NOVEMBER 19, 2003

For a long time God has been working a revelation in me, expanding my understanding of Faith and how He is presently creating His Kingdom of Light through us by Faith. His first creative word in Genesis, “Let there be light” is the Alpha, the beginning, the “outer light,” as of the sun. However His Word never stops creating Light on deeper and deeper levels. Four thousand years later He sent His Light Being in the person of His Son, our “inner Son Light”.  Now, (still creating Light in higher form) He has a Body of Christ Light, the Rev. City of Light covering the entire globe. This is His Bride in Light, Is. 60: 1 and Rev. 21.

How does all this Light tie in with Faith? Isaiah 46:10 is another way to describe His Faith in regard to Light. The very beginning of our Bible in Gen. and the very end of Rev. are ONE in Christ. “Faith is the substance (Light) of things hoped for, the evidence (Light) of things not seen.”  What I am getting at is: God is always seeing and declaring the “end result” of His creation “outside of time!” To Him “all things are ONE!” He is teaching us to exercise the Faith of Christ in this same way in living our daily life. We live by Faith all the time but don’t recognize what is going on within us.

For instance, if I want to go from here to San Francisco, first I’ll declare the trip to someone, then pinpoint the city on a map and see the golden gate bridge over the bay in my mind’s eye. In other words I’ll make the whole trip in my imagination before I actually start. I’ll “see the end from the beginning” and that’s Faith! Without that I couldn’t make the trip!

















LIGHT – THE SUBSTANCE, EVIDENCE OF FAITH [Marvin Cope] 11-19-03        1


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