LETTER - 1992-H


Being risen with Christ ... having all binding forces of the old order "rolled away" ... we seek those things which are above, where our lovely Christ sits at the right hand of the Father. 


Tremendous workings are taking place in the heavenly realms ... when we behold these things our affection will become lost in the wonder of it all ... and we will find ourselves hidden with Christ in God. Events that man is completely unaware of are in the process of transpiring. The cry of the Spirit is to come up hither ... that He might take the things of the Everlasting Gospel and show them to us; they have been reserved for the sons upon whom the end would come. 


So vain are the natural thoughts of men… do they really think that "God is dead?" So vain are the religious… do they really believe that God is stagnant? How long will they argue over old truth, old laws and old customs? Far beyond the progress of man is the progression of our Father. All that pertains to the Father, to His Kingdom, and to the Everlasting Gospel is forever increasing. Can we limit Him and His endless purposes to the earth, to a people, or to the universe? 


Shall a man rob God ... in failing to see Him as He is ... in failing to know Him as the Great I Am ... in not accepting Him as the Supreme Source of all truth? In the old order we gave of our time, our money, and our service ... yet we robbed Him of our spirit, mind and body. We gave to appease our conscience ... we failed to give our all. And still there are those among us robbing Him by clinging to the voices of the past ... even the truth of yesterday is old ... today is forever ... to them that walk in the freedom of His Spirit. 


"Get thee up unto the high places ... for that which concerns the Father ... concerns thee." 


It is in the "high places" that the ways of the Father come into full view. It is in the "high places" that they who once spoke ... must now listen ... they who once taught, must learn; and they who once led, must follow ... in order that we all might be made perfect together. It is in the "high places" that we see every promise, every covenant, and every law fulfilled in and by Christ Jesus. It is in the "high places" I’ve see no ruling seed but His, and know of no other kingdom but of God's Christ. 


We know the voice of our Beloved ... for He bids us onward, upward and into. All that He speaks is new manna, deeper knowledge, and transforming truth. 


There is no other way to bring the whole creation unto the Father ... but by lifting up His Christ. 


There is no word of man that can change the course of time ... only the silent word, spoken by the Father to His yearning sons, can advance the Kingdom and bring the unseen realm into view. 


Great is the mystery of our God ... slowly and carefully He unveils Himself to us ... weak creatures that we are. The least glimpse of Him is like a piercing sword that cuts deep into the recesses of our spirit ... cutting away the power of the flesh, removing the limitation of our natural understanding, and setting us free from the bondage of religious thinking. That which appears to minister death, is giving life to our inner son. 

My brothers, seek the things which are above, where Christ sits at the right hand of the Father ... for those things are rightfully yours. There is a higher order for the sons ... the Father is preparing them for their greater works, their fuller gospel, and their complete redemption. 


What a hour of unmatched glory when the sons form God's Christ, and sit with their Elder Brother in His Father's throne ... as they fill every vessel in the Father's House, and quicken all things the Father has made. The song of the angels and the praise of the saints shall be as a whisper ... when the sound of the sons is heard as they exalt and glorify their Everlasting Father. The fire of His greatness shall burn within their bosom ... His love and mercy shall be their message to all ... and the liberty of the Sons of God shall be the joy of all creation. Even now this "transition" is taking place in heaven and on earth ... in secret to most ... yet known to the sons. 


Out of the darkness of the world, the corruption of the nations, the bondage of the flesh, and the ignorance of religion ... rises One like unto the Son of Man. From the four corners of heaven and earth they gather ... apart, alone, unknown. Two realms are being joined in one ... many members becoming One in Him. In His presence, their presence is more real ... in His presence, their "becoming" is greater ... in His presence is their freedom. Hallelujah! 


To put on the "new"" all that is old must be removed. To see the "fullness" all that we knew in part must be forgotten. All that led us to this point must be abandoned ... all that lies before us is eternal. No more shadows and types ... just reality. Even the "sacred page" is as a fading candle in the light of the brilliance of God's Christ. 


How nothing, is everything, when He is all. 


Can it be thought wrong to look, only, unto Him? Is it heresy to insist that we live by every word that proceeds from the mind of our great Father? Is it forbidden to look upon things unseen? Is it unpardonable to reach out and touch the Eternal; and to lay claim to those things which are above? There is nothing and no one that can hinder the spirit of one that has found freedom in the Spirit of the Living God. There is no law, covenant, creed or tradition that can bind the soul that walks with God. Even death, hell, and the grave are no threat to one who lives by the power of the Resurrected One. 


Let the mocking crowd shake their heads and their fingers ... let the doubting look to the antiquity of the past ... let the bound cling to the security of their "prison house": they who live in shadows ... see so little. 


And now, least the day pass us by, let us, who were the morning stars in the long ago, sing once again the songs of freedom ... let us who are the Sons of God, shout loud and clear the message of freedom ... let us who are to form God's Christ, administer hope and truth to all creation. 



April 1, 1992
















LITTLE LETTER [Carl R. Schwing] 4-1-92                2

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