BY:  CARL R. SCHWING – MAY 24, 1992

LETTER - 1992-K


They who were once rejected, now reject us. We push on toward the fuller light ... they have found contentment in the lesser light. They wait for more signs of the last day ... more events to take place ... thus, they are trapped as it were, in the ending shadows of an age. We have tasted of the dawn … nothing else will satisfy. We will not return to help the "foolish virgins" …they must remain behind, until the appointed time. We have found our Beloved. All that is before us, belongs to us. The beauty of our Beloved has blinded us to all others. He is our only vision ... our only source of light and truth. We have entered into a dimension of spirit where all that we see, all that we know, and all that we seek is Spirit ... the flesh profits nothing. 


We cannot proceed to the higher thoughts and higher ways of the Father and expect things to remain the way they were. As we ascend to our high and holy calling the things of the lower realm must remain behind. 


Those who hunger must be fed the fresh and life giving manna which the Father is giving in this hour ... yesterday's message, with all of its glory, will not satisfy their hunger. There are just a "few" remaining that truly hunger for the "fullness." There are the multitudes that search for "loaves and fishes" ... there will always be food for them out of the baskets of the past. 


In these final hours of the age there is indeed a famine in the land; a shortage of truth and light ... the age is tired and worn ... it is passing into the shadows of night. Yet, there is such "plenty" being revealed in the dawning hours of the Kingdom Day ... a realm of abundance and infinite resources ... where the Father and the Sons share all things in common; where there is no law but love ... no force but freedom, and no power but God. 


This is the hour for completely withdrawing ourselves from any order, group, or man ... clinging to the omnipotent power of our Father, entering union with God, and abiding in our rightful place in Christ Jesus. If you cannot find total life, light and truth in the Father, you fall very short of the mark of sonship. If you cannot see beyond the veil of yesterday, your vision is failing. If you cannot walk the path of freedom, your steps are faltering. Until the "wedge of gold" (the security that is obtained by the giving or receiving of money) is forsaken, it is merely man that is doing the work. Unless the Father builds the building, they which labor, labor in vain. 


Truth is always glorious ... it liberates and it quickens, even though, at times, it is not pleasant to behold. 


As long as there are divisions among you ... you walk as men. Division crept into the early Church ... it reigned in the pseudo church ... now, it appears that it would deceive, if it were possible, the very elect. Christ is not, nor ever will be divided. Rid thyself of all dividing factors ... walk in the Spirit and you will not be a slave to the understanding of the natural mind, an old order, or a dead letter. There is a Word beyond the sacred page ... God's Christ. Hallelujah! 


The path of freedom leads us to the unity of kindred spirits. 


The fire of truth consumes the shadows, the symbols, the types ... all those "lovely to look at things" ... which only divided the brethren. 


The dawn of the Father's Sabbath joins us together; causing us to rest in His perfection, to find peace in His supremacy, and to enter into the vastness of His Being. 


Man, weighs "progression" by the things he accomplishes rather than by what he becomes. Thus, the inventions of his hands have increased and excelled ... as the nature of man and his desires have remained primitive and carnal. Even the religion of man was conceived by natural thought, not by spiritual vision. Salvation became the path to a "heaven" ... not to a life in the Spirit. 


There is absolutely nothing sacred or godly in the present religious systems. Since God would not give an increase they have resorted to every gimmick to win the "lost" ... thus, increasing their numbers. They condemn the common sinner ... yet, there is a sin far greater than all the sins of the wicked ... the sin against the Spirit, and that sin runs rampant in the house of the harlot. Naught but darkness and death dwell in the pit of the blind. 


With the voice of the final trumpet the Lord God bids the last few saints to "come out." Only destruction awaits the great Babylon. Her stars are falling ... her altars are covered with vomit (the sickening sounds and life styles of today's youth), and her children are born into gross darkness. What a glorious day when only the smoke of her city is seen ... and the ashes thereof are sealed forever in the bottomless pit. 


In these hours of great darkness, it would be easy to throw stones at the less desirable ... to judge and to condemn. Yet, brethren, we have not suffered until we have borne the sufferings of mankind ... until we bear in our spirit, mind, and body, the dying of Jesus. When we have partaken of this "glory" we will write in the sand of eternity the words of love and grace ... and the names of all mankind. By the power of the Blood of the Lamb we shall lift them up as a new creation in Christ Jesus. 


A calling "unto" is taking place today among the sons. A calling "unto" freedom from the remaining marks of the bondwoman. There is absolutely no concord for us within her borders. We must not touch the unclean thing. 


A calling "unto" freedom from the latter day woes and tribulations of the world and man's evil rule. 


A calling "unto" fire ... that we may be purified of every spot and wrinkle; becoming holy, even as He is holy. 


A calling "unto" the place of our former birth ... not an uncovering ... but a covering upon ... of a glory we had known once before. Hallelujah! 



May 24, 1992






















LITTLE LETTER [Carl R. Schwing] 5-24-92            2


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