JANUARY 24, 2001

There was a man who had been given a great honor by the reigning monarch of his land.  Unlike one that might have been “knighted” in another land, this man was raised to the level of actually being adopted by the King.  He was not only moved into the royal chambers, but assured of knowing all of the future plans for the Kingdom and given the confidence that he was an heir to all of the royal treasures.

The man had become aware that he was “chosen”, special, one called out for some sort of royal service, at an early age, but he never really dreamed just how far he would be allowed to move up the ladder of success in the eyes of the King.  He simply had chosen not to just do the minimum amount of tasks to stay in the “graces” of the King, but he had great love for the King and made pleasing the King his life’s work.  He was careful to make himself familiar with the laws of the Kingdom and took great joy in keeping himself within the confines of the path chosen by the King for all of His subjects. This was a light, easy path for the man and was not burdensome at all; for his motivation was love, not fear.

The King took notice of this man’s keen desire to please the monarch and, likewise, set about to put a plan into motion that would adequately reward the loyalty He observed.  The King sent his only son to watch over and supply all of the man’s needs.  His son was told to protect the man at all cost – even if it required giving his own life to save this one subject of the Kingdom. 

The heart and soul of the King became the conscience of the man.  So great was his desire to successfully complete the task of becoming a model subject – to bring joy to his King – that he consciously thought before beginning anything new, “will this please my King…is this something He really wants me to spend my time and effort accomplishing…will this strengthen the power of our Kingdom…will it bring greater honor and glory to my King?  His commitment was so great, that he would willingly lay down any activity that did not pass this test of scrutiny.  Thus he kept his conscience clear at all times and insured that all he did devote himself to produced a happy heart within. 

Before very long, he found himself being blessed in very special ways.  He noticed that the King’s Son was staying close at his side.  He sensed that there were armed men under the King’s direction that were keeping security around him.  He never actually saw them, for so carefully were they commissioned and trained that their appearance was not really necessary, but there was an “inner knowing” that he was always in a safe place and no outside power with intentions of harm, could come close to him.

Then came the day when the King sent for him to appear, in person, before this highest of all powers within the Kingdom – a private meeting in the very personal chambers of the royal palace.  The man had seen the King on television many times through the years that he had served Him.  He had seen him from a distance in many of the public appearances at parades, public speeches, etc., but nothing could compare to this “face-to-face” personal encounter – this opportunity to see, first hand, the very heart of his King.  He was so touched by this “presence” that he could hardly raise his figure from the prostrate position he had immediately assumed when entering the palace before the throne of the King.  When he did slowly come first to his knees and then finally to a full standing position, he slowly raised his eyes and dared to seek eye contact with the one who had been the object of his affection for most of his life.

There are no adequate words to describe the sense of awe and wonder that the man felt as realization set in:  he had been personally invited to join in this intimate relationship with his sovereign leader, but the overwhelming announcement was made that he not only had been invited for this special occasion, but that he was being made aware that the King so desired his fellowship, that he was being asked to dwell in His presence continually.  How could this be…he, such a simple man…a man not of noble birth…not a man of great worldly education or position…should be chosen for such an incredible honor? 

But the King took no lack of time and emotion to inform the man that, in all of His Kingdom, there was only one thing that He was looking for – love from his subjects.  He went on to explain that, unfortunately, mostly what He had observed were people that wanted to put forth only the minimum amount of effort to stay above the laws of the land – just to maintain their personal freedom so they could continue to accomplish their own goals – most of which involved amassing great wealth, obtaining better positions to impress others, consuming their vast holdings on their own selfish interests…and seldom, if ever, taking any thought of what might please the King…the one that had power and authority over them.  There was seldom a consideration given that they might express any personal kind of love toward their monarch.  They mostly saw Him as some sort of “untouchable.” The thought never occurred to most of them that they might have a personal, intimate relationship with Him.  And the idea of Him having a desire for a relationship with them simply never entered their minds.

What had awakened within the heart of this man such an unquenchable desire to be a loyal subject to his King?  What had placed the hope within his heart…the all-consuming goal to be all that he could be as a subject within the Kingdom?  Was he drawn by the King, Himself?  Was it always His choosing that gave the man his ability to cope with the cares of the world and to make choices that would produce life and health for himself and bring delight to his King?  Whatever the force that called him…that chose him, he had found his completeness in the presence of the King and he had no desire to leave His presence all the days of his life. 





































KING’S CHOICE, A [Sunny Orly Coffman] 1-24-01          1


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