JUNE 22, 2008

God does not tell us everything He is doing, and He did not ask any man about the world wide electronic revival/awakening now beaming forth 3 hours nightly from Lakeland, Florida.

The evangelist only came for a normal short time meeting, but it is extended to over 80 days now as creation comes home.

Miracle after miracle is appearing all across the world, and certainly there is nothing for which to find fault.  It is at such a beautiful appearing that the whole can receive it.

What will happen next dear Father? Father is the plan and the fullness of that which is finished.  All things are possible because Jesus is risen and alive in mankind!

Even little children may see Him as He quickens Himself.  Humility is the order of the day.

Check www.toddbently.com

Our love is blossoming,



LET US CONFESS [Jim-Melba Crofford] 6-22-08          1


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