Life in the Spirit is bound to have one hallmark: the nature of God being reproduced in the personality handed over to Him.  Such a handing- over implies total immersion in the possession by the Spirit of Godto be conformed to His image.  God’s nature has one essential characteristic, that is, total self-giving.  He pours Himself out in an everlasting stream of blessing on all His creation.  He is “the eternal will to all goodness.”  He finds Himself in losing Himself.

Now if that same Spirit indwells me, He must of necessity turn me in the same direction.  The Spirit that took the Savior to Calvary for the world, and “drove” Him to offer Himself without spot to God, must drive me out of self-pleasing into self-giving, out of indulgence into sacrifice, out of security into service, out of care for myself into concern for others.

This “drive,” incidentally, is the glory of the Gospel.  It means that we do not tell the unwilling, the fearful, the self-pleasing, or the softwhich they cannot and do not want to do.  But we bid them only to frankly acknowledge all weakness and unwillingness, and to commit themselves to the control of God’s Spirit.  That is all.

They need not even be totally willing to do this.  But encourage them to do it anyway.  For if they do, a Person comes inan Almighty Person, the Third Person of the Trinity.  He is mightier than our wills.  His nature is the nature of God.  And if once we give Him honest possession, He sets to work to change us.  He melts down our opposition, changes our wills, and sets them on a new bearingto will the will of God and to love to will it, till it becomes a consuming passion within us, and we would die rather than disobey God. 

Taken from the Law of Faith.















LAW OF HARVEST, THE [Norman P. Grubb]          1


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