LETTER - 1992-I 


The Sons of the Kingdom, like the appearance of many sons, are rising upon the darkness of the age. The first order of the Kingdom Reign is being established in silence within the sons ... unknown sons, with just a few loaves and fishes ... to feed the starving multitudes. without the fanfare of trumpets and cymbals ... without the least recognition ... they come, from both realms, to administer the Gospel of the Kingdom; first to one another ... then to the creator. We can see and read of the jolting caused by their appearance. The world is in a great turbulence ... and for reasons unknown to the world, strange, yet wonderful, events are taking place. 


The rule of man is facing its final hours. Soon the earth will no longer suffer the scars of man's selfish rule. Soon shall they that dwell within their steepled tombs come forth to meet with us outside the camp. Soon shall they that rest in beds of earth hear the voice of God's Christ and be quickened. All the many members shall stand in the beauty and the strength of the Great I Am ... oneness shall flow from the Head to the feet ...


Many things are being spoken and written today ... some are hard sayings ... some defy all logic, reason, teaching and orthodoxy. Shall we accept them, or reject them? Nay, let us present them to our Father... let us plant them in the rich soil of our hearts; and should they grow and bear an increase ... let us then feast upon their glory. In the presence of the Father's light they will either grow or die. But, in all things we must not trust in the arm of flesh. Flesh and blood cannot inherit ... enter in ... or be part of; only the Sons of the Free One shall come into the inheritance. Hallelujah! 


The word that is coming forth in the dawning of this glorious day is fresh, new, alive and eternal. It lays to rest the teaching of the past ... it opens the door to all we have waited for. It may seem, perhaps, that things are not coming to pass exactly the way we were taught or hoped they would ... but, beloved, the plan belongs to our Father ... how it is brought to be is entirely up to Him. 


As the stubborn will is broken ... and the spirit yields to the Spirit of truth, the Light of God will uncover all things and the reality thereof shall be made known. It may hurt our religious pride and our earthly education ... it may lay us in the mud of humiliation ... yet, all unknown to us, He is establishing the Kingdom within us, in order that we might establish it upon the earth ... as ALL THE SONS stand in the Spirit of manifestation before a crying creation. At that hour a change of transcendent glory shall rest upon all the earth and all the heavens. The Kingdom of God's Christ shall take rule as all things become subject to the reign of the many membered Christ. 


The manifestation of the Great I Am shall silence all the echoes of the past. He shall appear "unveiled" to all created life, and they shall behold Him as He truly is. They shall know every "member" of His structure by name ... they shall love and serve them with all their might. All creation, through this "manifestation" shall partake of the liberty of the Sons of God. The Eternal Son (Christ and all the brethren) shall then rise as the Day Star of New Beginnings. 


The saints shall stand in awe, the songs of the angels shall be silenced ... all shall be hushed ... as the Father opens the seals of the Bride's chamber. She shall appear clothed in the purity and holiness of her Beloved ... perfumed with the unfading lilies of life ... crowned with love and obedience. She is the visible expression of God's Israel ... the Daughter of Zion. She is the Rose of Sharon ... the Lily of the Valley. She is the City of the Living God, the Bride of God's Christ ... the Mother of all that is to be. 


The joining of God's Christ with His Bride will be the greatest power of the age. The Father shall give them the ring of eternal authority. He shall give to them His Seven Spirits as a pledge of the Everlasting Covenant. This is the Trinity of the Son: Christ the Head ... Christ the Body ... and Christ the Bride ... of their rule and increase, there shall be no end. Hallelujah! 

April 13 1992
























































LITTLE LETTER [Carl R. Schwing] 4-13-92          2

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