A soul-searching question you might ask yourself would be:  Do I really believe that JESUS CHRIST lived on this earth, went to a cruel cross as a sacrificial lamb in order to:

1.                  Forgive me of all my sins,

2.                  Liberate me from the curse of death,

3.                  Liberate me from the prison of the Law,

and became a life-giving spirit that He might:

  1.                Live within me [indwell my very physical being]
  2.                Live His life through me
  3.                Touch the lives of others – using my personality, my voice, my hands, my feet?

If your answer to that question is yes, then I ask you to consider yet another question.  If the same POWER that raised JESUS FROM THE DEAD now RESIDES WITHIN YOU… what makes you think you are ever going to have to die?

Didn’t the Bible tell us that DEATH is the RESULT of SIN?  Then the next question I would ask is:  “If my SIN is REMOVED by JESUS, why would I have to DIE?  Did Father create me to be an ETERNAL BEING or not?  Then why would DEATH have any POWER or AUTHORITY over me?

Oh, yes, it is true that the Bible did say “it is appointed unto man once to die and then the judgment… but have you ever really thought there just might be a deeper meaning hidden within that scripture?  Could it be that the death spoken here is not a physical departure from this earth?  Could it just possibly be referring to a death to all of your own fleshly desires – death to all that represents the “I” of you? 

Have you cried out to Christ to come into your heart?  Do you want His Will more than you want your own will?  Do you believe you can trust Him with your life?  Well, then – would you be willing to trust Him with your death, too?  Concerning that “appointed unto man…” JESUS KEPT THAT APPOINTMENT FOR YOU.  You died in Him on that cross.  He took that sting of death for you – so you wouldn’t have to experience it for yourself. 

The Bible also tells us that death is the last enemy of ours that must be defeated.  Well, I asked you… if it can be defeated – and it certainly appears Jesus did just that – as he came back to this earth after men thought they had killed Him – and appeared to many, spoke with many, gave instructions to his disciples, walked through walls, disappeared – at will, and then assured those that loved Him – “I will come again.” 

Many of us are well aware that He has, in fact, “come again” in us – indwelled our temples and is walking out His life through us… that our life today is simply being a vessel He inhabits and through which He Loves His Children.  He is a LIFE-GIVING SPIRIT! 

Did he really take the KEYS of DEATH and HELL?  Did He really defeat DEATH and HELL?  Well, if He, the author of “LIFE, AND THAT MORE ABUNDANTLY” now INDWELLS your mortal body… what makes you so sure that you are going to DIE?  Have those thoughts been planted in your mind by other folks still participating in a RELIGIOUS, RITUALISTIC form of worship?  Have the “hell fire and damnation” sermons you’ve been subjected to persuaded your thinking – to accept the ‘gospel of death… the gospel of hell?’  Is this what is meant when the warning is given to mankind… not to crucify Jesus over again?  Isn’t this kind of thinking really saying, “I don’t believe that Jesus’ death on that cross is enough to make death null and void for me, personally?”  Are you “believing a lie and being damned” [tormented] for that belief?

Two things from scripture immediately come to mind:  “Life and death are in the power of the tongue.”  And “As a man thinketh, so is he.”  So, what are you thinking?  It is those thoughts that you hold within your heart that come out of your mouth?  For, is it not true that… “out of the abundance of the heart… the mouth speaks.”

There are some great, scholarly teachings on our website that will give you all the necessary scripture references, word translations from the original languages in which the Bible was written.   I encourage any of you who are still walking in the FEAR of DEATH to do some further reading on this subject and give prayerful consideration to my words here. 






























































LIFE or DEATH – DO YOU DARE BELIEVE YOU WILL NEVER DIE? [Sunny Orly Coffman] 12-15-06          1


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