APRIL 7, 2007

Life Himself is seated in the Temple of your heart center and you are there at His right hand merged as One New Man. You know you are in the place Jesus prepared for you.

You are so made One in Life, that there may never be anything to separate you from Father, not struggle or confusion; not one thing in a system of mortality or immortal being. Nothing separates you from abundant life; the very Life of Father being in your heart and in your hand. Father’s Life does not require anything from you. It has come at His choosing, a free gift come in you from the Cross of Jesus, making you alive, fully alive in Him.

Pertaining to this new day: Heaven is here; all that is in Father is in you. The fullness of your livelihood comes in Him; not from what you may produce with your hands. Your livelihood is as manna from Heaven now within you, not something that is yet to come from toil and the beggarly elements. It is already appropriated even before you go to work. Heaven within and without is your free gift, anxiously awaiting you to hold out your cup.

You need not spend your days and your life devising formulas for success.

You have come into the treasures of Father; joint heir to all that He Is.

You dwell in His City of Love.

About your work: Your work is your privilege to serve others with love.

That’s all. It is your joy, not your livelihood, for your living is free like the birds, already provided in the prepared place. Work should be a pleasure.

Consequently, in the knowing this, you are at liberty to create out of your heart. This is the secret that brought greatness in the renaissance period. Men commenced to bring forth beauty never before known. You may now work with enthusiasm, precision and care, knowing remuneration is not your purpose. Money brings limitation in quality.

In this prepared place, linked up with Father’s Heart, you are His joy

You walk in the peace, joy, and harmony of His Will; ear attuned to perfection.




LIFE WITHIN YOUR OWN HEART [Jim-Melba Crofford] 4-7-07          1


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