JUNE 8, 2008

Ever since I was a young Christian, I have loved studying the scriptures.  For many years now, it has been my passion I suppose to just jump into a particular subject and just follow it all of the way through until I have dug out the treasure that I know is there.  Since the invention of the internet, I now have access to every Bible that has ever been written, as well as every type of resource and study aid, all at my fingertips.  All of the great writers of the past and present are now posted on the internet.  All a person has to do is to be careful they do not get bogged down with so much information that they go into the information overload mode.  There is not a subject or an opinion that has not been delved into and expressed, and it is all out there if one has a desire to look for it.

But there is nothing like that personal one on one instruction received from the Holy Spirit of Truth.  There have been many times that the Lord would wake me in the middle of the night or early in the morning with a thought, and that thought would lead to another, and before you know it, I would have been setting there feasting on His word for several hours.  I love receiving personal revelation knowledge, for all of a sudden I feel God’s personal presence, I feel purpose; I am energized and even giddy at times.  It is an awesome feeling to have a truth unveiled within my spirit.  I treasure those moments when I am basking in the sunshine of His glory being unveiled upon my heart.  I get excited, and it isn’t long before I am busy writing it down and wanting to share it with other folks.  But, over the years I have learned the hard way that other people do not get as excited about what I receive as I do, but I suppose that I do not do not get excited over theirs either.  Now that I am older, I understand that it is not that we don’t care about one another, nor even that we don’t want to hear, it is just not my revelation, and neither is mine theirs.  Nonetheless I have been guilty of allowing their lack of excitement or disappointment, lack of response, or even their out right rejection of what I shared with them, to hurt my feelings or to draw myself into my internal closet, or even question what I received, if you will.  I suppose we all hate rejection, but more than that, I hate feeling separated, alone or not being involved with other people, so it is almost impossible for me to remain silent about what I have going on within my heart.  When I receive something I get excited and I have to share it, or I might be in danger of exploding.  

I have discovered that very few people know my heart.  It is not that I am suggesting that they are hard hearted, mean or anything of the sort; because almost all of the people I fellowship with are precious to me and are believers in one way or another.  It is that they too are searching for that inner place, that sanctity of spirit, that communion with God on their own terms, and this is as it should be.  I cannot force them to accept my revelations, nor can I force them to believe what I believe.  The only true comfort that is to be found for any one of us is that personal communion with our heavenly Father, through His Holy Spirit, trusting that what we heard was from Him.  Before I can have confidence in it I have to believe that He is my source, and not only my source, but my increase as well.  Trying to define personal indwelling truth for another person is just not possible for me or anyone else.  The truth of God always brings new life and restoration with it, when it is received into the heart.  When I receive a revelation, it becomes mine; incorporated into my being if you will as a part of me.  I have found that all of the knowledge I possess, spiritual and natural, cannot replace that quiet time of intimacy, that time of receiving, with the Lord, that inner development and structuring of faith that only comes through the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit, knowing that He is with me personally and He loves and approves of me. 

It goes without saying that my first impulse, after receiving from the treasures from heaven, is to share it with others and I suppose in a way, an unconscious attempt to validate how good it is by the responses I receive in return.  That is not always good, for it can put you in a place of being dependent only upon positive responses to keep going.  I hate getting negative feedback from anyone, as I tend sometimes to accept it personally without intending to, as an affront toward my devotion to the Lord.  I cannot tell you how many times I have had my feelings hurt by well meaning individuals who had just as strong as a love for the Lord as I did, but just did not believe the way I did, nor see what I saw

There is nothing like sharing a thought with others or writing a personal article and pouring out your heart, or even ministering a word from the pulpit, and then have someone misinterpret you or the message, and take what you thought was positive and turn it into something that you never intended it to be.  I have learned over the years though, that this is unavoidable.  When this happens, and it has on several occasions, I have learned not to let it bother me as much.  I have not completely overcome in that area, but I am far better then I used to be.  I have not learned yet though, how to distance my heart from people’s rebukes or harsh words.  One of the things that I realized is that when you are sharing your experiences, past or present, people hear you from where they are; they do not necessarily hear you from where you are.  I am not talking about maturity level; I am talking about whatever is going on in their spirit at the moment is what they relate to what they are reading or hearing you say.  This is the way it is with all of us. 

An example of what I am talking about is Sheila and I have finally found our place with each other and with the Lord.  That is not saying that we have stopped wanting to grow more in Him, it is that we are content in our circumstances, and we are learning to enjoy the moment. We can truly say that we are happier now than we ever have been, with each other and with our hope for the future, our vision, our walk with God, our purpose and we are prospering in our health, mentally and definitely in our spirit.  In my excitement to share some of the feelings that we have went through in order to get here, I have looked back and put down on paper some of our personal experiences.  I felt the need to make my writings as personal as possible, for I believe that it is in sharing our heart, revealing what God is doing moment by moment reveals His intimacy and the power of His Love working within us and it testifies of His progressive presence in our life.  I, by sharing a heart felt experience, am always hopeful of ministering to another; first by showing that all of us go through times of challenges and second, that someone might identify with something I have said and are inspired and blessed by it.  And when I share my feelings I always receive responses from those I send them to, and I do look forward to them, but mixed in the positive responses is almost always someone who did not hear my heart, who felt the need to send corrective counsel or someone who has an axe to grind over what I have said.  But, when I receive them I try not to let it bother me, I settle the matter in my heart, resolve in my mind my goal and keep my eyes focused upon my heavenly Father and keep going.

The message that I always want to declare is that there are no hopeless situations, and even in the darkest of times, there is beauty to be found if we will look for it and something positive to grab a hold of that will give us the strength to rise up within and overcome the obstacle that might be before us.  He is, and always will be, the motivation, the purpose, the inspiration, and the desire of my heart, and I know He alone holds the keys to my salvation.  So if I have searched my heart and found it to be focused solely upon Him, what I write, what I minister, what I share with another, what work I perform, or whatever I do, I do it to give glory to His name; I do what I do and turn it over to the Lord and it is no longer mine, and it is entirely up to Him then to give the increase. 

I have learned that as we grow spiritually, as our understanding of who we are matures, when we express our thoughts, or do what we feel we are being led to do, there will always be the gainsayers and those who have nothing else to do with their time but point out our shortcomings and faults. There will always be those around us who misinterpret what they read or what we say and others who feel they have all the answers, who are quick to rebuke and tell you what you should be doing, but I have also learned that if I keep my confidence steadfast in the Lord, if I endure to the point I am reaching for, He will Himself testify of His purpose and will within me, and His Holy Spirit will validate who and what I am by the life it has produced within me.  Do you know that no one can take away what you know, change your purpose, alter your relationship with God, stop you from growing in Him, change His love for you, nor can they do anything else to you, unless you allow them to do so by accepting their negative thoughts and letting them sway you and separate you from your personal relationship to God and your own heart felt vision you hold before you.  We have all the power of God within us right now, to overcome and release us to walk in the heavens in whatever capacity or calling we feel tugging upon our heart.  No one can separate us from the love of God.   Nothing can stop us from achieving and growing in Him except unbelief.  All He requires of us is let go of the past, look into our hearts and let the spirit of forgiveness flow from us, turn around and go in the direction He is, believe, and to walk in all that which we know of Him.  Love flows; life flows like a river; one must be in the flow in order to receive the benefits of it.  

I know that I hunger for the truth and it is my passion to have intimate communion with my Lord.  I love being around people who love the Lord and I love to fellowship with people who are hungering and thirsting after the Lord.  I love a worship service where people are rejoicing and moving under the influence of the Holy Spirit.  I love to sit around a table and discuss scriptures or talk and fellowship all night if the opportunity avails itself in that way.  It is so awesome to watch a person receive their healing, or to watch a person who has been bound up for a long time, get released into the spirit.  I love to see someone weeping with joy, experiencing the power of Holy Spirit so strong that they do not have a clue to what is going on around them.  Oh what joy it is to be in a crowd of people who has let loose and has let God be God.  I am finding more and more, I am reaching for that permanent dwelling place, that intimacy, that place of resting in Him that goes beyond the head knowledge, how many scriptures I can quote, how many messages I have written or preached, how many people I tell about Jesus how long I spoke in tongues or even how many church services I attend.  I know there is a place of abiding in Him that goes beyond the outward appearances and struggles of the day to day Christian life, beyond words, that cannot come into being unless we have intimate knowledge and an awareness of who He is within us.  This resting place only comes about through a developed relationship through constant communion with the life that He is around us, within us and expressed out of us. 










































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