MAY 13, 2006

Dear Beloved Maria Major,

Today, I am reminded how much you are loved.

To quote Tony denHartog, “The Lamb of God is the principle of non – resistance to all appearance.” I would like to state that this saying is one of the most quickening words I have ever read, and it says volumes to me.

Many years ago I was instructed to write only what was in my own heart, and so I rarely direct quote others or forward their messages, even though I know there are wonders to behold in the faithful writings of others. New books are constantly coming forth.

This is part of what I know about this above quote: First of all: The greatest Faith is to Trust, regardless. Be at peace because He is risen with all authority in His hand, and has already given us a new world.

In the eternity of The Presence of Our Love, Our Savior, it is given for us to have infinite peace in the Lamb, infinite childlike trust and all comfort. The joy of being swept away or raptured if you please, is to know all things are working for our best interest, and therefore there is nothing whatsoever, (as I was instructed for myself, ) for which to complain or find fault, or to make afraid . I am not to find fault with the government, not any man, not any appearance, or not any circumstance. We rise above all things, seeing only His Life, seeing everything under His feet. He has brought us to a new world. He has set for us a new city where there is only the Light of God, wherein He dwells with peace and joy and righteousness high and lifted up. We are here to behold the all new, to know Him as the all in all; to dwell bodily as quickened Spirit, We do not wait for a better world or work to change the appearance world of men’s creation, but to dwell in the law of the Spirit governed new world, seeing only Him; with single eye. To find fault, is to see two worlds; thus another god. Instead of The God of Life and harmony in Christ Jesus we see the god of sin (separation confusion and death.)

In this new world we find we are heirs of Himself; His faith, His Life, which is the only Life there is, in Truth,) His strength, His mind. We know ourselves as we are known of Him, eternal immortal Beings. The mystery of God is finished, and we are able to enjoy His Love without measure or limitation. There is no smell of vengeance, or waiting or hurt or failure or lack in Him. There is no curse of death in Him. We especially do not see any man facing death for our eyes see only Life Jesus. We look at the Now of Him with marvelous satisfaction, knowing that in His promised prepared place, all things of His Beautious Love are ours. We are not complacent, but very active in the wonders of it. It is our pleasure to receive His Full Measure of Eternity.

Having been delivered from the in-part, our death to the old man, He is risen, The New Creature with single vision.

Now, some will ask about humanity, and I will answer:

Within us is the ability to bring forth peace to men; the power of joy and awakening, as we are quickened to see all men in Jesus Christ, equal and joint heirs with us. We bring forth the peace of The Lamb to their dwelling places because the same free gift of Life has already been purchased for all men. It is not ours to give, but ours to acknowledge, as forerunners of the awakening. Therefore, we are anointed to acknowledge and receive them in Divine Love. On our journey of peace, If we be called to heal or restore, so be it.

Today, peace and life comes as The King. Joy rings in our Beings. The bonds of men are removed, and we find the freedom only found in The Spirit. We shall continuously dwell in Spirit, not turning to works or to digging up or fighting the old of earth. We discover we are Spirit Beings and not earth beings, not of the task masters or the task doers, but sent Ones unto Godliness. First, we have found The Kingdom. Now, we marvel at its expansion. Jesus is The Way, The Truth, and The Only Life.

Today, I think of you; caught away never to return. I see your eternal peace come forth like a great wind. There is no end to your increasing joy, dear Maria.

You are sealed and cherished. Melba and I send our sincere love.

LAMB of GOD [Jim-Melba Crofford] 5-13-06          1


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