Tall arched column edifice,

Sitting in the center of campus,

Looking comically like a giant radiator,

Hot bed of knowledge,


Lobby filled with every variety of green plant,

Gurgling water echoes from a penny fountain in

This Garden of Eden,

Filled with life, laughter and voices,


Metal detector entry through glass doors,

Leads to the cool darkness and cavernous opening,

Greeted only by the roots of this

Gigantic tree of knowledge: card

Catalogues and computer terminals,

Followed by a trunk of reference and government documents,

Leading upstairs to branches of stacked books for

Every subject under the sun.


All the knowledge of man is contained within the walls, or

Can be obtained by inter-library loan, or internet search,

And the stacks—perfectly ordered line upon line of shelving

Stretching floor after higher floor of

Mile after mile of endlessly stacked

Books, magazines, atlases and encyclopedias


No talking louder than a whisper please,

Do not disturb this venerable seat of all knowledge,

Only the sound of a ticking clock, and

Rhythmic clicking of a librarian’s high heels,

Dare break the deafening, and

Echoing silence.


The suffocating smell of dried glue,

Dust and damp yellowed paper,

Mixed with artificial light and stale air,

Takes the novice by surprise, and

Causes a curious reaction in this galvanized

Crucible of brain energy,

This behemoth of death.


Right before the brain seizes up under the pressure,

Refusing to function further,

One last thought comes:

Look back through the glass door entry,

See the water of life,

Touch the verdant plants,

Hear the laughter, and


Forget this tree of the knowledge of the

Fruit of good and evil,

Walk through that glass door into those

Well watered gardens,

Take hold of truth, and

Choose the better fruit,

Choose the fruit from the Tree of Life

Waiting in the center of the garden,

Choose Life.


Reflections on Genesis 3:1-24


© 2005, Maribeth Schlobohm

All Rights ReservedCedar of Lebanon

By Maribeth Schlobohm









































KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL [Maribeth Schlobohm] ~ POEM          1


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