A Message Delivered


MARCH 2001, Cunningham, TX

The contents of this writing were first given in the form of a spoken message at a conference held in March 2001, at Cunningham, Texas. This writing was transcribed from an audio tape recorded at that meeting, and will reflect that form throughout…

I come to you as the last speaker in this meeting and I feel I come to speak a word of clarity. God’s word is multifaceted and I want to touch some truths as God has put them on my heart. I didn’t come here with any agenda.  When I come to a conference I never come to learn anything and that is not in arrogance. The bible says John wrote and said, “That you have an unction from the holy one.” Now that word unction is “charisma” (anointing) and there are people who want to translate that into; you have an anointing from the holy one. Well, I have a better vision than that. You have Christ, that’s all you need. If you have Christ you can deal with all these things. You don’t have to worry about someone telling you what you have to do.

When I met Gary Sigler, and I met him long distance on the telephone, I guess I really met him before the foundation we were just being reintroduced. That is not a joke because when Gary and I spoke it was like we had known each other all of our lives. Someone gave me one of his tapes and I listened to the tape and when I heard his Spirit it wasn’t the message he spoke audibly it was his Spirit that hooked up with me. I called him and he said, “Who are you?” I told him that my name was David Fields and I have a small fellowship in West Portsmouth, Ohio. He said, “I’ve been waiting for your call.” I said, “No you don’t know me.” He said, “Yes I do.” He said I knew I was going to Ohio, but I didn’t know how I was going to get there or where I was going. He said he knew he was going to Southern Ohio, but he didn’t know anyone there and he was waiting. Since that time Gary and I have regularly been fellowshipping for the last three or four years. It has been a journey, and you know no matter what that man does or says I love him. We have disagreed at times. If anyone can be honest they can say that we can disagree with anyone agreeably. We can disagree with them. If God is truly running your life what are you going to do with it? Gary spoke something in June of last year while ministering at our fellowship. I had never heard him say it before, but he is using it a lot more. I called him after he had left and I said, “Did you realize what you said?” He said, “I don’t know,” but in that meeting he said, ‘FEED THE BABY.’ All the women here know that when you get a baby you must do what? Feed the baby and I understand that process. If we take this into the Spiritual realm and realize the religious system has taken a long time to brain wash us. They have told us that we have to do these certain things so we can be accepted. In the natural all you have to do is “Feed the Baby.” You don’t have to grab it by the arms and stretch it to make those arms grow. All you have to do is feed it and love it. I know there is a baby in all of us and there is nothing wrong with being a baby. The only thing wrong with it is if you continue to stay a baby. There is the problem.

I have a few things that I jotted down that I wanted to speak about. We heard something the first night about a shift. I’ve heard about that shift for years. I’ve just failed to see very much of it. Do you hear me? Talking about something is not going to get us there. There is a time coming when we have to get into the water and cross that river. We can’t continue to stay on the East side of Jordan. Sometime you have got to enter the land. It is not going to come by someone telling you and it’s not going to come by another conference. It’s not going to come by singing a song. It is going to come by a relationship, and that relationship is with the God in you first. I’m doing a series right now on the mind of Christ and in this teaching I spoke and said I could take a pumpkin and sit it on my head and walk around the church and tell everybody that I have the mind of Christ. Nobody could disprove it because no one knows what that mind of Christ is. No one is concerned enough to put on the mind of Christ, and if you don’t know what it is how in God’s name could you put it on? Can you? It would be like going into Walmart and say I’m looking for the mind of Christ and everyone would walk out with a difference item. Wouldn’t they? Everyone has a perception about what the mind of Christ is, but you know something funny that I’ve heard in my mind for years. There is only one God, and God doesn’t speak four hundred things about this same thing. There is one voice that should be speaking. In Matthew five God gave me a concept in something about this “shift.” He says in verse eighteen of that chapter, “For verily I say unto you, till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.” What is the first thing you think about when I say “heaven and earth? Tell me something about what you think of heaven and earth. Someone says, “Sky and land.” That is the concept that most people have. Heaven, way up there, and earth way down here. He says,

“Till heaven and earth pass.” Until this concept of spirit way up there and man way down here passes guess what? The law will in no wise pass. Not one jot or tittle of it. You will be bound under the law as long as you think that God is way up there and you are waiting on him, or if you think that the man Jesus that walked upon this earth was better than you. Don’t get quiet on me now. Jesus was our brother. Now if you have an older brother born before you, what makes him any better then you? Come on, I’m not being blasphemous here. I’m not being disrespectful. We are his brothers. Why should we be afraid to be considered equal with him? The reason we are not changing is we think He is better then we are. Who do you think the angel in the book of Revelation is? He was a messenger from God. It was Jesus. Every time that John tried to worship Him what did He say? “Don’t worship me. I’m your brethren. I’m of the brethren and the prophets.” When the young man in the gospels says, “Good master.” He says, “What are you calling me good for? There is none good but God.” This concept in our mind that says that they’re real Spiritual and we’re just little people. Come on this has got to go. Because as long as it is there we will be under the law. It will never go away. It will never ever go away. We have lost our identity. True or false? We lost our identity. Humanity does not know who they are. Now some of us may have an idea about who we might be, but the majority (and don’t laugh, because I’m speaking about the church) of the church doesn’t know who they are. You have got to hear my heart here. I’m not trying to beat anyone up. I am trying to tell you the truth. The truth is the only thing that will make you right. I can fluff and buff you if you would like, and you know I wouldn’t. If I did I would do you no favor. All I would be doing would be to make your flesh feel good for a short period of time. Is that going to take you anywhere? We have had enough confusion in the church realm to last for eons. We have had mixture for too long.

I want us to go to Genesis chapter one. I’m going to say some things that you may not like and it’s okay. You don’t have to agree with me. I can agree to disagree agreeably. Listen to me that is all I ask you to do. Then you and God sort it out okay. It is not up to me. I’m not trying to convince you of any thing. I’m not trying to change your mind. The mind is already there. It is your job. You and God work it out. In Gen. 1:1, now this is Dave’s loose translation. So give me grace in this. “In the beginning God created” what? Heaven and earth. Vs. 2 “And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.” Vs. 3 “And God said let there be light. If we go back to this first verse, this is where God has shown me His thrust is. “In the beginning,” no this is a mistranslation. “Beginning” is a Hebrew word re-shiyth (ray-sheeth) meaning “first fruit.” So what is God starting with? First fruit. You see what I noticed about this is that you can’t come into this message, you can’t come into this revelation of God and say, “I’m in the third day.” You see because someone has to take a first step before you can ever take a second or a third. You can’t skip them. You can’t have a third until you’ve had a first and a second. That’s an impossibility.

So in the “first fruit” God created heaven and earth. Do you really think He was speaking about this globe and those stars up there? If you do you have missed something that God is telling you. This is a book of beginnings. It is a foundation, and if we don’t know that the foundation is the very beginning which is the “first fruit” then we have missed something. What He says here is that He has created heaven and earth. Literally the perfect God man. The perfect mixture of God and man. Do you understand that? God created the perfect God man. Then He says, “The earth was without form and void.” Well, I beg to differ with those words. Nothing is without form. Anything that you do, I could take a piece of paper and wad it up and throw it away. It still has a form. The language literally says, “The earth was becoming waste and desolate.” Now we’ve already figured out that the earth in the first verse was us. Then it says, “And darkness was upon the face of the deep” darkness is the wrong word here. Even the language says “ignorance”. Ignorance was on the face, and what is the face? Your mind. So ignorance was on the face of the deep, (the language says “waters”). So ignorance was on the mind of humanity. Then what did the spirit do? “Moved.” I don’t think so. The language says, “He brooded.” The spirit brooded over us, and when you see a mamma hen brooding over her chicks, what is she doing? She protects them; you just try to get close to them. He has protected the first fruit, and the spirit is protecting them. The spirit protected the mind of humanity. That is what He is saying. Then the next verse says, “And God said, let there be light,” there was not sun, moon, or stars. He was creating the perfect God man, which is us, the Christ. You see we can’t volunteer for this. We didn’t say, “Papa would you come and bring us to birth.” He came and got us. We were birthed in His heart.

Now turn to another one of those controversial verses Gen. 1:26. “And God said, Let us make man in our image.” He didn’t even say that. He said, “Let us make Adam in our image, the word is (aw-dawm).” Let us make Adam in our image. Who was He talking to? People say this was an old man with white hair and a gray beard sitting on a big gold or pearl throne in the sky and this young man thirty-three and a half years old sitting on the other side with a beard and blue eyes, and on the other side was an empty chair for the Holy Ghost cause you can’t see him. Come on we have a picture problem here somewhere. Who He is talking to was “first fruit”. That’s the only thing that had been created to this point. That’s the only one that would talk. He later talked through a dumb ass, but we are not there yet. Now if we go over to chapter two of Genesis verse seven we see that God created man (or Adam) out of the dust of the earth, and He breathed His breath or His Spirit into that man. Is that true? It says, “The Lord God formed man of the dust of the earth.” It wasn’t the old gray haired man that got up and went and built Adam. Hello, does anyone else know that? This wasn’t the old gray haired man that sat in the middle. Am I hurting any of your pictures here? This was the “first fruit” that is doing the building that created Adam. Col. 1:15 “Who is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of every creature:” When His Son made Adam and breathed His breath into him, now this is something that has stuck with me for years. I could never understand how you can make three out of two. Scientifically we know that if you take hydrogen and oxygen, which is two, put them together we have what? Water. But it is what? It is one. God put Himself in us and we become three all of a sudden. Something just doesn’t work here with me, but when I realized that God’s whole purpose is the uniting of Himself with man. Now I understand. This isn’t necessarily what every one says, spirit, soul, and body, because I don’t believe that I was spirit, soul and body. I believe I became one with God when He put me together. Do you hear what I’m saying? I became one with God. I am not a three part, tri part, anything else. I am Spirit. That is all. I’m Spirit. I know I have a woman inside of me and a man inside of me. My soul and my Christ. When my woman learns to be in submission to my man that is inside of me, guess what? Then we can get something done. But the whole church is telling everybody “You have got to be in the subjection to your husband!!” Come on. What are you supposed to be in subjection to? CHRIST THE HEAD OF ALL HUMANITY. Am I telling you the truth or not? Come on don’t be bashful about it, we have to be in submission to our Christ. There is not a woman in the world to ever be in submission to her husband until she is in submission to her man Christ. Do you hear me? So gentlemen if you get upset, that is your problem. If you treat your women right they will be in subjection to you.

In Genesis chapter three we had a problem, didn’t we? This woman that everybody blames for causing the problem. True or false? Now you see if we understand, this bible is a parable. Was there an Adam and Eve? It is really none of my concern. I want to learn a principle and I want to know how, not reading this as a historical book, but how can this thing be applied to my life and change me. Is anyone interested in that? Well, when I look at this and see this in a parabolic form. I see a woman, a soul. Her man was Adam, who was a type of Christ; it kind of fits the pattern okay. Everyone says that Eve was a bad woman. They quote the scripture and say, “Adam says, it’s the woman’s fault.” They want to blame Adam and he has been blamed world wide that He’s a problem. You see Adam is not the problem. Adam was a type of a solution, because all he did was take his woman’s sin. That is all he did. Just as Christ died for his church. It is the same thing, He just took the sin. We don’t want to get hung up on blaming people. You want to blame a devil, look in the mirror. You see the only devil I’m concerned with is the one that deals with me. Every morning when I get up I face that thing, but see He said, “Greater is He that is you, than he that is in this world.” He is not talking about that out there. In Eccles. 3 it says, “That God put the world in the heart of man so he wouldn’t know how to find the end from the beginning.” This is what God is trying to tell us. We’ve got to stop doing what someone tells us to do. We have no one who wants to think. Did you notice that there wasn’t even a trashcan out there in the isle out there? There is not one in my fellowship either, because I would prefer you use your brain and don’t drop it on the way in. Most people come in and they leave just as ignorant as they came in. Now they might have goose bumps, but you know goose bumps won’t get you into the Kingdom. Do I feel God move? Absolutely!! I love to feel God, but He never said you’ll feel me. He said I am and I have to believe that. I don’t care what anyone tells me. It is not a popularity contest. Do you want to check our pattern? Jesus is your pattern, was He popular? You tell the truth you will never be popular, but you know what? They can’t take you off your course. It can’t take you off your course. Everything I say, and I don’t say I know everything, but the Bible does though. It says, “You have Christ and you know all things.” I didn’t say it. God said it. So when I speak that wasn’t me. God said so, do you believe God? I love people to tell me that they believe every word in the Bible. Oh, I just love to talk to those people. I love it! I just take them to some of those little tiny words like “all.” Then they want to put that Billy goat religion in it. “But, but, but.” It’s not going to work.

The church has been fed the gospel for thousands of years and you know it hasn’t changed anybody. They are still as carnal as when Adam was formed. The only thing that is going to get you beyond there is the truth. It is the truth. It isn’t going to be popular, and you won’t find droves of people following you, and you won’t have your coffers full. You’ll be living on faith, because that’s all there is, because you see the money stays in the first two covenants, in the dust and the sand. You want to follow the money? Follow Passover and Pentecost. There is nothing wrong with those realms, but I don’t want to stay there. I want to go where I belong. We have a destiny, and not of just going some place, but being something. Are we not called to be (I don’t even like those words “to be”)? Someone said something about a son earlier. Are we sons? I’m not getting many responses on that. Do you think you are a son or think maybe you are going to be a son? Stacy do you have a son? His response was, “yes.” When did he become your son? His response was. “when he was born.” Oh no, he became your son the day that seed was dropped in your wife. At the very moment of conception he became your son, and at the very moment in the heart of God when He thought of you, His Son, you were a son. You were birthed in Him at the moment of conception in God’s mind, we were sons. So we are not trying to become sons of God.

I was at Bob Torango’s Fellowship last year and he asked me to stand up and introduce myself. I didn’t say much. I introduced my wife, but we I said, “We just be who we be.” That is all I say, “we just be who we be.” We are not trying to make someone look at us. We are not trying to get famous. And God if you are trying to get famous this ain’t the way. I can say ain’t cause I’m a hillbilly. This is not the way to become famous. It is not the way. If you want to find the way to become famous and rich, go back to Passover and Pentecost. They are the ones with all the money. I’m telling you the nature of people is to come and take, and that is not the nature of Christ. He came to give. He came to serve. He did not come to take from the sheep. He didn’t come to rape them and to shear them. He came to give us life, and the life is not lining up at a basket and throwing all your money in it. You can’t buy your way into this. It is a choice and it is made by God, and He said it was made before the conception of this world.

When we hear from God, and the Bible says, “He that has an ear, let him hear.” Does every one in this room have these funny little protrusions on the side of their head? If you think that this is what God is talking about, we’ve missed something. It is Spiritually that we have to hear. Not by these little things on the side of your head. Isaiah said that “they had ears and couldn’t hear.” Jesus quoted that in Mark also, “They have ears and can’t hear, and eyes and can’t see,” they can’t perceive. I’ll say something right now that I’ve had stones thrown at me before because of it, but I will still say it. Because it is what? Truth. Jesus is an idol to most people. Jesus was a man, but what was inside of Him, this treasure that Gary spoke about. That is what it is about. It wasn’t about that flesh body. It was about the God in Him. “Christ.”

In Passover and Pentecost experiences we look at Jesus, but we have got to get beyond that and see Christ. Paul said it is Christ. Paul was the only one that said, “This is my gospel.” You see you are going to have to have the boldness to say, “this is my gospel.” You can’t just say, Eby said, Sigler says, Roach says, Wood says, that is not where it is at. You see I love all these men. That is not a problem with me, but I will tell you what, it grieves most of them when they come to a place and you hear them say, “Gary said, Preston said, Elwin said, Stacy said, WHAT IS GOD SAYING!!!!! What is God saying in your life? I don’t want to hear what someone else says. You see because that is second hand. You are regurgitating what someone else said. It is old manna, because what I heard yesterday is not enough to sustain me for the day. I have got to hear a fresh word from my Spirit every day. If you don’t it is your fault. He’s in you. All you have to do is step out of the thing that is so comfortable. That old comfortable thing, that old, what do they call them? Those little blankets that children drag around. What do they call them? Security blankets. That’s what we drag around with us all that little stuff out of there. Do you know it’s not going to do you any good? All it is doing is keeping your hands busy. Works will not get you into the Kingdom of God. Works will not grow you into being the mature Son of God. Will it? In Acts 27 verse 19 Paul said something, he said, “in the third day they lightened the ship with their own hands.” If you are going to walk into the next realm you are going to have to do something with your own hands, and that is turning loose of your own security blankets. You are going to have to get rid of them. You can’t keep them. Well, if you want to you can, but you know you will not go into the Holy of Holies. You are not going to progress into the fullness of the Spirit as long as you are sucking on a little fooler, (that’s a pacifier). Paul said when he grew up he quit those things. Didn’t he? When he was a child that was okay. You see you don’t feed steak to a baby, but I don’t want my thirty-year-old children going around sucking on a fooler (pacifier). A fooler is what we call it up in Ohio; here in Texas it is hard to say. I don’t know much about the language of Texas, but the language of the Kingdom I will talk to you.

In Mark 16: 5, 6 there is an account of the resurrection and it says, And entering into the sepulcher, they saw a young man sitting on the right side, clothed in a long white garment; and they were frightened. And he said to them, be not afraid; you seek Jesus of Nazareth, which was crucified: he is risen; he is not here: behold the place where they laid him.” The angel said, “Jesus of Nazareth, he isn’t here.” Do you know why? He died. Do you know what? It wasn’t him that resurrected, it was Christ. It was Christ. It is not about Jesus anymore, it is about Christ. It is Christ in you, not the hope of glory – it is the glory. The only reason that you are not walking in it is because someone lied to you. Now it wasn’t intentional, so don’t get me wrong. I am not mad at anybody. I am not condemning anybody, but you know even if you tell a lie and you don’t mean to, it is still a lie. The truth is the truth and nothing but the truth can be truth. It has to be truth. If I tell you ninety-nine percent truth and one percent lie, I lied to you worse than if I told you a bold face lie, because you would know that one. The deception that is hid in the ministering today, I call it the gospel light. Like everything else they take all the good stuff out and put all the junk back in. They rehash, or recycle and then sell it to you and tell you it’s better for you. You see that is what the church has done to the gospel. They’ve been told, “That’s good enough.” “It was good for Paul and Silas.” Paul and Silas would puke if they came into a church today and heard what is being preached. I’m not very smooth with words. I’m just going to tell you what is in my heart. I have got to say what God says to me. I met a Brother in Florida and he spoke Spanish and he said, “My God speaks in Spanish.” So it’s okay for mine to speak Hillbilly to me. I think He speaks to you where you are, and in the way that you are.

There is passage in Acts that speaks of the seven sons of Sceva. Sceva means, “mind reader, witchcraft,” playing with your mind, playing with the souls of humanity and telling them what they don’t need to hear, but what they want you to tell them, to manipulate them. (Tickle their ears.) God shows us that those people, and He called them vagabond Jews. He didn’t call them Sons of God, He called them vagabond Jews. They were wandering Jews. They tried to call over a man that had a demon in him. On the subject of mind so you can do what you want to with them. But this demon was in this man and these vagabond Jews jump on him and say, “We adjure you, we call you out, by this Jesus that Paul preaches about.” You see that is what the church is doing today. We can laugh, but it is the truth. They are not calling them out by the Spirit of God in themselves. They are talking about things that they heard someone else speak about. I love the Internet. It has done a lot of good things, but there are a lot of people running to conferences and there is a lot of people running on the “net” and they are getting so and so’s newsletter and this ones newsletter, and this ones tapes, and they think it is intellectual. That is what the seven sons of Sceva is about. Whose ministry is it really? It is not a volunteer thing. It is about God putting a call in your life. Did He not say we were chosen before the conception? Before, before that conception of the world we were chosen in Him. I can’t find anything in the Bible that says we can volunteer, but we get told that all the time. But when they called over this man who had the spirits, what did he do to them? He beat them up and that wasn’t all, he stripped them naked. Do you know what I can say about that? All the ministries out there that think they are of God, God is going to strip you if you are not.

How would you feel standing naked before a group of your peers? Don’t get quiet on me. What would you feel like? Well, I’m going to tell you what. We see all these pictures of Jesus hanging on the cross and they make it look real pretty. They made sure they had those blue eyes out there where we could see them, but do you know what they did not hang Him up there with a loin clothe on. He was stripped naked. If it is good enough for Him, what do you think you are going to get. Do you think you are going to be above your Master? I don’t think so. But these ministries, and they are all over the place, are going to be exposed. I know God is raising a people today, He’s really not raising anything, He is just exposing them. It is both ways, He is exposing the “ain’ts and the others. He is exposing them. It is not about what we want to do. If I had a plan, I’m talking about Dave now; he would probably get the knife out and chop a lot of heads off. It isn’t funny, because you all probably would too.

We have been guilty in the body of Christ of loving the beautiful people and the rest of them we just put up with. We do. If you are pretty enough, if you don’t smell, then God will let you in the Kingdom, and I might too. That is what is going on in the body of Christ today. Well, do you know what. The ones that are hurt, and dirty and homeless are closer to the Kingdom then the hypocrites sitting in the church. That is the truth. I see more of God in people that I talk to in the streets, even in what we call cults and false religions. They portray more of the nature of God because they love you. They don’t condemn you. I’m sorry, but that is what I see. People that don’t have anything don’t expect anything. They never rare up and get mad at you because they are usually so humble and that is because they don’t feel like they are very good. They only reason that they feel like they are no good is because we have told them that. We have told them in some way.

Someone said it here this weekend, “We are all teachers.” We teach our children. In our Fellowship I don’t have Sunday school and I catch flack about that all the time. That is okay you can do what you want to do, but I say if the Spirit of God is speaking, I don’t care if they are two days old, or two hundred years old the word is by Spirit and it will go past anyone’s intellect into the Spirit. I don’t need to teach them to draw and color pictures of a tree with a snake and an apple. All I want to do is to tell the truth, but you have got to know what is coming. You have got to be fast on your feet for a while, because the rocks are coming from the religious folk.

I had a little boy come to my church for about a year until his mother got offended at the word, and this little boy would come in, and I don’t have a problem with them sitting drawing pictures in church. We don’t have chairs like this. We have tables sitting all the way around like in a cafeteria. So you look at each other instead of looking at the back of each other’s head. You get to see each other’s eyes. So we can look into each other and have relationship when we talk. Now this little boy would sit and draw pictures and just have fun. When I would begin to minister, do you know what he would do? He would turn his chair around backwards and crawl up on it with his knees so he could be high enough. This little boy didn’t know anything about church, but he saw something in me. When I would minister I would ask questions and I would say who is this? He would say, “That’s Jesus.” The adults would be sitting around with weird looks on their faces and saying, “what’s with this kid? Don’t he know he’s a kid? Why is he saying amen? What’s he doing answering these questions that the church folk can’t answer?” Then momma got mad because he had gone past her. You see that old spirit of jealousy. You have to be as a little child to come to the Kingdom. We are the ones that have learned all the bad habits. Those children are ready, but see they are never going to hear it by a preacher. They are going to hear it by you. They are going to hear you by walking it not talking it. Talk is cheap, talk is cheap, when are we going to begin living this life that we have been given. Just live it! Be who you be! You are going to have to touch humanity by being real. You are not going to be able to just play the game.

When I left the system, and you all know what I’m speaking about. Immediately God birthed something in my heart about speaking truth and since that day I have never feared man. I say this not in arrogance, but in truth. No body hired me, no body can fire me, I built the Fellowship hall we have and I built it kind of funny. You see I put hinges on the door so you can go any way you want to, at any time you want to, and I am not trying to be funny about this. That is the truth. You can leave and you will not offend me, because the word of God is sharper than a two edged sword. It separates. It will divide. It is meant to do that, but you see we in the ministry get so upset when someone walks away from us. It hurts! When you become one with someone in covenant it is a marriage. Bob how long have you been married, forty what? He says, “Nine hundred years.” Close enough that will qualify as a covenant. But when you make a covenant you are willing to die for someone else. When these people come to you and they are looking for you to have the magic wand. When you tell them, “I don’t have one.” I don’t have silver and gold, but what I have I’ll give you. I’ll give you life. Then they will say, “But that is not what I want. I want you to make me feel good.” I can’t make anyone feel good. I can’t even make me feel good. The only thing that I can do is live out of the life that God has placed within me. It is not going to be popular.

God began my walk at two. I didn’t know anything about anything, but God took my mother from me. I was abused and beaten. Do you know what? I never got bitter. You see that is not natural. But you know I couldn’t see it then, but I see now it was supernatural. In the natural you are going to get mad. You are going to get bitter, but God kept His hand on me before I ever knew it. Do you know what He eventually revealed to me His love? When I married my wife I didn’t know how to love her, but I lusted after her. I’m honest. Anyone else can say the same thing; honestly, you didn’t love your wife when you married her. Love comes from years of pain and suffering together. That is the cement between the bricks. I don’t have a problem with divorces if that is what you want to do. I’ve been divorced myself. I know the church doctrine says you can’t even be a deacon. You can’t be anything. You’ve been divorced. I know better then that because He said, “All manner of sin would be forgiven humanity.” If that was a sin it’s already forgiven, and I know God is not a respecter of persons. There is an old gentleman up home where we live. He lives on the other side of the river, which is known as Kentucky. He is not a very educated man, but I can’t even think of this scripture without thinking about him. When he speaks he speaks with broken English and not understanding what He is saying. He doesn’t pronounce his words well, but where he is at he loves God. He says, “Now you know God is not a respectable person.” Well, if He’s not we are all in trouble.

But again Paul brought out in the book of Acts chapter twenty verse twenty, twenty-seven, and verse thirty-five. He says, “I have not shunned to declare the whole gospel of God unto you. I have taught you and showed you publicly.” Does that sound like a man that was ashamed? One that is afraid to speak the truth? In the system, and I’m not beating up on Mamma, if you think I am, because we were all birthed out of the same thing. Doesn’t the book say the first commandment with promise? “Honor your mother and father.” I know who birthed me. Without Mamma you aren’t going to have any Sons. I preached a message one time called, “Don’t throw Mamma from the Train”. As soon as we come into this understanding of a little bit of truth, we want to throw stones back at them, destroy them, or burn something down. Your foundation was built on Christ in Passover. If you build this house here and you tear the foundation down once you get it built, how long is it going to stand. Any covenant does not destroy another covenant. When the dust covenant was given unto Abram it was the best there was, and when the sand came along it was better and it encompassed it. Then when the star covenant came along it did not destroy the other two it just encompassed it and drew them all in. It didn’t tear them down. God is into oneness, and God is One.

God spoke something to me years ago. He said, “I’m not raising up people.” We’ve all heard that God is raising up Sons, but God told me He was raising up a voice and He is just choosing different vessels to place it in. All He is raising is a voice, a voice that will declare whatever He says. There was a couple that came to our Fellowship for about three or four years. When they first came in they asked me many questions about this “Sonship stuff” and this “Kingdom stuff.” After about three or four weeks of almost nonstop, day and night ministering with them. The man says, “I know why God chose you.” I said, “Oh you do. Tell me, because I’ve never understood that one. I know he has, but I don’t know why.” He says, “Yeah you are crazy enough to say anything He wants.” That is what we have to be. FEARLESS. We have to be fearless. It is not because we are mad at anyone. It is not because we want to hurt anyone. It is just because we have to speak the truth. Jesus said it, He said, “I only do what my Father tells me to do.”

We can’t listen to many voices. The voice is inside you. “My sheep will hear my voice, and the voice of another they will not follow.” Do you hear me? We have to go back to a place and realize that maybe Momma in her intentions was good, but you know what – Momma wasn’t right for me. I have got to go on. The Sons were birthed and as soon as they were birthed they were caught up to the throne. Rev 12:5 “And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up unto God, and to his throne.” You can’t stay there, but in the next verse the man-child that was birthed automatically became they, the corporate son. They fed Momma where she had a place prepared for her in the wilderness. It is not about being mad at Momma, because we are going to have to feed her and take care of her. We have got to do that.

About eight or nine years ago I had a problem with a man who couldn’t tell the truth. In everything he did when he would say I will do this, and then he would do that. “I will be there at eight o’clock in the morning you wait for me.” At four o’clock in the afternoon he still hadn’t shown up. You see that was a little bit of ignorance on my part sitting there until four o’clock in the afternoon. You see I was trying to do what I was told to do. Thinking that it was spiritual and I would earn points in the Kingdom of God, but God spoke something into my heart. He said, “Justifying is just a lying.” You justify anything you do and you are only lying to yourself. I have this little saying written in my office at home that says: “You lie the loudest when you lie to yourself”. Because you can’t hear anything else then. You are only justifying what you want to be done. If we will no longer justify and if we turn our eyes in (because where is Christ)? Let’s not look up there; we are past that aren’t we. It’s inside. If I will look in here (internally), I will find every problem and every solution. I can’t go out there anymore. God is an internal God doing an internal work. So anything external is just a smoke screen. It is just something to get your eyes off of God working in your life. That is all it is. If we will learn that do you know what? We will no longer be the accuser. If you can justify to yourself that it was someone else’s fault, then you will always be an accuser. Always. My book says the accuser is the one they call “the devil.” We’ve all got one, right between our eyes. How are you tempted? Where are you tempted? It is not external. Do you think Jesus had that guy in the red flannel suit with horns, a pitchfork and a pointy tail working on Him? This book says that He was tempted in all ways as a man. That is the way I am tempted. Well, guess what? I’m not looking for an external devil. I want to know what God has to say.

I would now like to introduce you to my wife, Lois. I know that my sufficiency is Christ, but this (my wife) is the one that keeps me going. Because of the things she does makes it possible for me to do the things that God wants me to do. You see she is not my helpmate she is my soul mate. She is my best friend. She is my lover. She is my confidant. You see there is nothing wrong with men loving their wives. It is just a pattern of Jesus loving His church. Everywhere I go I see this macho image in men. It is sickening. Macho just means “big dumb and stupid” anyway. If we are going to be what we are called to be we can’t keep looking at our mates as second-class citizens. She is my equal. She is my equal. God never meant her to be less than me. We’ve become one. If you will look at your wives and your husbands in that way. Do you know what? It will be a real nice place. The divorce rate will go down, (IN THE CHURCH) because we really don’t know how to love. That being that we really don’t know the one which is love. If you’ll let Him come alive in your heart you’ll never have to worry about it again. Lois do you have anything to say? I’ll let my wife speak.

I’m not going to make this very long because this has been a long weekend. When Gary Sigler was at our Fellowship in November he said, “You all need to come to Cunningham.” Lot‘s of times God speaks to the wife first, and I expressed to my husband that I really felt that God wanted us to go. When God created the woman that was the emotional side of man. Man doesn’t have that sensitive part of him. That God-man, is the totality or completeness of the Spirit and Soul into one. Gary just spoke that Carol was the one that pushed him in different ways. Sometimes our husbands don’t hear us right  away. They may not have the ears to hear (like it says, hearing with the intent to act upon). Sometimes it is after the fact that Dave says, “Well baby you were right.” We’ve had a wonderful time here this weekend and it’s been a little tiring. We drove here from Ohio and we have to leave to go back in the morning. We were at Preston and Lorain Eby’s last summer for a vacation, not for ministry, but for a vacation. When we were in their home Preston suggested to us that while we were close, we might like to go visit Elwin and Margit Roach. Well, this is all new to us, this going out meeting people that we’ve never seen before and in states we’ve never been in. Sometimes I just shake my head in awe and say, “Father how did we get here? When we stopped at the “Roach” home in New Mexico on our way back to Ohio, we were just going to stop for a cup of coffee. I was teasing Elwin yesterday. I told him you know that cup of coffee turned into an all night stay. We stayed the night with them and it was just like meeting the people here. There is a part of me in you, and a part of you in me. If any of you have met Des Walter that is one of the first things he will tell you. He will tell you the same thing. He will say there is a little bit of him in you, and a little bit of you in him. We just bless God that we can get together and make more of a knit body to proclaim the word of God. So we can minister to that hurting, bleeding and dying man on the road, like the one that needed the Samaritan. Don’t raise your nose up because he might be stinking and bleeding. You see because there is a part of you that is in that man laying on the street and he might be the one that needs to speak to the next man that is bleeding and dying. I bless God and I love you. Now I’ll let Dave close.

I thank you and I hope this, that you have been stretched in your thinking. I hope you have. That is the one thing that I had a problem in denominationalism. They go hire someone to come and preach and they make them jump through a hoop like a trained seal to see if they will say what they already believe. If you already believe it then why don’t you save your money? We need to hear God, and God is not going to come out of a preacher. The God you are going to hear is going to come out of you. I don’t believe in tearing the church down. I believe in Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers. When I look around I don’t see the fullness of the stature of Christ yet. Oh it’s there, but it’s not everywhere yet. I did say, YET. Because I know it is coming, but it is not there yet. No longer a hope but it’s the glory that is. IT JUST IS. That’s the greatest thing I see about the Kingdom. IT JUST IS. It doesn’t have to be anything. We can’t build it, we can’t make it, IT JUST IS.








THE KINGDOM OF GOD – IT JUST IS [David Fields]          1


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