September 21st, 1979, The first day of the new moon, the first day of the Hebrew New Year, beginning at sundown.  The day before the fall Equinox..  “A new cycle begins this day.”  The Lord spoke this to me this morning and He made me to know that fresh revelation would begin to pour forth.

There are three feasts:  Passover, Pentecost, and Tabernacles.  Three conscious experiences in Christ:  Salvation, Baptist of the Holy Spirit, and entering into, or conscious appropriation of Christ’s life within us.

Remember Passover, when we believed the sacrifice that He made for us and accepted Him as our Savior?  Some of us had the conscious experience of having our sins washed clean from us and our spirits were set free into Christ.  Some of us just grew into it from childhood and could accept it and receive it as a revelation unfolded simply in our hearts.  Most of us were active in churches for, somehow, it had been instilled in us that we would grow by active participation in the missionary society, the choir, teaching a Sunday School class, etc. We maintained our faithfulness to God by going to church when it rained and when we didn’t feel well.  Sometimes after a “revival”, we would renew our vows to God and walk down the aisle for a rededication to Christ.  We were sincere.  But we had no power to be steadfast in our promises to him.  It was a constant up-and-down experience.

Then we heard about Pentecost — the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.  People were excited in the new experience, which caused a new language to come forth from their mouths.  It was so amazing, that for a while, this was the focus of attention and we were told that this would be the power that we needed to “do the greater works, a more powerful witnessing”.  So, we ran after it because He had made us hunger after more than the up-and-down, cold and hot, worldly and rededicated experiences.  Many of us had to come out of the churches then because this was something that could not be reasoned out.

“The wise and prudent” ones reacted violently and greatly discouraged any move toward the deeper things of the Spirit.  But that didn’t put a damper on us.  We just “came out” and joined together and got excited and ran around without a great deal of wisdom, trying to “witness” to this fantastic thing that had happened to us.  The gifts began to operate and tongues without discretion commanded healing from the Lord, cast demons out of everything that manifested any flesh and fought the devil with everything we had.

Little did we then realize that the Baptism was a Baptism into His death — an anointing that was given to us to experience the cross and come to the end of ourselves.  We began to understand this Baptism of Fire.  For years we have been hanging on that cross — our hands nailed, unable to do much “works”.  Oh, He gave us enough to keep us encouraged, but not all those greater works that we thought would come.  Then, our feet were nailed and we soon learned that we were His prisoners and could not come and go as we pleased.  He was putting His controls on us.  Some of us, He forced by circumstances, into places of isolation where we could be fed only by His hand.  The crown of thorns bit and pierced our minds as we were made to see our rebellion against His will, His ways, and His love.

Our emotions were out of balance and we saw how shakable and undependable was our human love.  We wavered in our moods and spirit. How we tried to reason and struggle with our old natures, trying to bring them under submission and make then behave.  Then someone came along and stuck a spear in your side and the piercing was so painful and deep that your insides seemed to spill out. You could barely hold yourself together.  In most cases this was someone in your family, but others who have had ministries, have experienced it from those they were trying most to help.

Then, one day we heard His voice, “My hand is upon you.  Awake to LOVE!” [His nature.]  “How marvelous!” we thought.  “Now we’re going to start showing some of that beauty that He promised us.”  But instead, everything in us that was not His Love began coming to the surface.  We became impatient, unkind in our words and actions, easily provoked.  We let our minds wander back to the old hurts and nursed them a little.  We could not endure this cross another minute!  Nor could we bear the pressure that

He was putting upon us.  It seemed as though these inward pressures would cause us to explode — and sometimes we did, in anger and impatience.  We could not guard our words, or our emotions, but He kept us there until we despaired of ourselves, for there was no strength left to produce anything that was beautiful.

Many of us experienced physical illnesses, debilitating us to the point where we could hardly drag one foot forward.  All there was left was weakness, emptiness, ig;omess and total lack of strength or power within ourselves to appropriate.  The old man died, falling limp on the cross.  And He let us hang there for a day or two just to prove it to us.  No life left.  All we could do now was to whisper, “You’ll have to do the rest!”  With that profound confession, He walked up to us and said, ‘IT IS FINISHEDYou have lost your life; now I will give you MINE!’  He took us down from the cross and cradled us in His arms like a little baby and said, “Now that the old man is dead, simply lie here in My arms and appropriate My life, abiding, resting in My arms and you will bring forth much fruit!”  You can no longer expect anything from the old man because he is dead.  So, there will be no condemnation, no self-reflection, no more struggle.  I will carry you into this life experience.  You will watch My beauty blossom forth as you lie still, trusting Me.  You are a new Rosebud right now, so do not expect the perfect beauty of the fully opened rose at first.  You will begin to experience My taking possession of you and My working in you.  To will and to do My good pleasure will become as natural to you as breathing and the blinking of your eyes.  There will be a learning to walk in this abiding but grace will be given to you to do that and your faith will become unshakable.

Lord, I would not have known exactly when the old man died if you had not told me.”

“Why, child, the old man of law and self-effort has been dead all along.  He died with Me at My crucifixion.  I only had to bring you to the place where you realized it.  I had to bring you through all these cross experiences just so you could come to the full realization that he had nothing to appropriate and that there was nothing in him that could get you into the Kingdom of God!  I had to bring you to the place where you had nothing to offer me but an empty cup, so that I could fill it with My Life.

Now, I will set a table before you in the presence of your enemies.  I will anoint your head with the Seven Spirits of God.  Your Tabernacle will spill forth My Life, My Light, My Love.  Surely goodness and mercy will follow you everywhere you go, everywhere I send you — and you will dwell in the House of the Lord forever.” 

Now — the last Trump is sounding!  Everywhere there are those who are hearing, “It is finished!  Arise, shine; for thy Light is come and the glory of the Lord is rising upon thee!  Move forward, that My life may come to full flower and My beauty may be seen upon thee!”

There is joy in the morning, for we have endured the night.


















LAST TRUMP, THE [Ruth Tilley]          1


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