God's plan of salvation should not be reduced to individuals - forgiven and going to heaven. Nor to miss the mark of seeing the importance of the kingdom, which Jesus declared at the start of his ministry. God's rule is basically his word. The word carries his intent and the consequence of having it disregarded by man. Man after all, is the place he chose for his word. The word is the seed of his purpose. 


The history of man, when it comes to bearing fruit of the Word, is failure. Man suffers as a result, because the word itself is the fulfillment. When God's word has effect, things change. This government of God is the only way that man will ever have things go well for him. Christ has this government and came declaring the kingdom of God, which he knew to be the redemption from the hell of man being his own god. Only when God rules - is there peace and faith in existence. 


God offered his son to take the place of the god of this world. The whole world lies in this wicked ones kingdom. Today is the day(light) in which we have deliverance from this kingdom of darkness. Why gamble on the unproven doctrine of heaven after death. How can you be sure unless you have Christ who is the resurrection and the life? I came to give you life. This is what Jesus offers. Not having him you can have no life. If you seek to save your soul, you will lose it. Then you die in body having lost your soul and have no life. To the Jews in John Ch. 5 gives an indictment. This leaves them outside the kingdoms rule. (vs. 38) You have not his word abiding in you. (vs.39) Search the scriptures for in you you’re supposed to have life. (vs.42) I know you do not have the love of God in you. (vs.44) How can you believe when you seek honor from men - not from God? (vs.45) 


Moses is the one that accuses you. (not helps) (vs.46) If you believed Moses you would have believed me. This serious state is overcome by believing the one God has sent. In doing so you will have God's word in you. You will have life. You will have the love of God in you. You will not seek honor from men. (Attn. Pastors) You will realize Moses is your accuser, which is sin and death to you. The need then is resurrection. Now. When you become a believer it is no longer Moses law in you. It is Christ - your life from the dead. This is not the old you. Not a remnant of the self is brought into Christ Jesus. The spirit only edifies the quickened spirit. 


The Christ life becomes the ear to hear what the spirit is saying to the body of Christ. Why do so few hear? It is unbelief that allows the accusation of the law to emerge again. Guilt then nullifies faith. Freedom from the old man is the liberty that the sons of God have. This liberty is what the new creation in Christ Jesus is waiting for. Most all the writing and teaching I hear is dealing with the old man. Why continue to exhort the old man to do that which he cannot do? No man can keep Moses law. This has never worked and God himself brought a new order. We are crucified to this world and the world to us. The spirit of the son has fulfilled this in the believer. 


The cross is seen as a substitution rather than identification. Is it easier to struggle with your old nature than to believe in Christ? Multitudes struggle and few find the rest Jesus offered to those who come to him. He does not withhold anything. It all comes in receiving him. Jesus Christ is not a man. He is life, truth, spirit and Son of God. We are not to know him after the flesh from now on. Beyond the veil of his flesh we find his true nature and ours. He is God's word in form and appearance. The word made flesh, the word is truth, the word was with God; the word is God. It has never entered the heart of man the things God has prepared for them that love him. Having not seen we believe, having believed we have faith. Faith comes from hearing the word. Jesus is the mediator of that word - quickening our spirit that we might understand the spirit of the word. Folks say “its not here yet.” It does not come here. It is something we ascend to in spirit. It is the word of promise that bears fruit in spirit. It is not healthy to wait for experience to prove the word. The Jew and the religious wait for the Man Jesus. He came back as he promised. Blessed are those who not having seen believe.



KINGDOM [Lloyd Ellefson] 9-10-04         1

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