinity within, it will forever affect our lives and world!  The truth will make us free… free from a belief of someone ‘out there’ able to heal us, change our situations, and herald in world peace. It will enable us to activate the power and authority to subdue all things into the consciousness of God now. We will understand our own innate power as Co-creators.  We will recognize the potential to create the changes we have been waiting for. Within our very Being, in our secret place, has always existed the capability of creating peace, abundance, wholeness, and a limitless existence… in the form of The Christ.

I love and honor Jesus. I will be forever grateful for His part in God’s plan. He was the Way Shower, the Truth Revealer and the Demonstrator of Infinite Life! The problem is, as long as man has his eyes on an “outside Jesus” he will never fully recognize The Christ within! The majority of “Christianity” is awaiting a man called Jesus to come back and solve all the world’s problems. They praise him every Sunday, saying he is the only way, truth, or life. The greater truth is The Christ ‘within’ every man is the way, the truth, and the life! Once it is recognized then it has the power to subdue all things into the consciousness of God NOW! We have not been able to call it ‘Today’ because most are in a wait mode, and have not recognized The Christ!

In Matt. 16:20, Jesus charged his disciples to tell no man that he was ‘The Christ.’  Not that he was Jesus Christ, but was the very embodiment of divinity! He knew man was not ready to understand, are we today?

We have all heard the definition of ‘Christ’ as anointed or to consecrate to an office.  If we continue to follow the root words which define ‘Christ’ we find it also means, ‘through the idea of a channel, like the pouring of rain.’  The Christ within all humanity is there to be a channel for divinity to pour itself out!  Another root defines ‘Christ’ as ‘a lip, a pouring place, as the lip of a pitcher.’ These definitions enable us to see a greater picture of the divinity we possess and its purpose. We all have inherited power to be a channel God can flow through and pour out the miraculous! This is what Jesus came to shows us. ‘And greater works will you do.’ We are in this physical realm to learn how to tap into our divinity and use it to re-create love from fear, joy from sorrow, prosperity from lack, and wholeness from disease. This is how we too can overcome the world!

In Matthew 16 we hear Jesus asked Peter; ‘Who do men say I Am?’  He was asking a far greater question than who men thought a physical man named Jesus was, he was asking: How do men define the ‘I AM’ within me, which has the ability to demonstrate the miraculous? Peter answers Jesus by saying, ‘Some say you are John the Baptist and others Elias.’ These perceptions were coming from a limited consciousness. Jesus was pressing Peter further into the realm of spirit. 

Jesus then asked Peter the question, ‘But whom do you say that I Am?’ The energy of spirit in that moment split asunder the veil. Peter’s God-consciousness was able to recognize the I Am, and defined it as The Christ. He was able to see past a physical man called Jesus, and recognize the Divine Source within him. He knew Jesus had tapped into the The Christ, enabling him to be a channel of divinity, pouring itself out in phenomenal ways!     

Two thousand years later, instead of seeing The Christ as an inclusive part of all mankind, we still, for the most part, worship and limit it to a man called Jesus. Jesus came to demonstrate the potential of all humanity and then leave.  He said, “Don’t worship me, worship the Father (or the I AM, The Christ.) He came to show us the pattern of a son, an off-shoot of God. What Peter acknowledged within Jesus, was the I Am residing in all mankind, but veiled. Jesus came to demonstrate our great potential as we each recognize and connect with The Christ. With this epiphany we too will become a channel, or lip, able to pour out and unveil divinity.

In Matthew 23, again Jesus is trying to pull mans’ consciousness higher, so it can recognize divine power. In Verse 8, he reveals there is only one Master, The Christ. ‘One,’ can we get it?  The Christ is the Master of our lives. It is our Master Teacher, Guide, and Authority! He goes on to say, ‘Call no man your father upon the earth, for one is your Father which is in heaven.’ Most of you reading this article know heaven is not a place, but a state of pure spiritual consciousness. So it is within this pure state of consciousness, the I AM, or The Christ, dwells. We are not to give authority to anything in the physical realm, don’t call it our Source or father! 

I love Verse 11 when he says ‘The greatest among you shall be your servant.’ This is a dramatic truth. What is the greatest among, or within our Being? The Christ! The Christ within is there to serve our humanity! It’s our very essence, and is infinite and eternal. We have not recognized its authority to be the master of our lives and serve us as we ascend to higher consciousness. It was The Christ which enabled Jesus to overcome the world (physical realm.) We will never be able to do the same until we truly acknowledge, unveil, and connect only to The Christ!

Today I believe it is time for us to grow up!  For 2,000 years we have talked and thought like children. We have held onto this physical realm, and a physical Jesus. We must release the man, Jesus, and embrace the spirit of The Christ within ourselves, if we desire to walk in a higher dimension.

Are we ready and willing to let go of limited beliefs of The Christ?  So many in Christianity are still worshiping and waiting for Jesus, when The Christ is willing and ready to participate Now!


…the conclusion:

During Jesus’ discourse with Peter he revealed another great potential we possess. After Peter recognized The Christ, and not just a man; ‘Thou art The Christ, the Son of the living God.’  Notice, he didn’t say he was Jesus Christ, but The Christ!  After this acknowledgment, Jesus was able to give Peter the Keys of the Kingdom! 

A very important point for us to realize is that Jesus came and awakened The Christ within himself. He was not, and would never be the only Christ.  He came to be the Way shower so all could go within themselves and awaken The Christ, too.

Before we discuss these keys, let’s look at Verse 18.  ‘And I say unto thee, thou art Peter, and upon this rock, I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.’  We all know a large church which has based their whole belief system on this verse.  They feel the foundation of their church was built on the man Peter, and only he received the Keys to the Kingdom. Those keys they believe, have been passed down to those which have succeeded Peter, but were not given to everyone! How sad, and this has kept most of mankind in a powerless state! Let’s open this up and see the greater truth!

Jesus said, ‘And I say unto thee, that thou art Peter and upon this rock I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.’ Peter in Greek is ‘Petros’ and means ‘a piece of rock.’ Jesus was acknowledging Peter as a ‘Piece of the rock’ but what was he really saying would be the foundation of his church?  Let’s use another verse to help us fully understand.

Matthew 7:24 ‘Therefore whosoever heareth these sayings of mine and doeth them, I will liken him unto a wise man who built his house upon a rock.”  Jesus was revealing his sayings, or revelations, would be the Rock or foundation!  So what was the rock the church would be built on… the Revelation of The Christ Peter had, not a man!  The rock is representative of a solid foundation we must build our spiritual beliefs on. If our beliefs are based on our true Source as eternal infinite spirit, when the winds of confusion come and blow, our lives (house) will not fall apart. So the rock the church would be built on was Peter’s revelation of The Christ within, not a man. When we recognize The Christ we will know it cannot be destroyed, cannot get sick or even die! This knowledge of who we really are is the only thing which can sustain us.

Also remember it says, the gates of hell cannot prevail against this revelation. Hell is a state of mind which produces illness, lack, pain, anger, depression and war.  How will these things be overcome?  By a revelation of The Christ and using the keys we are each given

I want to offer here a greater definition of the word “church” than most of us realized.  Church has been taught as “a calling out, or called out ones.” Most have been taught these are people called out of the world into Christianity.  I have discovered the meaning is much more spiritual and inclusive than that! One of the root words for church is “ek.”  It denotes origin (the point whence motion or action proceeds) from out of place time or cause, completion.” I believe the word “church” includes all of mankind. We were all “called out” of the very same origin, God. When the vibration was released, “Let there be Light” all mankind proceeded from the point when motion or action originated, the place of perfection and completion! All mankind is the church…the called out of God! Church is an inclusive word for mankind who has all been called out of God to come into this realm.

This puts a much greater meaning on Peter’s revelation.  The foundation all mankind would be built on was revelation of The Christ, or the divine infinite spirit, within them!   Christ is the title of the God within all men!   I love it!!!  None are left behind!!  All can and will come to a knowing of their true origin… Divinity! It is this revelation which enables us to receive the Keys of the Kingdom within us!

Let’s now examine these keys. Verse 19, “And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.”  The keys we are given after the revelation of the keys are methods to ascension in our heaven.  They contain the power we have been giving to ascend to a consciousness of peace, joy, abundance and love.  These keys give us the power of loosing and binding our inner beliefs. 

Once we know we are an embodiment of divinity we can begin using our powers of loosing and binding.  We can loose old beliefs which have not served us and replace them with beliefs of higher God consciousness.  The power to bind truth and hold on to it until it manifests in your earth is ours through these keys! The power to loose thoughts of hate and anger and in their place, bind thoughts of love and peace is available to us.

In the past we have bound many things which kept us from entering a heavenly state of consciousness. We have felt powerless to change our thoughts. With the revelation of The Christ, a transformation takes place within. We awaken to the great keys we hold. We know the answers and changes we have sought are within our very Being. It is all contained in our powers to loose and bind. 

Faith, or belief, does not walk by sight. It is here, binding and loosing must begin, in the invisible realm of spirit. When I see war, I now loose that thought, and replace it with a vision of peace. I continue to bind that vision of peace, no matter what evidence to the contrary comes my way. I do it daily, and daily I loose thoughts which do not produce peace in my heavens. Peace is really not just the absence of war, but the absence of all negativity and duality. I have the power to loose all thoughts which do not align with peace and so do you! 

Those keys were given each of us 2,000 years ago, but they could only be received by an ascended consciousness. A consciousness willing to release what it sees with physical eyes, and embraced and believes the revelation of infinite spirit! Can we let go of the physical and embrace the truth of our Being. There is nothing “out there” some place which can help us. The phenomena of an infinite, all powerful spirit is within all mankind waiting to be recognized… you can call it what you please, for whatever man calls it, it is really all the same. I call it The Christ and I see it in every man, woman, and child and I am using my keys to ‘Loose’ this revelation to the world!

Binding You In Love,




















































KEYS of ASCENSION, Parts 1-2 [Mary Lou Houllis] 3-9-08          1


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