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There is the sound of freedom in the wind. It moves silently over the earth, heard by just a "few" ... yet longed for by all. Freedom has no walls ... then are no methods or policies that can establish freedom. Even the freedom for which men fight is but a form of bondage to their preferred system. 


Freedom of religion has been one of the most detrimental practices known to man; as a result we have a world filled with people worshipping God, or gods, whichever way they choose ... while there are just a "few," who worship Him in Spirit and in truth ... for such, the Father seeks. 


The freedom I hear in the wind, the freedom the entire creation is crying out for, and the freedom that is promised to the creation; is the freedom from the flesh, the world, religion, the curse ... and loud and clear is the message of freedom for the spirit. 


The moaning of the creation has reached the door of the Father's House; all of heaven is moved by the sound thereof. We too, moan within our spirits for the hour when the freedom of the Sons of God shall revive and nourish all things ... when the Word, the Wind and the Sons shall breathe the breath of resurrection life upon all the Father has made; thus, bringing to pass the "promise" that all of the prophets, patriarchs and saints have waited for. 


Oh, happy hour when all the ways of the past are taken and buried in the graveyard of religious notions; never again to rise and divide brother against brother ... never again to fill the house of hell with the fearful souls of blind sinners ... never again to live off the blood of the saints ... and gone forever will be the wedge of gold. Hallelujah! 


The flesh is yielding to the spirit ... little by little, often unnoticed, the power of our inner son takes over the rule. We are more weary of the flesh ... ah, but more quickened by the Spirit. The image of the carnal is fading in the light of the image of the eternal. Even the darkness is becoming light to us. Freedom is written upon the heart of our inner son. 


As sons, a great charge has been given to us: since we are to set the creation free from the thralldom of decay ... it is expedient that even now we lift up the lost ... those who are bound by the abominable devil of self, victims of their own flesh, and indifferent to the saving grace of the Lamb's Blood. Did not the Father, in His great mercy and understanding, lift us out of the "swine pen" and clothe us with His love and pardon? Yes, my brothers, even those that have been "turned over" or "given up to" shall know of the goodness of the Lord, in that Day of Restitution. 


His anger is not forever, nor shall the curse forever be ... only His mercy endures forever. Let us, even as our Elder Brother, bear the sins of the world, suffering the pains of redemption ... as our spirits whisper; "Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do" ... until the day we break the darkness, brake the bars, and break their chains. Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess ... as the songs of deliverance, victory, and freedom are heard by all that dwell in the heavenlies. Blessed be the name of the Lord! 


We too, long for total freedom from the "weights" of the flesh ... we have our consolation in the pre-dawn knowledge of His purposes for "US" ... and in our pre-existent life in His presence. Therefore, let us willingly bear the shame, that we might deliver to all, the gift of the Great Salvation through God's Christ. 


O Father, our flesh is no different than theirs, strange little creatures that we are. The carnal mind is but a cesspool in all of Adam's Race. It is only by thy great wisdom, love and compassion that we walk the path leading to the freedom of the Sons of God. We did not choose thee ... Thou hath chosen us! 


So great is the struggling of the world systems. So great the tribulation of the nations. So unwise are they that keep their eyes on the "happenings" ... only the blind would need more signs of the end times. There are those dear souls who believe that the news media should be the center of our attention ... that we might see the "signs of the times" and witness the fulfilling of old prophecies ... and I guess that is rightly so, if that is where your heart and your mind is. One moment spent in the Father's presence, shuts the door upon the world and opens the door to the Eternal City ... FREEDOM is written upon the gates of that city. Hallelujah! 


Freedom FROM religion is a very glorious thing. It allows our inner son to enter into the knowledge of the Holy One ... it opens the eyes, the ears, and the heart ... it purifies every "foul and unclean" working of the old order ... it causes "US" to mount up as EAGLES to soar to the realm beyond the clouds of doctrines, creeds, covenants and laws. Freedom is the "door" to the Father's House; and it is there our inner son is at home. 


Freedom from the "curse" is the promise to all mankind and to all creation. When the dark mist of Adam's day is lifted, and the Light of the Rising Sons shine upon all creation, a restoration of unknown magnitude shall take place. A restoration which far exceeds the glory of Eden ... for there is always an increase with the Father's work. All the words of the past fall short of the glory which is to be revealed, and the restoration that is to be lcn01m by all. Such a holy hour ... when all things are made new in God's Christ ...


Freedom of the spirit ... here, my beloved, we walk into the fire of our Father's Supreme Being. This is the place "in Him" from which all things evolved. This is the depth in which the sons lose themselves and "rise again" in the profound nature of the Father. This is the greater baptism ... the greater communion ... the better resurrection. This, is the House of the Living God. Hallelujah! 





March 8, 1992
























LITTLE LETTER [Carl R. Schwing] 3-8-92                2

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