BY:  CARL R. SCHWING – MAY 27, 1992

LETTER – 1992-L


As I sit in the solitude of my room to write, the heavens remain silent ... no voice, not a whisper ... just silence. My brethren, it is often by the "still waters" that the thoughts of our Father flow into the understanding of our inner son. There, just He and His own commune in an awesome state of spirit ... wordless converse, unseen fellowship, and unknown wonders transpire. Visions of truth and life, so deep, so holy, so profound ... that they are taken and hidden in the silence of the soul; to grow and increase ... until the time of manifestation. 


Oh! The wealth that is hidden in these words of wisdom: "Be still and know that I am God." To lay down all efforts, all goals, all religious ideologies, and to rest in the knowledge of ... He is, and to know that all He is, we are to be. As someone recently put it: "Many gods forming One God." Just the thought brings a "slaying in the Spirit" ... a laying low of the natural ... a humiliation of our past religious superstitions and foolish suppositions. It was all right to sing: "Oh, to be like Thee" but burn the heretic who dared to believe it possible. 


In the silence, the man of flesh is put to rest, that the true man ... the inner son ... or the spirit being, whichever term you prefer, for a short time might partake of the liberty of a son of God, and walk in the realm of the Spirit with the Father ... as once again he enjoys his former home. 


That which he sees and hears is often lost in the depths of spirit consciousness, to be revealed and shared with kindred spirits as the time ripens. This time spent in God-silence strengthens and nourishes the inner son. It is also a time of recalling and regaining. We are free for a moment from sorrow, pain, rejection; even death seems but nothing as we walk in the peace of His Holy Place. It is there we enter into the love of God, and behold all mankind as they will be when they are completed. There, the words of reconciliation and restitution are planted within the hearts of the sons. He that knows the fall of a sparrow, knew the names of all mankind when He sent His Son to the cross, to seal with His blood, their redemption. Hallelujah! 


While others were "searching the scripture" our brother Paul was ascending to the realm above words, time, and limitation; to behold the wonder, the glory, and the fullness of what the scripture taught in part. The very fact that he was taken to a "third heaven" clearly testifies of a place, a realm, an understanding, above and beyond the knowledge of man. Ah, a "secret something" whispers to my spirit the assurance of a realm above the "third heaven" ... a realm where the Father and His Sons dwell in perfect unity ... a realm of full stature, full knowledge, and full authority. It is the dwelling place of the Father's nature, the Father's love, and the Father's knowledge. The realm where every thought of the Father's became a reality, and was sent forth by the Spirit of Creation, each into its own place and order ... the realm where He called us forth from the loins of His Eternal Son, and placed us at His side. 


And SO today, as men "search the scripture" to establish their identity, their purpose, their salvation, and their future ... there are those who have "ears to hear" the call of the spirit to "Come up hither." They enter the dimension of the Spirit ... where they live, they walk, and they are led by the Spirit; for they are the Sons of God. This is the place of God's great Storehouse ... where we shall be given the garments of transformation, immortality, and deity. These are the garments of the Bridegroom ... this is our inheritance in our Beloved Christ ... this is the Everlasting Covenant the Father gave to us before there was time. 


Therefore, let us walk with the Father ... let us often "Come up hither" ... to sit in the silence of the Spirit ... until that moment we are no more ... for He shall "take us" and "make us" the lords of His creation. Hallelujah! 

MAY 27, 1992


LITTLE LETTER [Carl R. Schwing] 5-27-92               1

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