LETTER - 1992-M


Can "new wine" be found in "old bottles?" Is this the time for looking for oil ... as the day is dawning? Can the truth be found by looking to the past? 


There is an abundance of "new manna" proceeding from the heart and the mind of the Father ... truth, overwhelming ... life, beyond expectation ... and heights, uncharted. 


The truth is flowing forth from the Sons of God ... even though they wear the flesh of man. Their words are "new" for they see within a fuller dimension, and find their Father to be the ever expanding Being, the ever expanding power, and the ever expanding Kingdom. 


The Word was not given to the sons ... He belongs to the sons ... He was born within the sons ... they are the visible expression of the increase of the Father ... seed of His seed ... heirs of the Eternal Covenant, and rulers over His House. Hallelujah! 


Allow me to speak plainly. I am sure no one would question the fact that John the Baptist was a son of God. He had a message, he served well. However, when Jesus came, John's work was finished. Jesus, being the truth, for the following three years would administer the truth. When He ascended to the Father, "new wine" was placed in "new bottles" on the day of Pentecost. Throughout the dispensation there have been many sons present to bring manna to those the Father had hidden upon the earth. One was not greater than the other; all were one in the Father. Today there are sons speaking among the saints; some of the words they speak seem strange ... "new wine" seems to have that affect. Some plant the seed, others water and nourish it, but the Father gives the increase. Often there are those who "back off" ... for the "new wine" is too strong. Let us not judge until the truth matures. Until then, stand upon the knowledge that He is faithful and that he will bring all things unto fullness. He has truly saved the best wine for last, and He shall drink of the "fruit of the vine" in the Kingdom of God that is appearing to the sons. 


I will not oppose any son that has a message. I may not see it at present, in the same light, but I will not break the bonds of unity which the Spirit of the Living God has so lovingly placed upon us. As sons, we are not here to please each other ... we are here to begin the "greater works" for the glory and eternal exaltation of our Almighty Father, to establish His Kingdom, and to bring love, life, and grace to the whole creation. We need not please any man, or give an account to any man. We belong to the Father, He is our Judge and every judgment is just ... all that is from above is good and perfect. All that we are, all that we have, and all that we are becoming is from the Father. 


It is far better to forget the man, and cling to the Spirit. Man's time is for a season, the Spirit is forever. Man replaces man, with man ... the Father sends spirit to spirit, kind to kind, son to son. 


Shame on the ones that have gone back to the old ways. Meetings, preaching, and the honoring of men belong to Babylon leave it there my brothers. The Spirit is still binding the "bundles" be it in lots of two or two thousand. Keep yourselves clean of meetings. What is the difference if you "assemble" in a steeplehouse or in a home? Be not deceived, meetings mean one thing: people gathering to hear a man speak.  Always remember: one moment spent in the presence of the Father will teach us more than a lifetime of meetings and sermons. 


There is but one meeting that I know of ... that is in the secret place of our "closet" where he hears in secret, rewards us openly. In this "secret place" our union with God is freedom from the bondage of the past and the influence of men. It is the place of reality, where our only need is the Father, the place where the "anointing abides" and all knowledge is given by the Spirit. By "closing the door of our closet" we separate ourselves fully unto the Lord. Every fiber of our being is His, and we become lost in the glory of His presence. This is a "meeting" on a one to one basis ... Father with son ... alone ... sharing the beauty and fullness of their love. 


Yes beloved, there is going to be a "meeting" called by the Father ... even now the Sons are gathering from both realms ... a meeting where love, light, and life will shine from the eyes of God's Christ, as the Everlasting Gospel is proclaimed to all creation. 


The Everlasting Gospel is much more than mere words. It is the personality of the spirit taking on life form within each son. It is the "full knowledge" as it dwells in the mind of the Father. It is the coming to pass of all the types and shadows spoken of within the written word. It is the Spirit of God giving birth to the Kingdom, to the freedom of the creation, and to the restitution of all things. It is the increase of the Father ... the begetting of many sons. Hallelujah! 


My dear brothers, I know of your loneliness, your sorrow, rejection and pain; I partake of these blessings with you. Gladly we bear the marks of Jesus. Gladly we bear our cross of glory ... it is the path to the Kingdom. We are the stones of the Father's House and the pillars of His Holy Temple. Drink of thy bitter cup and rejoice ... it is the dawn of the Seventh Day. 


The Morning Stars sing our song of freedom and holiness. The wind of the Spirit lifts us to a higher sphere where the Father waits to give us the kiss of perfection. Hallelujah! 




June 1, 1992




























LITTLE LETTER [Carl R. Schwing] 6-1-92                2

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