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The path that lies ahead is for the free. It leads into the newness of the morning. Fresh as the dew upon the rose is the truth that gently falls upon our spirits. Nothing of yesterday will satisfy the sun has set upon that glory. Yesterday, the Sower sowed His seeds today, the unfading lilies appear and are gathered by the Spirit, forever to dwell in the House of the Father. 


Today is forever ... when we walk in the freedom of the Spirit. All that we see is new, living, and eternal ... and that is what we are becoming. There is no night to the Sons of the Morning ... all is light ... for God is all. Only spirit can enter in ... only spirit can see beyond the veil ... only spirit can stand in the Holy Place. 


Even now the Living Testament is being opened ... the words are pure ... free from the manipulation of natural men. It is the complete record of the Father and of His Sons. It contains the genealogy of God's Christ. It contains the Everlasting Covenant made by the Father and given to His sons. It is the account of all that took place eons ago in His Holy Courts ... all that ever will be, is written therein. It contains all the secrets of His Storehouse. 


It is through the Seed of God's Christ that the Jerusalem Bride shall bear her increase. It is only by the Seed of God's Christ that the Kingdom shall be expanded ... it is His Seed, alone, that shall have dominion over the ages. All that the Old and New Testaments spoke of ... shall be fulfilled by the Seed of God's Christ ... those holy sons, born of the virgin Christ. Blood of His blood ... spirit of His spirit ... mind of His mind ... are the birthmarks of His dear sons. 


The mysteries of God lie deep within His written word ... hidden, as it were, from the prying eyes of self-gaining men. The revelation of the mysteries of God is given to the sons to re-establish their knowledge of the "higher ways" ... to place them once again in the House of the Father ... to restore their place by Him. The manifestation of the mysteries of God come only by the Living Word ... God 's own Christ. It is useless to look unto another. .. only "thieves and robbers" would try to "enter in" any other way. 


When I speak of "mysteries" I refer to all things as they are seen and known by the Uncreated One. There were no mysteries in our "pre-dawn" abode. Hallelujah! We shared all things in common, with each other and with our Father. 


The "body of sons" was the House of the Living God! 


He who had no beginning, became the beginning. He who was ageless, became an age. He who has no end, became the end. Now, He stands as the Dawn of a New Age. He who and is ... is now among His mm. Once again the sons are becoming the House of the Living God. He is dwelling in us, walking in us, talking in us ... for this very purpose we were born ages ago from His only begotten Son. We stand with Him in Spirit and behold the vastness of His Kingdom ... the Kingdom the earth has known so little of ... the Kingdom that shall, for a short time, rule the earth; until that awesome day when the Kingdom shall fill the universe, and the Sons of God shall be given dominion. Worthy is the Lamb to open the seals thereof. 


One cannot fully put into words that which his spirit is feeling, seeing or knowing. How could one describe the "becoming process" ... or the dissolving of the fleshly appetites ... or of the spirit ruling. Is it possible to describe God ... or explain the creation of an angel ... or the birth of a son? Is it possible for the corruptible seed of man to bear the incorruptible Body of Christ? Is there a nation of earth that could rule over the Kingdom? Can we bind God between the covers of a book ... or limit Him to a promise ... or order His ways? 


The Spirit of Wisdom is being given to us. We are yielding to Him, who is above all. There is no authority but His ... no power but of His Christ, and no truth apart from His Spirit. 


So lovely is the time we spend in union with the Father. How sacred is each moment we spend in His bosom. How purifying is each thought we receive from His mind. So holy is the peace and rest when the "past" is no more. 


We are the Sons of God ... born of His Christ ... died when we entered Adam's world ... but "born again" by the incorruptible seed that dwelled within us. Life or death mean little to us ... for Eternal Life is the heart of the Father and the birthright of every son ... in the knowledge of this, is our freedom. Hallelujah!



March 18, 1992 


It is not so much "seeing Him" ... it is knowing that He is. It is knowing that the fires of baptism are burning within us, purifying us of all our misconceptions and preset notions of His ways and truths. 


Joy and peace is much more than a feeling ... it is the Deeper Sabbath anointing our spirits with the oil of rest. 


Love, in this world, is but the sentimental expressing of the emotions ... but the love that passes understanding is the expression of the Father, born within every son. Love that takes on life form is from above, and that love is the promise of life to all creation. Love will be a visible expression when the Sons of God stand upon Zion. 


Freedom is the flame that illuminates the path which leads to the Father's Eternal Kingdom. Only the free can see, hear, and know ... for freedom is the key of knowledge. Now the door opens ... that we might behold the wonders of the Everlasting Gospel. Hallelujah! 
























LITTLE LETTER [Carl R. Schwing] 3-18-92               2

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