AUGUST 18, 2008

They came to get me; to point a finger and accuse me, but I wasn’t there.  They came to apprehend me, to put me behind bars, but even if they had, I would not have been there.  I would have been out on the street tending the poor and mending the sick.  They came to measure me and judge me, but I was on yonder hill, watching.  I had already discovered the layers of atonement and righteousness, and was indeed free.

They came with instructions and directions and edicts of what I should do, but I had already entered the new government.  I had entered the gate of Passover, and could not be found.  From here, I always send the fleece of the Lamb to them that they might come and see.  They will find this place also instead of being confounded, trying to administer sorrows and limitations.  “Olley Olley Out’s In Free” I say.

I was covered.  No law could find me. There I was chatting with Heaven, rejoicing and loving all people. There are plainly no pot holes in the King’s Highway that leads to yonder hill. There is no darkness at all and nothing whatsoever to be worked. If only men might see.

Hidden is good. AMEN? I know you have discovered this. We just walk on the plane of Glory, free men of God.  How much blessing is enough?  How much money is enough? Only Jesus come in the flesh is enough! Surely we have discovered Him. The promise of Heaven to come does not compare with He that is here now; Come Already.  He is a sweet bath in milk, the endless portion.  He is Lord of all substance. We bow and worship His Presence.

He is so vivid, that His Presence is our touch toward others. To speak of Him is not enough so now we let.

“I am your righteousness, and your blazing Presence. I am not sharing My Glory. I Am The Glory, and you are Mine bought and paid. ”

Parable from Jim-Melba Crofford with love,



LAW WORKERS [Jim-Melba Crofford] 8-18-09          1


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