OCTOBER 17, 2012

I told a true story recently about an epiphany of sorts that led to my writing a song and later a poem, both of which proved to be life changers for some of those with whom I shared them. If you recall the catalyst was something very good happening in my business at the time; which caused me to say, that “I didn’t deserve it” …then hearing the words, “you don’t deserve eternal life either, but you have it.” The foregoing is a backdrop and we’ll return to it in just a bit.

Language which should be a medium of communication is often a huge deterrent to it. I want to hit something on the head here, not as argument, because I’m not really interested in making a point in an intellectual tussle. A good friend, whom I love dearly, sent me an e-mail, just this morning, in which he said he agreed with what I was trying to say. His italics, not mine, but I’m feeling the need to drive a point home by putting those italics in BOLD.

The italics were to express that he obviously thought (at least that’s how I took it) I was missing something and asked me: “Have you asked the Father yet if this is so?” This about a point he was making with which I agreed and which he obviously felt was in juxtaposition to what I had written.

Here’s the deal: I get e-mail comments, as many as 100 of them some days and most of which express a heartfelt connection with what I happened to have said and then telling me how it affected their lives in driving them to pursue a deeper connection with our SPIRIT-PARENT or that my words were a confirmation to our ONENESS along with SPIRIT.

In other words the confirmation of that is, for those particular people, what I had received to write, I wrote and therefore, again, to those particular people, I hadn’t been “trying” to say anything – Spirit communicated with them through the words I was given and I can hardly take credit for anything except being a vessel through which the words “came.”

If I attempted to accommodate all the peculiarities of all the various belief systems reflected in the e-mail I receive I’d never write what I was given to write. I always also ask SPIRIT if and how I am to respond to each and every e-mail.

As I pointed out to my good friend, in response, I don’t always get it “right” and neither does he …the difference between us is that it obviously bothers him that I am receiving something different from the same SOURCE than he is receiving. That doesn’t bother me either. All of us are individuals and our SPIRIT-PARENT deals with each of us individually.

The pattern for my understanding of the foregoing paragraph is my own relationship to my own five kids. I make no attempt to interact with them equally or treat them equally. Some I’m closer to than others because it is a decision they have made. Just as I happen to believe that our SPIRIT-PARENT is always available …there is no communication if we don’t want it.

To my kids (sheesh, “kids” the oldest in her sixties) I’m available, I’ve tried to make that clear; and with some of the five it works and with some it doesn’t. I’m willing to take the responsibility for not communicating as well as perhaps I should, but the fact is, it takes willingness on both sides to have a relationship.

Back to the opening paragraph …some things of a “worldly” nature have been opening up to a few associates and me recently …you could say “prosperity,” of course that particular word could be one of those words that impedes communication. What now? (I’m asking Spirit) and getting “Let it Flow.”

Ah those words …my purpose in this life is tied up in one thing. A personal, intimate relationship with our (your and my) SPIRIT-PARENT; I have a tendency to resist “prosperity” from myriad vantage points – not because of any “poverty vows” …just from a whole lot of old subconscious tapes running in the background and the reason I believe so heartily in the Biblical entreaty “bringing every thought captive unto Christ.”

As I pursued what I was being shown for clarity, the referenced true story and epiphany came to my mind. “Eternal life” is not something any of us have earned – it is a gift. I am supposed to interject here that what I mean by “eternal life” is not that “place we go after death” but rather that LIFE which is ongoing this very moment and which is parallel to this physical plane and available to anyone who will pursue it. It is the arena in which our SPIRIT-PARENT has complete rule …call it “heaven” or the “kingdom of God” or, or, or and just as with the excitement I was feeling from getting some great news about my business all those years ago, “that I didn’t deserve,” and realized I didn’t deserve my connection with eternal life either …but I had it “…LET IT FLOW!

Some of you don’t like it when I quote something Jesus said, but I just have to interject these words that purportedly came through his mouth. Brad Cullen’s paraphrase: “Keep your focus on the realm of our SPIRIT-PARENT and all these things get added automatically.”

“All these things,” in context, have to do with material things including houses, clothing, food (the “necessities”) and the extraneous stuff of that which we don’t “need,” but are rather nice to have if they don’t become a distraction.

“LET IT FLOW.” What I’m being shown is that the SOURCE of all is exactly that and I can either spurn the gifts that are there for me, or I can freely take them …it is my choice. I can either let it flow or I can impede the flow.

I can express and feel gratitude to the SOURCE and by so doing remove the obstacles to receiving or I can hold onto my old “anti-prosperity gospel” tapes running in the background. I’m not supposed to get in an argument on either side of that equation, but I am, oh so grateful for the renewal of that wonderful awe of not deserving (because I haven’t “earned” it) opening of “prosperity,” but having it anyway …and that because I don’t deserve (have done nothing to earn) the close connection with our SPIRIT-PARENT either, but I have it.

I’m being instructed to share this in the midst of thinking maybe I’m writing too much, again:


If this has prompted you to say, “yes, but how do I let it flow?”

My answer is that is for you to find out DIRECTLY from our SPIRIT-PARENT to you, for you. I can share how I continually break into that realm, for me, if you want, but there is no one size that fits all method. Publisher Ryan Bruce and I are as closely tuned spiritually, as any two people can be, and while we have some similarities in approach, our SPIRIT-PARENT relates differently to each of us.














LET IT FLOW [Brad Cullen] 10-17-12         1


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