LETTER – 1992-J


At times we feel as though we walk alone with the Father. Few are they who will forsake the visible, the logical, and the accepted ways. Yet, in my spirit I know that the "hidden ones" are here and they also hear the call of the Spirit, and are reaching out to the hour of manifestation. 


It is in seclusion and in silence that we sense the nearness of each other ... spirit bearing witness to spirit. He joins us, and we have fellowship ... life, with life ... eternal, with eternal ... son, with son. There is peace, contentment, and fulfillment in the overshadowing of the Father's matchless glory and unfailing love. He comes to us in many ways and in many forms. He can see himself in us; we can see our all in Him. 


There is no greater communion than that of a son losing himself in the depths of the Father. There is no greater love than the Father giving all to His son. There is no greater testimony than this: "I and the Father are one." 


There is but one Kingdom ... that of the Father and the sons. We were "first born" into that Kingdom ages ago ... now we are being "born again" into that Kingdom. Our Elder Brother sits upon the Father's throne ... there is a place reserved for us upon that throne ... the knowledge of this, is our comfort and strength as we dwell in our earthen house. 


I know not the year, nor the day, nor the hour of His visible return ... I am satisfied to know that the Father knows. 


He will come again in great glory. Hallelujah! 


I do know He has come to be with His younger brothers. He has come upon a cloud of great witnesses. His presence encircles us as a great light. He speaks with the voice of many. We are shaken ... from that shaking comes the awakening out of the sleep of Adam's death. Slowly our eyes are being opened, giving light to the dawning of a new age. Once again we are hearing the voice of the Father ... and He is teaching us to speak the words of the Everlasting Gospel. 


The mind, the heart, and the wisdom of the Father is being given to the Christ Body of Sons. Forth from their innermost being shall flow love, grace, and restitution ... for this reason they were born long ago ... for this cause they came to earth. This is the hour the whole creation has waited for ... this is the birth of the Deeper Sabbath. 


Be still, brethren, and enter into the rest of the Father's Sabbath. 


The Father is finishing His good work within us. We have come to the hour of our completion. We shall rise as the Sons of the Morning. 


He has rolled back the sea of time and we are crossing over to the land of the free. The world is behind us ... Babylon is behind us ... the old ways are behind us. All that is before us is new, life-giving, and eternal. We carry the entire creation in our hearts ... and in our loins is the New Creation. 


The Eternal Covenant, which the Father made with us in our beginning, is now in its triumphant stage. It will be by the Body of Sons, that the Father has prepared for His Christ that all things shall be made subject to Him. 


Words cannot adequately describe what lies before us. We are the "feet sons" ... the last to come forth in this age; and it is under His "feet" that all enemies shall be placed. Then shall the moment of the Great Manifestation come to pass. Then shall His Kingdom cover the earth and God's Christ appear. 


Come ye up to Zion and be taught of the Lord. Get thee up unto the high places, for the glory of the Lord shall be revealed ... every eye shall see it ... for the mouth of the Lord has spoken it. Hallelujah! 


The valley of the shadow of death shall become the mountain of life; and the mountain of tribulation shall become the valley of peace. The dry places shall flow with the River of Life ... and the desert shall be as a garden in Eden's fair day. No longer shall a man say to his neighbor: "Be ye reconciled unto God" ... for all shall be reconciled to Him. All creatures, great and small, shall live in perfect harmony and perfect peace. Once again shall the Sons of God walk upon the earth ... of their rule there shall be no end. 


They who once gave dominion, shall take dominion. They who knew the plan, before there was a beginning, shall fulfill the plan. They who said: "Let us make man in our image" shall complete the good work ... for they are the Sons of God. 


We have known so little of the scripture. We have been so busy arguing over it, and struggling to prove what we wanted it to say, that we failed to hear what it was saying. Sonship, has been the theme of the scripture ... it is the full account of the presence and the purpose of the Sons of God on earth, beginning with a son in a garden and ending with a son on an island. I need not write all their names, or repeat the story of each one's life ... as in the Spirit you behold this basic truth ... little by little the entire story will unfold. It is a beautiful story, beginning with a son "stepping down" ... and ending with a son being "carried away." 


So long have we looked to the law and the prophets to covenants, nations and history, that all we could see was in the natural … even Christ was known after the flesh. The" church, so called, has been nothing more than an organization of men, for men and by men. Doctrine and tradition has been the theme of the pseudo Christianity. Thus we had missed the visible manifestation of the Sons of God throughout the pages of the Holy Book, and throughout the events of the past two thousand years. 


But God, (Hallelujah!) had determined that it would be in the early hour of the Seventh Day that our inner son would ascend, or, as it were, be "caught up" to meet his Elder Brother ... to take his place, forever, in the Christ Body of Sons. This, my longing brothers, is the transition that is taking place today. 


Remove the old "wine skins" ... those betraying Babylonian garments ... for He would clothe thee with light, and fill thee with the new and best wine. Forsake the "wedge of gold" ... He would give thee the riches of His Christ. 


Today is the day ... there is no tomorrow ... when time has passed into the eternal existence of the Father. 


No, we do not walk alone with the Father. If our eyes were to be opened, we would behold a great host of sons encircling our path. They are here to lift us up when we fall … to strengthen us when we are weak ... to press us on when the way is rough … to lead us into the fullness of Christ. NONE shall rest ... until ALL have taken their place in Him ...




April 24, 1992





LITTLE LETTER [Carl R. Schwing] 4-24-92                2

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