The Word of reconciliation is not a message but rather a lifestyle.  The throne of God is being established here among us in mercy, and only the truly merciful shall reign with Him. I wish I could say with assurance that all who have come thus far will go the rest of the way and enter into the glory prepared for us from the foundation of the world, but I have no such assurance. Rather I fear that some have already turned aside, having loved too dearly the things that belong to this present age. Our hearts are deceitful and desperately wicked. It is far too easy to put on a false front, refuse to call a spade a spade and face up to things as they really are. Be it far from me to be the instigator of a system of do’s and do not’s. Doing this and refusing to do that will not commend us to God in any way. Nevertheless, only a fool would deny that those who have begun to feel the touch of the celestial realm find nothing but repugnance and disgust in the trivial nonsense and humbug that belongs to this age and its fleshly desires. How can one whose soul has basked in the sunlight of the celestial world and whose feet have wandered in the fields of God enjoy for even a moment the corrupt products of the most carnal minds on earth? I do not believe it can be done. There is something wrong somewhere. An hour of feeding on the husks of the carnal mind causes the soul to be drained of spiritual life. The face of Christ grows strangely dim and prayer loses its power.

I am thankful that God is not counting on our performance and work to enter therein. I am grateful that ALL is based upon and dependent upon the finished work of Christ Jesus. The way that I have observed things is that if your salvation had anything to do with you at all, you would be lost. The sons of God who are being prepared to reign in the kingdom with Christ are not just ordinary Christians with ordinary experiences. There has been a great fault among Christian people of all ages. They have always been prone to try to make the Word of God fit the measure of experience they had instead of making their experience fit the demands of the Word of God. They have claimed to be filled with the Spirit of God when all they had was a tiny earnest of the inheritance. They have insisted that they were Born Again, though to this day they have not been able to see or understand the Kingdom of Heaven, and though we are plainly told that `that which is born of God cannot sin, for His seed remaineth in him and he cannot sin because he is born of God,’ (1 Jo. 3:9 & 5:18) still we go on sinning and insisting that we are born of God. Ask any  denomination and they will all have their own explanation of the new birth, or what it means to walk in the Spirit, or what it means to be in Christ, or what it means to be a son of God, but they all, every one, fall far short of the glorious experience the word of God actually describes. All this confusion of ideas and doctrines of men was permitted by the Lord for the age which we have just passed through, but we are about to see something new, even the age of the kingdom of God, and we must prepare ourselves for that.

What are we preparing ourselves for? We are to prepare our hearts and mind for the complete restoration, redemption, and reconciliation of all things. It is written…”ALL the ends (which includes the beginning – Isaiah 40:28) of the world shall remember and turn to the Lord; and all the kindreds of the nations (including all peopleDaniel 7:14; even all the families of the earth Genesis 12:3) shall worship before thee.

Each Sunday in church I see people confessing their Christianity yet struggling in their walk. If Christ appeared today there would be a great cry from the church “My God, My God why have you forsaken me!”

This cry would go out because people have not established a true relationship with the Father. Without a change of nature, a change of character a change of heart a person is not in Christ Jesus.

There is coming a great change to all things as we now know it. If a change has not yet occurred in your heart to where you are living each day to please the Father without effort on your part then you are not where God wants you to be. The Call has gone out unto the ends of the world “for today is the day of salvation so enter into God’s Rest.”

Only in God, the Father by Christ Jesus through the Holy Spirit will you ever know peace. If you are not living in a place where your heart is at ease and your full confidence is in the Lord I would encourage you to start hearing the voice of the Lord now.

May the Lord bless this word to all who have ears to hear, eyes to see, and the faith and determination to WALK IT OUT! The Lord’s faithful elect will “strive to enter by the narrow door” into a greater fullness of the Kingdom of God – into abundant life. In Christ Jesus,

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