LETTER - 1992-E


All over the world, people in and out of the systems of the world and religion have been sensing the dawning of a new age. The hopes and dreams of the "Perfect Day" have often whispered peace to a troubled soul, a lonely saint, or a forsaken son. 


Down through the ages there have always been the "few" who could not, and would not, find contentment in the "accepted ways" ... often ... unto death. There had to be more than laws, covenants, doctrines, and traditions. The reality of the "higher ways and higher thoughts" was always their quest. 


There are those today who would resurrect the old laws and practices ... they would bind them to the backs of an already helpless mankind. I imagine, should time tarry, that there will always be those who look back and believe the "old" is better. 


When our Elder Brother walked this earth, He taught us that He was greater than the Sabbath ... He "Was Lord of the Sabbath. He proved to an "unclean" woman that love exceeded the law. He taught of "being free" ... of being "born anew" ... of "spirit worship" ... of a "baptism of fire," and of all the "sheep" being saved. He hated sin, yet always lifted up the sinner ... He knew… for He had tasted the bitter temptations of sin. 


The law was of no effect even in His day ... as "priest" made profit, and the poor, the sick, and the homeless went unnoticed. He found more faith in a Roman than He found in all of Israel. When He entered "Paradise" He brought a "thief" with Him ... for He "remembered" who the thief was ... in another time and in another place. 


He loved little children, secluded mountain spots, flowers and sparrows. He always did the things that pleased the Father. He spoke of heavenly things and had no interest in worldly things. He said, harlots and publicans would enter the kingdom before the religious ... that it would be more tolerable for Sodom and Gomorrah, than for the people that rejected His own. 


He healed the sick ... He raised the dead. With a "few" He fed the multitudes. He gave hope, peace, and eternal life ... and never took up an offering or received tithes. 


Early one morning, while God's people slept ... just as the sun was rising upon a new day ... as the stars of the morning were singing their song of praise ... and as an angel sat within an "open tomb": He stood in the glory and power of the Great I Am; and beginning at Moses and all the prophets, He expounded unto them in all scripture the things concerning himself. 


And now, my brothers, in the dawn of this New Age, He is manifesting in us all things concerning himself. He that sits upon the throne is making all things new. Old wine, stale manna, and past glories belong to them who prefer the past ... the future belongs to the free. 


There is not one on earth worth traveling to see ... there is not a voice worth hearing, or a book worth reading ... in the light of the glory that shines from the eyes of our Beloved. Transformation cannot come from any other source ... He alone is Total Redemption. It is to Him we look as sons ... it is in Him we live as sons  it is by Him that we shall reign as sons. Turn your eyes from all else leaving the things of the past for the "foolish virgins" ... go out to meet your Beloved ... forgetting all else, forsaking all else, and bidding farewell to all others. 


It is time to love only Him with the pure love of God that He has placed within us. By His love shall all creation be loved ... from His love shall all truth proceed, and by His love shall all things be made new. All else may fail ... His love never fails ... for He is love. Hallelujah! 


There is no greater wisdom than the words of Jesus. There is no greater revelation of the Father's Kingdom than the life and teachings of Jesus. His law of love for the Father and for all mankind, far exceeds the law of the past. His, was the most supreme sacrifice ever made. It was by His Blood that a new and living covenant was given to all who believed upon Him ... or would believe upon Him at their appointed time. 


But God (Hallelujah!) has saved the "best wine" for last. The Manifestation of God's Christ Sons will be the greatest event man has ever known. No longer to "hear of" ... to "hope for" ... to "moan for" ... but to see and touch and receive. To be delivered from the thralldom of decay ... to partake of the Life of Redemption, and to dwell in the peace of His presence is the gift of the Sons to the creation. 

I write to the free ... for they are being made ready for the new ... 



February 17, 1992



I realize so great a detachment from all things, that there remains in me only a triumphant, dominant love, which acknowledges no master but Love. It is my experience, that the closer the union of the soul with God, the more it is separated from all dependence on the creature. I find also, that the secret operation of divine love upon the soul, cannot be expressed. These operations do not consist in consolations, in the ordinary way, but in the discovery of mysterious truths; truths, which give so profound a knowledge of God, that the soul can find no language to give expression to these views. 


O divine love! how great are thy wonders, how marvelous thy operations on human hearts! My soul is lost in the depths of thy secret wonders! Silence, silence ... only silence. 


I can no longer listen to any other teachings, than this divine Word of eternal Truth, which is spoken in the depths of my heart. 


Jeanne Guyon 























LITTLE LETTER [Carl R. Schwing] 2-17-92               2

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