Song of Solomon 7:1 “How beautiful are thy feet with shoes, Oh Prince’s daughter!

Among all the beautiful symbols that are conveying the unique and mysterious union that exists between the Spirit of God and mankind, nowhere is this reality more gloriously declared then in the wisdom of this writing the Song of Solomon. As we follow the progressive developing relationship between the King and the Shulamite, we experience in ourselves this very joining of Spirit and Soul. These words are not just telling a story, but are words of Life. They cause the consciousness of the living Spirit to rise into full and complete awareness setting us free to pursue our union with him till we have put on immortality (state of deathlessness). Before we can fully appreciate the above verse, a foundation upon which to build is needed.


This writing is called the Song of Songs. In scripture a song is a message. This is the message of messages from the King of Kings, proceeding out from the Holy of Holies. This is His message and invitation of Love to follow Him into the conception chamber of Spiritual realization. This is not history or philosophy or legend or fable. These are the revealed words of Spirit. They are conveyed to us in the language of Spirit and contain the elements of a salvation that St. Peter declared was ready and at hand to be revealed, displayed and fully manifesting. (I Peter 1:3-5)

While there are many mysteries pertaining to the Kingdom of God that we can explore, the unique relationship of the Spirit and Soul are especially relevant to the new experience of Christ that is now upon us. This new day and dimension of the Most Holy represents something everyone who is willing to believe may experience. It is an awakening and standing up of Christ within you that will ultimately swallow up the death of the body.

It also represents a new level of perceiving into the nature of God and His plan through Jesus Christ. The knowledge of the Most Holy, which is realized through union with the Holy Spirit, will enable you to see into the true nature of things and behold the true value of your redemption. The male and female characters of this story can be a parable of the Spirit and creation, or of Christ and the church, or even of our own spirit and soul. Both these elements are found in God who made His image male and female and called their name Adam. (Genesis 5:2) By the time we reach chapter seven a mighty transformation of identity and character has resulted in her as a result of her relationship and union with him She is now being described as a beautiful Prince’s daughter. Once she had been nothing but a woman of the desert wilderness, but now she has a new nature and royal identity that expresses itself in her WALK.

“How beautiful are thy FEET…” because she has walked through the places he called her through. How often I have heard someone preach the message of (Isaiah 52:7) of how beautiful are the feet upon the mountains. But how did those feet get there? They had to climb. So many people are unwilling to walk into new places in Christ. But for those who are willing, He is walking in them to cause their ascent into His own fullness. This walk is the journey of our own transition from natural, earthy, dying creatures into spiritual, heavenly, life-giving beings who cannot die.


A unique wisdom can be found in this symbol of our walk in connection with the plan of creation and its motion towards fullness and a new order, also concerning the individual path each of us are on. Then, there is a further truth to the unity of all things that exists in God itself.

First, it takes two feet to walk and how important both left and right are to maintaining graceful, purposeful motion and balance. I realized how much I counted on my left foot as much as my right to have motion and balance. My left side is exactly like my right side, only opposite, yet they work in harmony out of the one mind that I am. In the beginning God created the Heavens (right) and the earth (left), the upper realms and the lower realms, the upper waters and the lower waters. In the beginning He made His image male and female. Just as woman is exactly like man only opposite, so is earth made to reveal heaven, as heaven is made to reveal the earth. You can’t have one without the other. God is Spirit and invisible, but He purposed to reveal Himself in form and the two became one and are inseparable reality.

The great secret of all truth is that every person can know the unique and intimate communion of the living God within their own life through Christ Jesus. To be able to know Him is to be able to also know your own self completely. The mystery of Christ and the church is that the two become one. It takes two feet to walk and it takes two realities to reveal God, Heaven and earth, Spirit made flesh. Often the only side of our experience that is shown is the right hand side. It is the right hand side that is always associated with the glories of God’s power.

“Therefore being by the right hand of God exalted…” (Acts 2:33) “The right hand of the Lord is exalted: the right hand of the Lord doeth valiantly.” (Psalm 118:16) “…at thy right hand there are pleasures evermore.” (Psalm 16:11)

The right side is always revealing the upper realms; but there is a left side, which also reveals the lower worlds to us. When we are in a right-hand experience, everything is bringing light and knowledge; but the very next step you will take will be in your left side. And notice where the previous step is, it is behind you. It is this very process of walking that shows how the Spirit needs flesh to reveal itself through with balance and stability. We begin to see that even though my left side and right side are completely opposite and one is weaker than the other they absolutely count on each other to be able to walk. So it is true of the Kingdom of God.


We are in an hour when those who have realized their true nature, redeemed in Christ will be bringing light and knowledge of God into all the realms of His creation. King Solomon represents this new dimension of life we are now beginning to experience in ourselves. He was given more wisdom than any previous king before him. Of all the sons of David, Solomon alone was chosen to become the symbol for that perfect age of transformation that is now upon those who believe. As Solomon completed the temple his father David gave him to build, notice where he put the lavers for washings and the candlesticks that he made for the temple. “…made ten lavers, and put five on the right hand and five on the left for washing…made ten candlesticks of gold (divine) and placed them in the temple (your body) five on the right side and five on the left.”

(II Chronicles 4:6, 7) It is as we move beyond the veil into the Most Holy Place that all things start becoming one. This means that you have perceived into the kingdom far and deeply enough to behold the unity that exists inwardly beyond the outer forms of duality and confusion. The darkness that God created, which is called the lesser light, this is the left side, the lower realm of manifestation where the invisible (right) Spirit is revealed through the things, which are made. The state of that dark realm is the duality of: THE TREE OF KNOWLEDGE of Good and Evil, which is death for all.

This is the reason why the present system is vain. It is built around the idea of weighing one thing against the other. Everything is based on external values in order to show one greater than the other. In preparing the way of the Lord’s Spirit, every mountain shall be made low and every valley filled in order to make straight the path of the Lord. This is where His reality exists, where everything and nothing exist as one. “The Tree of Life” does not exist instead of the “Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil”, but alongside for those who are willing to come through the flaming sword (living word) and be brought into the Kingdom of God existing within. Here is the mind of Spirit: intelligent understanding is joined to revealed truth and the two become one and the wisdom of God’s way is made clear. All is one in Christ the Lord.


The first order of creation was appointed to be natural, soulish and dying, which is the state of left foot human consciousness. The life that was ordained was unto death. (Romans 7:10) But there is another step in the process of the right side, which is to be exalted and become glorious. The two have become one and in the union of Right and Left the death of the left side is being swallowed up of the right. Let me share this illustration of the order of creation through Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Each one is a major link to the manifestation of Jesus Christ. Spiritually, Abraham is a type of the Father in creation. He was as one dead when Isaac the son of promise was born to him. Hebrews 11:12 states that he was as one dead. This is the first order of creation subject to death. The first order of creation was God’s descent into matter and corruption. St. Paul declared that the creature was made subject to bondage and corruption not willingly, but by reason of him who has subjected the same creation to the hope of sonship. The first birth… dies. But there is hope of life in a promised son. God reveals that He will take up his life again in Isaac (type of Christ). But the first expression of Isaac is Jacob and Esau. Jacob is the process on earth that is being worked out in us till we have come to that change of nature and identity. The first step of God’s creation was in his left side in bringing forth a natural, soulish dying man. I Corinthians 15:20 states that in Adam all die. But the next step is the right side, which is in Christ Jesus bringing reconciliation and the completeness of the Spiritual plan being accomplished through man. In Christ all shall be made alive.


The left side of human consciousness in union with the right side of spiritual awareness is the motion of God’s plan bringing us to our experience of individual awakening, release, and salvation. The process of growth is realized not by avoiding steps, but taking them with the level of faith we have personally come to know. We no longer can be afraid of moving on because the nature of life is rooted in many different experiences. The previous realms were needed and accomplished their purposes in us, but we must come beyond all previous expression of His life to seek that new day and dimension of salvation ready to be revealed from heavenly (high) places in Christ. It is out of a dark background that God radiates His light. It is out of the place of death that He sows this seed of incorruptible life. From within His own nothingness He shows forth the substance of all things. In this same way He is the unity behind the excellent treasure that is one in the earth vessel. These two opposite realities-the Greater Light that rules the day and the Lesser Light that rules in darkness are the same two legs and feet of God’s image and likeness on the earth. Walking together and trusting each one’s movement to the mind that controls both as one and so is the Kingdom of God. There is a weakness in the first order of life. There is corruption mingled within bringing about degeneration. But it is this weakness that is our greatest power because His strength is made perfect in weakness.

(II Cor. 12:9) “Likewise…dwell (lie deeply) according to knowledge, giving honor to the wife as unto the weaker vessel, and as being heirs together of this life.”

(I Peter 3:7, 8) This is the Spirit’s own way of dwelling as us, giving honor unto our daily life knowing that we are the weaker vessel, yet completely identified in us as heirs together of this divine life that will enable us to escape the corruption that is in the world through desire and put on life, light, and immortality, the eternal quality of life manifesting in the flesh.

(Romans 2:6, 7; II Peter 1:3-5) “…by pureness, by knowledge, by long suffering, by kindness, by the Holy Ghost, by love unfeigned, by the word of truth, by the power of God, by the armor of righteousness on the right hand and on the left; by honor and dishonor; by evil report and good report: as deceivers and yet true…as dying, and behold, we live…as having nothing, and yet possessing all things.” (II Cor. 6:6-11)

LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT. Are you walking? “How beautiful are thy feet with shoes, O Prince’s daughter.





LEFT FOOT THEOLOGY [Peter Demetris]          1


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