LETTER - 1988-A


The more time I spend in the "secret place," the more weary I become of church doctrine and religious forms. At the most these things have divided us and made us followers of men, rather than of God. While people sit in their "lovely buildings" singing hymns and listening to their favorite sermons, they are totally unaware of the "place by him," where the heavens are opened to those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. Things too glorious and holy to speak of are revealed to hungry hearts that follow the Lamb. 


I do not wish to offend, but to bear witness ... yet what is one small voice in a world filled with religious powers? One moment spent in His presence will teach us more than a lifetime of religion! If I have any regrets, it's that I have not served Him more and myself less. 


I do not believe that THE CHURCH, which is the Body of Christ ever needed to be restored … simply because it never had fallen away. The Body of Christ in A STATE OF APOSTASY? Even the thought is an abomination! The truth is there was a falling away FROM, but not OF, the church. That which man declared to be THE CHURCH fell away into decay. Man had made it, man had wasted it and poor earth bound man had to restore it. The true saints looked on with heavy hearts as their brethren danced around their golden images. 


Steeple-houses are nothing more than sad testimonials of our divisions and ignorance. They that worship in them do error, for they know not what or whom they worship. Christ will not be found there, for He dwells not in temples built with hands, but in LIVING TEMPLES. All the sweet thoughts and lovely words that are spoken in these human shrines will only lead us deeper into the bondage of human notions. Though they have the appearance of the real, at best they are but man's vain imaginations. Their own vain religion has caused their blindness. 


There is a singing beyond that of hymns, a fellowship beyond crowds, and assembling beyond buildings. There is a place beyond the "sacred page," a communion beyond the bread and wine and truths that exceed tradition. There is a way that SEEMETH RIGHT to man; it ends in death. There is a way that IS RIGHT for man that ends in life. There is a realm beyond that of time, where we dwell under the shadow of the Almighty. It is as we let the OLD WAYS go that He makes ALL THINGS NEW. 


Within this new realm the keeping of sabbaths, holy days, new moons, feasts, assemblies, and even the solemn meeting, are done away. Doctrines of baptisms, laying on of hands, repentance from dead works ... even the resurrection and judgment... are set aside. Prophecy has failed; tongues have ceased; seeing through a glass dimly is no more. Now eye HATH seen, ear HATH heard, and the heart KNOWS what God hath prepared for them that love Him, for within the eternal realm, "THE BODY IS OF CHRIST". The two little words, IS OF, are filled with ages of truth! 





LITTLE LETTER [Carl R. Schwing] Feb. 1988          1

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