THE LAKE OF FIRE  (Rev. 20:10, 14, 15, 21:8)



God had promised the world that there would never be another flood. God stated this to his servant Noah in Genesis 9:11. But the corruption within the world is so repulsive to the Father that He will destroy the earth by fire in this the last age of this dispensation. It is not an idle threat that the Lord has stated but a promise that was made unilaterally by the constant quality of Himself. It is not a fire that will destroy – in the sense never to be used again. But it is a fire that will act as a purifying agent.

Now, some of the theologians state that it will be a NATURAL fire that will ravage the earth. Some even go so far as to say that atomic weapons will be the very instruments to destroy the earth by fire. I believe that as it was in Noah’s day – where GOD destroyed the earth it will be also in this day – God will do it. But we are not concerned with the natural aspects of fire on the earth. We are concerned with the spiritual aspects of fire in this last age. Let others speculate on the end in the natural realm, but we seed and believe we have an understanding of some degree of the close of the age and the spiritual fire that will become apparent.

The fire of the Lord is far broader than what most have assumed. For if we made our bed in hell (grave), lo, He is there also. (Ps. 139:8) The furnace of affliction is either in this life, or after being raised from the dead, it is found in the lake of fire. (Rev. 19:20, 20:14-15) It is for saints as well as sinners – but the timing of the fire is different.

Better to be a saint like the three in Daniel who walked in the fire of affliction due to their testimony, than to be placed in the lake of fire in the latter age. For those who hide themselves in Christ, the furnace cannot touch them because they live on a higher plane. But the servant of the earth would be consumed, as was the king’s man who placed them in the fire. Fire can afflict or it can set free, it depends where one is in a relationship with the Lord. The end of the age will reveal all relationships by the Fire of the Lord.


It is the Lord Himself that will usher in this last age with violence. For those who are conformed to His Image must take the Kingdom with violence (Matt. 11:12) If they are of His Image, which they surely will be, then they also will be a light as He is THE Light.

Our natural light on this earth comes from a star, which we call our sun. It is nothing more than a boiling mass of fire. It is the lights that are fathered by God that will wrestle the Kingdom free from earthly corruption. They will violently remove all that offends the Lord of Glory from the earth realm. (Matt. 13:41)

He has fathered sons in His Image (Rom. 8:19), so that they might set creation free from the bondage of corruption. They are no longer men, as the world would know them but rather have become quite a different being. They appear to be angels. Not angels in the sense of wings flapping as carnal Christians would teach – but an angelic host if you will.

It is the angels that remove all that offends out of the Kingdom. (Matt. 13:41) These angels are of a heavenly realm and that is why they cannot be called men any longer – for they are not of the earth any more but are full of light as their Father is.

Do not doubt what we say but consider prayerfully the following scriptures that shed light on such thoughts. Acts 7:53 states that the people of Israel received the law from the angels. Stephen proclaims this during his defense. The students of the Bible know that the Law was given to Moses and the prophets. Is this a contradiction? Of course not, for these men (Moses and the prophets) were men who lived in a different realm than the others of Israel.

Consider Hebrews 1:7, which is a quote of Psalms, which states: “He makes His angels spirits, and His ministers a flame of fire.” Obadiah 18 states that the house of Jacob will be a fire. All this points to the fact that the ministers of the Lord are spirits (of just men made perfect?) It is these men that proclaim a word and appear as fire to the people purifying them from corruption even as the Law and the prophets did.

So, these men will be transparent revealing only the nature of the heavenly realm. Jesus was transfigured on the Mount (Matt. 17) and the Wuest translation of the New Testament states: “The manner of His outward expression was changed before them, that expression coming from and being representative of His inner being.” Jesus’ inner nature was outrayed from His body.

These reapers (angels) are men that will come forth only full of light – outraying – only the Father who created them. They will harvest the church people of the 30, 60, 100 fold. These angels minister only the Kingdom message and lift the church out of its church order into the Kingdom. (Matt. 13:39)

These men are full of light because they reveal the Kingdom order and are not of the part realm which is the gift realm of the church order. They are transfigured because they have entered into a higher state than most of the true church. They are lights because the Father has birthed them into the higher realm. The very light that they reveal is full of fire and causes all that is of the earthly to be consumed. As the corruption is consumed off the true church, they will be able to enter into that which the sons of fire have. No more carnality will cause a release from the bondage of corruption inherited from Adam.

Sons of Light, for their Father is light, that is what they are. They have the strength of mighty Samson (which means sunlight) to deliver the church from its carnal ways. The angelic host is a company of light-bearing changed people.

Isaiah 9:19 states that the people shall be the fuel for a fire. This is true for the sons of light especially. They have allowed them-selves to be consumed by their God who is a consuming fire as Hebrews 12:29 states.

They have sought to have the very Image of God made manifest in their lives, and in order to accomplish this the Lord has to consume all that is not of Himself that is in them. In other words all the Adamic flesh must go, so that only the Christ might remain. We must decrease in order that Jesus Christ might increase. There will be no lawlessness in the Kingdom. (Matt. 13:41)

“For behold the Lord will come with fire…” (Isa. 66:15) This fire is not the Lord but the sons! He appears through the sons. He will consume all those who think they are holy but eat swine’s flesh. (Isaiah 66: 15-17) The righteousness of man is not the same as the righteousness of God. The sons having been consumed by the very hand of their Father, now appear as Jesus to the other saints and consume off them the very corruption of their rituals, doctrines, and customs as well as all manner of carnality.

The sons of God reveal the glory of God. No man can reveal the glory nor can any man stand before the glory of the Lord and live. But the sons of God are not of man – that Adam nature. They are of the nature of God. They have been birthed from a higher realm. The radiance that they give off, that glory of light that they reveal is not of themselves but of the very source of God. For the glory of God is light and we are to be the light of the world. A city (we are the New Jerusalem), that has no need of light for the Lord is their light.

He was a pillar of Fire to the Israelites. He led them in the night by the LIGHT of the pillar of FIRE. Fire of affliction is the very essence of light unto us! The consuming fire of our God is the very thing that we desire – because He is a consuming fire. (Deut. 4:24) Yes, that pillar of fire gives direction to our path, light in times of darkest troubles, brilliance to behold as encouragement, and a fire shut up in our bones to change us.

As Jeremiah 20:9 states: “But His Word was in my heart line a burning fire shut up in my bones.” Who is that “word” shut up in us? It is none other than Jesus Christ. He is that fire that must be revealed and cannot be hindered by the flesh. He will burn His way out of our flesh if necessary.

“Is not my word line a fire saith the Lord: and like a hammer that breaketh the rock into pieces?” (Jeremiah 23:29) Surely, He is the word and He is the fire that can break down every wall and every barrier – every hard rock of the carnal nature will fall and worship before Him. (I Tim. 4:10) All earth shall praise Him and bow down before Him, for His death on the cross was to deliver ALL creation by the fire of life. (I Cor. 15:22)


The Pillars of Jachin and Boaz in the temple were overlaid with bronze (judgment) and when the day dawned, the light of the sun reflected all over the pillars so that anyone within 20 miles would be able to see the glory of the temple. In this last day, the very glory of God will appear all over those who have conformed themselves to His image. (2 Thessalonians 1:10) The brilliance of the light they will display will bring many to personal judgment.

The pillars of light resided in the temple. It is the only place where they could. For only those who have put on the nature of God can reside in His presence. “A fire goes before Him and burns up His enemies round about Him.(Psalms 97:3) It is only possible for those who have His nature to remain in His presence. That is why in Job we find the sons of God standing before the presence of the Lord.

Perhaps, now that we see the LIGHT, the GLORY, all reveal the very HOLINESS of God. Everything is Holy before Him because the FIRE has consumed all corruption from before His presence. Where the church system has taught that the fire is punitive and destructive, we now are beginning to see the beauty of the fire – it releases us from flesh!

Our God is a consuming fire. He will either by His glory slay us, or by His light reveal us. Of course, He accomplishes the same by fire. Each (fire, glory, light) serves its purpose. The fire is to purify, the light to reveal, and the glory to cause true adoration. In each we see the other and vice versa.

Gideon’s 300 had a torch (fire) hidden within an earthen jar and a knife in the other hand. To them the torch was light to be revealed. To the enemy it was fire coming at them, but to all it revealed the glory of God as the men destroyed themselves in mass confusion.

In Judges 7:15-23 we find the story of Gideon’s 300 men. Initially he had over 32,000 but only a few could qualify for the Lord’s army (could we say this is Joel’s army?) These men were different from the others. When they drank from the stream, they lifted the water to their mouth and looked around while the others fell down on their stomach and drank unaware of what could be around them. God wanted men to carry His battle, His light, forward that were aware of their surroundings at all times.

The men carried a trumpet in one hand. This is a type and shadow of a message that has to be proclaimed. The sons of God when they are manifested (Romans 8:19-20) in a fulness will proclaim a clear, pure river of Life unto the restoration of all things. The sons are the voice of the archangel in the last days announcing the ending of the age and the dawning of the Kingdom. The sons are the voice of the Lord proclaiming His coming.

The right hand holds an earthen jar and a torch is within the jar. We find that in the scripture. It is symbolism that we find so enlightening. For the trumpet is blown (that word of Life proclaimed) and the earthen jar is broken (the flesh of man) and the Light of the world is revealed which is none other than Jesus Christ.

Flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom. It is therefore fitting that the earthen jar is broken. The sons come forth from this earthen jar (out of their humanity) and reveal only the fire to the enemy. The fire of God, which the sons are, consumes and confuses the corruption. The brightness of the coming of the Lord will slay all His enemies. The torch in the story of Gideon is the very fullness of that example.

The book of Revelation declares that one-third of the earth shall be destroyed by fire. This is accomplished by the sons of God who have become the flame of fire – the ministers of the Lord. (Hebrews 1:7) The word that the sons will declare will be so totally undefiled, holy, and pure that His righteousness will be revealed in us and through us.

The realm of the fire is beginning to appear even now in this hour. A word of purity is coming forth that causes many to be separated from that which they desire. Others are being cut off from the fullness be- cause of the corruptness they continue to desire. Jeremiah states that there was a fire in his bones that caused him not to be silent. The life is in the fire! Fire is life! He is the fire – and He is Life. We can desire no greater place than to be what He is. Among other things He is the fire; so we rejoice at the fire that works within us; it is Him!


How brightly the bush burned, but it was not consumed. The fire in the bush was God Almighty. The bush made of wood is a type of humanity. It is also a type of our body. The carnal mind will not be evident at the manifestation of God. God appears within our new body, but nothing of our selfish nature will be left.

It is the contradiction of a burning bush not being consumed that attracted the attention of Moses. How can a bush burn and not be consumed? It was this question that caused Moses to turn aside. So too, the world will be attracted by the same manifestation in this age when the sons of God are manifested as the fire of the Lord and yet not be consumed by God who possessed them.

The second verse states that the Angel of the Lord appeared to Moses. Verse 4 states that God spoke out of the burning bush. We can see that God appeared as an angel to get his attention, but when Moses turned aside, then God spoke directly to him. When the sons are revealed, then the world will be willing to turn aside and see this marvel. The world will then not hear the sons speak but their very Father will speak unto them.

In this age and the previous ones, the world has rejected the Lord. Even some Christians have rejected further growth in the Lord. Ezekiel 15:7 states of Jerusalem (represents the body of Christ): “They will go out from ONE fire, but ANOTHER fire shall devour them.” This scripture shows how those who refuse the dealings of the fires now in their life will have to face it at a later date.

Most saints refuse the fire of affliction during their walk with God. But it will come later to them as it will to the world. Consider Corinthians where the saint is turned over to Satan for the destruction of the flesh that the saint might be saved “…as by fire.” (I Cor. 5:1-5)

The revealing of the sons shall cause ALL the world to come forward and to be judged. Some having seen true Christianity will take off their shoes, as Moses did and turn aside. Turn aside in the Hebrew means to repent. (See Ex.3:4.) Even Moses, a spiritual man, humbled himself before the Lord and repented. So too shall all creation – even if it takes the fire.

How we do rejoice that it is the Lord who does all the cleaning, refining and purifying. I can receive it at the hands of the Lord with joyfulness. He has chosen many people to come my way to refine me – and it is He in them that touches my fiber.

It is this buffeting from the saints that will cause the trans-figuration of the sons. In Matthew 17 we read that Jesus was transfigured and His face “shone like the sun and His clothes became as white as the light.” Did He not reveal the “fire” of God – light, and the sun? Even so we when changed shall reveal the same.

Matthew 24 states in verse 27: “For as the lightning comes from the east and flashes to the west, so also will the coming of the son of man be.” Here again we find fire in the aspect of lightning. The coming of the Lord in a people will be with great light/fire.

As you are aware there is an angel of the Lord that keeps the way to Paradise. (Gen. 3:24) This angel is not to keep people out of the Garden of God, but only to let those in who have no flesh or carnal nature left in them. No corruption shall enter the Paradise of God.

Our booklet on angels explains how in every case they are people, not white robed winged creatures that the church system has taught us through the traditions of men. The angel in the Garden of Eden is a Cherub (Cherubim being plural). This angel resides only in the Holy of Holies, where God’s glory dwells. Thus, we can enter His glory only by permitting the angel to use the sword to circumcise the foreskin of our fleshly heart.

As the fire of the Lord, the sons shall purify all that would enter into the paradise of God. As lightning goes from the east unto the west, so the sons shall cover all the earth. Standing as an angel of the Lord (similar to Exodus 3 angel in the burning bush?), they shall release creation from the earth realm into the heavenlies.


We find the above scripture in Isaiah 33:14. There is a people who can stand the fire of God. Verse 15 states those who walk righteously and speak uprightly and shun evil can stand the fires of the Lord. It is only those who have entered into the very fire – God himself. (Heb. 12:29)

How verse 17 is so beautiful. We will see the King in all His beauty. It will take all of eternity to fathom the beauty of the Lord and the details of the Lord. We sing a little chorus from time to time which is entitled: “Move a little closer to where the fire is burning, move a little closer to where God makes His men. Fear not the testings, fear not the trials, only the fire can purify this man.” It is an “upbeat” song, one done to rejoicing music.

We see the fires of God as a great place to inhabit for it is there we dwell with Him. Consider Malachi which states: “…who shall abide the day of His coming…for He is like a refiners fire and fuller’s soap?” The appearing or coming of the Lord is found IN A PEOPLE who bear the fullness of His Image. It is only those who are able to abide in the everlasting burnings that can withstand the glory that will outray from them when they are transfigured into His nature. Those that have any carnal nature will find themselves in the lake of fire for burning.

Those that can stand in the day of the Lord will have lost their corruption, their carnality, their own understanding of righteousness. For they have accepted the fiery trials that bring them to perfection. As Paul states: “I endure ALL things for the sake of the elect…” (2 Tim 2:l0) We go through trials not for ourselves, lest we should boast, but even as our precious Lord suffered for the world, so we suffer for the brethren.


Isaiah was called to the work of the Lord. In this call there was a requirement that he be able to stand before the Lord. Many have seen the Lord, but the further requirement to stand in His presence is not possible for all.

How often some have explained and exclaimed the place where they saw the glory of God and His train filling the temple. But few be that honestly state that they could not remain. For the glory of God and His presence, which you enter into, requires that a work must be done in order to remain in His presence. Isaiah was a young man, some say 12 others 14, but it is the youthful desire of the overcomers to remain in His presence, and they shall by the work of fire.

The ministry of the seraphim (seraph for one), is directed towards man. The cherubim (cherub for one) minister only to God. It is fitting therefore that the seraphim came to cleanse Isaiah. (verse 6) The ministry of the seraphim is to cleanse the man who would seed to remain in the presence of God. No cleansing is required for those just looking but not seeking fellowship on that level.

The word seraphim in the Hebrew means – burning or to be set on fire. Revelation 8:5 shows that the altar that stands before God is full of fire. This is not the brazen altar of the outer court but it is the altar of incense. The pleasing sacrifice of Romans 12 is what is burning.

The only thing that is “living” in the “living sacrifice” of Romans 12 is GOD. For all else is dead. The coals represent the very “burnings” of man. Could we say that the ministry of the seraphim is the consumption of all that is of man? Who can stand among the everlasting burnings has different meaning now doesn’t it when we realize that burnings means – seraphim!

Isaiah 33 goes right along with Isaiah 6. For it is the “burnings” or “seraphim” that we can reside in. If we reside in that place, it is at the altar of God where self has been done away and only our godliness remains.

Now the coals from the altar purified the lips of Isaiah, even as the priestly ministry had their lips purified. (Malachi 2:7) It is only the ministry of the pure word that will be able to remain in the presence of God and declare the truth to the nations.

Perhaps the hardest part of the truth of the word from that realm is verses 9-l3. Isaiah was called to give a word that would not be understood by most but only the tenth. (vs. 13) God sought to confound the people who thought they knew the Lord’s ways. Even so it is true today.

The establishment of the Kingdom message is a confrontation with those who are in the church realm and think that the gifts can bring about the kingdom! Some even think the gifts etc. are the kingdom. So we have two words on the kingdom – one is correct and the other is wrong. The body of Christ as a whole hears the word of the kingdom and believes that the church age minister is saying the same thing as the kingdom preacher. Yet, nothing is further from the truth!

Isaiah had a hard word. A word that would be fire to most of the saints. He would be a flame of fire, a pillar of fire, even a lake of fire to all the brethren by the words that he declared from the third heavens.

Verses 9-13 clearly show the people could not hear and would become utterly desolate. (vs. 11) God didn’t want them to hear because if they had understood, they would have brought corruption into the third heavens. Corruption had to be removed and this would be accomplished by blinding them to the truth – understand that saints would be blind to the truth!

The ministry of the seraphim having been done in Isaiah, he then became as a seraphim to the saints so that they might be purified. This then is the area we see working in the land today. Some of the sons of God have heard a deeper word of purity and holiness. Their change hasn’t occurred yet, but they have seen God and remain in that realm.

Having tasted of the things to come, they proclaim them to the other saints who have not ears to hear and the sons are chastised by the brethren. Chastised because the saints on the lower realm think the sons preach and teach blasphemous things.

But the things of the Spirit are spiritually discerned and those in the church order are still too carnal and desirous of the flesh, although they would tell you otherwise. The place before the altar is where the fire is. Fire surrounds His throne. (Ps. 50:3) Yet it is in the same place that the Glory of God outshines.

Verse 7 states that Isaiah had all sin purged away and iniquity removed. The fire of God is the only thing that can do such – for the fire of God is the very full work of the cross in the life of the saint. When the sons of God come forth, they are sons of God because they have no longer any nature of the man Adam. They have fully born the image of the heavenly.

We find that the brazen serpent lifted up in the wilderness wasn’t a serpent after all. The King James Version translates it as serpent but the word is the same as seraphim. The seraphim brought healing and restoration to the Israelites in the wilderness. The seraphim acted as the cross, accepting the death that had been given to the people because of disobedience. The seraphim when looked upon brought life to the person. (Numbers 21:7-8)

In this last day it is the sons of God who will be manifested as fire to the saints who will deliver them from their carnal ways – yet to the saint they will think the sons are serpents.


These creatures are found in the book of Revelation and Ezekiel. It is not ours to discuss in detail the living creatures, for it would take a book. But the reason there are four is they correspond to the 4 gospels which present Christ in four different ways. Jesus is shown as a King in Matthew, in Mark as a Servant, in Luke as a Man, and in John as an Overcomer or Eagle.

As we put on the nature of Christ, we also put on the very four aspects of His appearing. We shall speak as one with authority (king); we shall be humble and do for others (servant); we shall not have glorified bodies in our ministry but a body (of a man)before the fall; and we shall reveal that we have conquered all things under our feet (eagle).

It is with this in mind that we quote Ezekiel 1:13: “As for the likeness of the living creatures, their appearance was like burning coals of fire, and like the appearance of torches. Fire was going back and forth among the living creatures; the fire was bright, and out of the fire went lightning. And the living creatures ran back and forth, in appearance like a flash of lightning.”

Here again, as in Matthew 24 lightning refers to the sons of God. THE Son of God had fire in His eyes (Rev. 1:14, 19:12) and so do these living creatures. They are called living creatures because they live in a realm of no death.

Notice that they had appearances of torches. Could we say the torches were like pillars of fire? As God led the children out of the wilderness by the pillar of fire, so the Christ will lead the saints out of the wilderness in this last day!

Fire went back and forth among the living creatures. All those who seek the fullness of Him are willing to cast fire back and forth among brethren of the same desire so that all flesh would be consumed and only that the Father of Lights might be seen. .

Ezekiel 8:2 states that he saw the glory of God and it “…was a likeness, like the appearance of fire – from the waist and downward, fire; and from the waist upward, like the appearance of brightness like the color of amber.” Beloved friends can we not see that God is a consuming fire even in His appearance? Is it not logical to assume that the sons of God will appear like unto the author of their faiths Most assuredly the answer is yes!

THE LAKE OF FIRE (Rev. 20:10, 14, 15, 21:8)

When you think of a lake what do you think of? Most folks will picture a BODY of water for a lake. So, the body of Christ is like the lake. They are a BODY or GROUP of saints called for a special purpose in this end time. They have the very essence of life – just as a lake does, water. Water represents the life of God and those who make up the lake have such. Just as a lake is long, wide, and of various depths, so also is the love of God. Neither do we know the height, depth, breadth of the love of God.

Truly, we can say that the sons of God, the body of Christ, have the fullness of the Godhead (Colossians 2:9-10) in them for they reveal the fire, the life, the love and the presence of God. For we find that Psalms states God is even with us in hell (Sheol) and hell is cast into the lake of fire!

Doesn’t the word declare that God’s ministers are as a flame of fire? The sons shall destroy 1/3 of the earth by fire of purification – all carnality shall be removed by the brightness of HIM coming in the sons of God. Our transfiguration into to His nature will release creation from the bondage of corruption that it groans about. (Rom. 8:19-20)

The sons are manifested not to keep people out of paradise, but as a flaming sword to remove all corruption from the earth realm. If God is to be all in all as I Cor. 15:28 states, then all corruption must be removed. We rejoice that the lake of fire is a place of purification for the lost so that I Tim. 4:10 can be fulfilled. You are part of the body of Christ. You are part of the lake of fire. You have within you the ability to reveal Christ and burn the chaff off the vessel that needs deliverance – the unsaved person.

Surely, you remember the story of Saul and how he was losing the battle and seeing the loss, he fell upon his own sword and died. So, in this last time when the sons of God are made manifest by the hand of God, the church seeing the futility of their fleshly ways will fall upon the flaming sword of truth. The church will do this so that carnality will not have its way.

Whoremongers are thrown into the lake of fire. Those are the ones who have played the harlot with the Babylonish religious system as well as the world system and called themselves Christians. Liars are found in the lake of fire – many are the Christians that shall be there.

Remember the nations learn righteousness during this event. The lake of fire, although for the unsaved, will also be for many saved who have failed to come into the image of Christ because they have played the harlot etc.

Even as Jesus was tempted in all ways as man and overcame, so too, the sons. It is because of this victory that the sons can be a purifying lake of fire. Corruption can no longer touch them.

It is only those who have overcome the second death that escape the lake of fire. The second death is that carnal mind. For those who have overcome the second death have been beheaded for the Lord. (Rev. 2:4-5) They have separated themselves from all that is of the earthly and have partaken of all that is heavenly. They have not received the mark of the beast nature. They have the nature of Christ. Those that don’t have the fullness of Christ in the end time will be considered as still possessing the mark of the beast nature. Beware, put on your glorious nature.

For the sons like the 5 wise virgins have made themselves ready and thereby can serve the Lord in this hour. But it is the foolish saint who will cry out in the abyss, as well as the unsaved.

The lake of fire is to deliver the SAINTS from their carnality and the UNSAVED from their sins. When it has accomplished its purpose, the lake of fire will end.

Be it known that the words translated “forever and ever” in the Greek do not mean unending time duration as the King James implies. Rather it means a time that WILL end but the length of which is not clear. After all if death remains “forever” then I Corinthians 15:54-56 wouldn’t be true. For further information concerning “forever and ever” write us and we will assist in the understanding.

For the sons of God have come forth out of the loins of Abraham. Fashioned in the image of God, a holy seed, they are a mirror of His nature. Is it no wonder that the sons shall be as lightnings, the brightness of God, exchanging ashes for beauty even as Christ did ?

As the people look upon themselves with the use of the sons as a mirror, they will see their beast nature in comparison to the glory of the sons. As the fire burned off the bands for the three in the book of Daniel, so the lake of fire, the sons of God will set creation free from the bands of death.

The lake is full of brimstone. In the Greek this word brimstone is translated today as “sulphur.” As I child in the early 50’s, I remember my mother pouring sulphur into a wound to cause a healing and purifying of the wound. As I recollect, I felt like it did it too! Such is the brimstone in this lake of fire. It is to purify and heal not destroy and destruct as the Roman Catholic church brought this doctrine in.

Now, also thrown into the lake of fire is Satan. I am sure there are many questions here. I do not have all the answers. But first let me state that angelic beings canNOT be “saved” as humans can. They seek to loop into such things, but do not understand such things. So, I differ with some who proclaim Satan can be saved – I say no!

But Satan has been evil from the beginning. He never fell, as some would teach. (If you want further information on that write and ask for the Shining One) He never fell but was OBEDIENT to the Lord God in carrying the purposes that God asked him to do. The lake of fire will be used to purify the corruption of Satan, after all in the Father’s house are vessels of honor and dishonor. (2 Tim. 2:20)


The day of the Lord is a day of fire. There is a truth mentioned in the Bible that states that Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever. It is found in Hebrews 13:8. This means that our God has always been a fire – or whatever else He reveals Himself to be. This nature of the fire therefore can be revealed to us today as a fired trial of affliction, and to us it seems the coming of the Lord in our life is a day of fire. Of this, that is, His coming as a fire in us, there is no doubt to those who have experienced such.

But in another sense there is a truth also that the DAY OF THE LORD is a day of fire. This means that there is a coming day, a time in the future as far as we are concerned, that will manifest the fire of the Lord. This is found in 2 Peter 3:7. The Day of Judgment is a day of fire for the ungodly man.

The accountability of the saint unto holiness is during this age, or should I say during their own life span. The fire of the Lord for the saint is now. The Day of Judgment will reveal the amount of submitting to the Lord the saint has done – as to how much of the saint remains (the flesh being consumed).

But to the ungodly (generally referring to the “unsaved” here) the Day of Judgment is their day of fire. All corruption will be eliminated via the lake of fire. The wrath of God is a fire. Wrath being reserved for the ungodly and chastisement for the saint.

This is why the overcomer is NOW buying gold tried in the fire. (Rev. 3:18) For it is far easier to handle small fires, that burn small things, than a large fire that consumes all and isn’t controlled.

Today is the day to glorify the Lord in the fires of tribulation (Isaiah 24:15) because He will not receive any glory in the DAY OF THE LORD as it is a fire of judgment. But because today is the day of Grace, He can be glorified in the fires. He is glorified because the saint goes through the fire voluntarily.

As Daniel 3:27 states of the three in the fire: “and they saw these men on whose bodies the fire had no power.” The fire had no power over the saints of God because all their corruption had been done away with by their desire for holiness. So in the end of the age, in the DAY OF THE LORD, the world will be consumed by God’s wrath via fire but it will have no power over the saint who remains (as there is no rapture), and the saint will inherit all things in the DAY OF THE LORD.

Isaiah 66:15 states the Lord will come with fire on the DAY OF THE LORD. This means He will appear as fire through a group of the sons of God. We shall be the fire of God, having become like Him, for as we see Him so shall we be! His rebuke will be “flames of fire.” (vs. 15)

As we possess Him we quicken the day of His appearing. For the more fire we possess (which is Him), the faster the DAY OF THE LORD is revealed. Truly we glorify Him in the fires, even as His Son glorified Him in the fire of the Cross.

For the day of the Lord will cause a wail or cry to go about. (Isaiah 13:6) It will not come nigh the elect, but it will be a time of great trial for the unsaved as well as those who Know Him but have not pressed their way into Him. (Rev.12:17)

For those that have hungered for His appearing the fire has been a time of preparation for THAT DAY. But for those who have not been looking for Him and for those who don’t Know Him it will be a great day of FIRE and WRATH.

Isaiah 49:8 is speaking of Jesus, also speaking of the sons of God (Ro. 8:19) who will appear in His image. In that Day they will be a covenant to the people to bring about the restoration of the earth and to release all the captives or prisoners. (Rom. 8:21, Isaiah 49:8)

The first time that the word fire was used in the Bible is in connection with Lot. (Gen. 19:24) All the fire is assigned to do is to destroy the evil and corruption that is a stench before the Lord.

The righteous, in this case Lot, is removed from the fire that consumes the city in which he lived. His wife was destroyed because she looked back. The woman was sanctified because of her husband, or spiritual head. The woman represents the flesh.

But the flesh even if delivered from corruption desires again the fleshpots just as the Israelites did when they left Egypt. The flesh will turn aside at every opportunity to preserve its nature.

It is this flesh, Lot‘s wife that will not be able to enter the Promised Land. For no flesh can inherit the kingdom – no carnal earthly desire or nature is fit for the kingdom of God.

The spirit of a man will return unto God. (Eccl. 3:21) The renewed mind/soul will enter in. (Rom. 12:2) But the corruption, that body will not inherit anything. It must be changed.


The fire of God is a consuming topic for it is all inclusive of Him. Who has known the fullness of God that we could exhaust the depths of His nature? So, it is folly to think that such few words on FIRE could conclusively close a subject.

But it has been our desire, and hope that these few words would be an encouragement to rejoice in tribulation that you might be counted worthy to bear His Image, as He is our pattern to follow. Fire isn’t a bad thing, but a positive force to remove all corruption from our nature so that only the man Christ Jesus will be revealed in us.

For too long we have looked through a glass darkly but now is the time and today is the day of fire for those who desire to see Him as He is, and only the ministry of the seraphim can help us remain in His presence. We may be of unclean lips, but He shall purify the sons of Levi. (Mal. 3:3)

The book of Revelation is a spiritual book and not one to be taken literally. The lake of fire is a purifying lake. It is truly the body of water, the body of Christ accepting into themselves, even as Christ accepted into Himself, all death on the cross. As Christ was the resurrection, He arose from the death that encompassed Him about and delivered all captivity captive. So, we, too, as the body of Christ can accept the fiery darts of the enemy into our being that we might turn their words of death into life. We shall allow the working of death in us that the life of Christ shall manifest unto them so that they shall come into His image also.

As we see people as saints and not sinners we begin the release of them from the bondage of corruption. For He saw you and I as a saint before we were, because He loved us. Let this body of water, this lake of fire, which we are as His ministers in this world, lick the Adamic nature, that earthly nature out of every vessel He has created.

Self-righteousness which is carnal goes out of its way to pro-claim its holiness. Religion is very good at that. But Christianity is truly different. It is. It reveals the life of God who is a consuming fire. He who is the fire in us and through us burns the corruption from a person who seeks Him. Come forth O Lord. Arise from our ashes that we corporately can reveal you as a purifying fire.









LAKE of FIRE – END of the AGE [Charles W. Weller]         1


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