Dear Linda,

I just had to e-mail you and tell you what a blessing you have been to Bill and I. We have been receiving your e-mails periodically and they are such an encouragement. Every single reminder of who we really are establishing us deeper and deeper into the One. Also the testimonies on your website have been very encouraging.

No less the article we just received re: Adequacy. How he loves us thru You/Him. I had grabbed a booklet from your husband while he was at Lewis/Lue Gregory’s church here in Ga. called “It’s as Simple as This”  It is dog-eared now. It is revelation only, that’s for sure…

May I say a few words re: Adequacy? It spoke so precisely to me and greatly blessed me. Let me back up for just a second first and say… I grew up having never read the Bible or knowing why it was that Jesus was hanging on the cross. Although – as bizarre as it may sound… I was in church almost every day for 19 yrs. Never had i heard the gospel… ears shut, eyes closed the whole time. Yes, celebrating Christmas and Easter as well. Left it all at 20 and “Donna Quixote” went out to slay her own dragons which turned on her in the end to devour her. Then at the age of 32 He came and rescued me. Saved me from myself. He did. I saw Him for the first time…. and as you know How Wonderful!!

Back to Adequacy. The article is such an enormous blessing. Sums a lot up. I made copies. Bill did too. But may I just share this? He did bring a counselor “intercessor” into our lives because I knew zero. Flipping thru the Bible as to where to begin… here? there? where?… and a church on every corner! All the time thinking I am just not sure. So i stayed at home in my room day after day after day to keep myself from the world and sin and was on the verge of crazy… Only God Knows!… at that point. I had to see someone… and knew only three people. Only two however were willing. It was by the Lord’s leading that I was brought to Source Ministries in order for Jesus to tell me that He was My Source. I am so grateful for people who make themselves available for such as me. It is a tremendous investment of time and a true walk of faith for an intercessor.

I am My Beloved’s and His desire is toward Me. No longer needing the  intercessors who have gladly passed me on to do the same for others.  But oh how instrumental they were in guiding me into my “Total Truth” One. Thank you so much for letting me share this. We appreciate you.


Lynne and Bill Davis







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