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MARCH 31, 2005

Love, oh love that never fades, now upholding the hearts of men, the knowing and unknowing alike, loved without measure. We are received in The Bosom of The Father, discovering Who We Are, blessed in the dawning of an all new world.

I bow before you, oh man. Therefore, I give you Myself, All That I Am; even My Mind, My Presence, My Resurrected Life. That which you did not earn, that which may never be earned, I freely have given to you. A new law; the law of The Spirit of Life has taken the place of the law of sin and death. Not one man has bypassed The Glory That I Am within, for This Glory has no beginning or end. You are in the middle of This Glory, Crowned As The Chosen One, The Only Begotten. ”

The purest sacrifice ever made, The Shed Blood of The Lamb has redeemed us, fully redeemed without measure; has bought us ever increasing eternal Life.

The hand of peace and love is raised upon the earth. The swaddling clothes of eternal Glory are pulled up under our chins, and we are lifted into Divine Rooms of His Presence.

It is written that there is no remission of sin except for the shedding of blood. By this one act at the Cross of Calvary, He has restored all that was lost in Adam, and has taken away sin and thoughts of separation. Now, we move on in this resurrection, freely given quickened Life, loving the day, loving one another. Fears have vanished as nothing confronts us but the Light of His Presence. New thinking is here as the Word of Truth we now share, prepares the pathway on which we daily walk.

We are discovering our own heavens from the treasure within; The Presence of Our Own Divinity.

Now, this is the message of the hour: “The rocks are removed from your road. The way is made straight. I ease you past the hard places of your former thinking, and remove the stop signs of your journey. I now remind you of, “Good will toward all men” and the fact that you are loved. I have searched out your empty vessels, and have filled all to overflowing. I am drawing fellowship to your arms, and health to your navel. I have opened you a single eye, an eagle eye, that you may see and know that I Am a Good Father, and bring forth only Good.”

This precise Word you now hear is the blueprint of everlasting, ever increasing life. It is The Life of The Son, set in order, and shall never be reversed. Peace and joy are your inheritance, and it is yours to share to the fullness of the earth.

I give you time to fulfill your dreams, for this every moment is sovereign as well as appointed; designated for limitless opportunities.”

Here Am I, Christ As You, The Author and Finisher of Glory Upon Glory.

Love this day


KINGDOM PERSPECTIVE [Jim-Melba Crofford] 3-31-05          1


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