LETTER – 1992-N


There are those who agree that the things which are above are wonderful and true, they even speak of the Kingdom of God being nigh. Yet, they say there are many events that must first take place before we can "enter in." I speak of any or all who would "hinder" us from entering. If they wish to stay, let them stay ... we must enter in. We hear the voice of the Father and the voice of the Spirit bidding us to come. Ah, deep within our spirits we can hear the voice of the Bride. Hallelujah! 


Our citizenship is above ... our birthright is above, and our calling is from above. We shall not rest until we all rest completely in Him. The day of the Manifestation of the Sons of God draws near ... do not fall short of entering into the rest (complete indwellment) of the Lord. 


Many years have passed since we were "called out." Even then there were "leaders" ... they too drew followers unto themselves, and sadly there are still those today that play "follow the leader." How vain is man to think he has control; even more vain are their followers. The truth which so many had missed was simply this: He called us out unto Himself, to be His sons ... and He, our Father. There were always the few who were strangely different, eccentric little creatures who enjoyed the beauty of isolation, the joy of solitude, and they heard only the voice of their Beloved. They were not "torch bearers ... they were the light. Today, my brothers, we are the light that shines in a world of darkness. We are the stars of the Kingdom Morning, our Beloved has come to set up His Kingdom within our inner son. He shall rule, with a rod of iron, the earth that we are ... till He has conquered us, and our inner son stands in His perfect image; receiving once again the glory we had with the Father in a beginning. 


If all voices were silenced, all pens put aside, and all men laid to rest, the truth and light would only burn brighter within the bosom of the Sons. Nothing and no one can hinder the plans which the Father made with His Sons in eons past. All power, political or religious fall "backward" in the presence of God's Christ. All the preaching, teaching, and prophesying are but shadows in the light of God's Christ; even the sacred page fades in the presence of the Living Word. 


For you that are called and chosen of the Lord, this is the hour of freedom and great holiness. This is probably the most serious and sacred hour in the history of the world. That which the Father is doing within His Sons shall change the course of time and man. He has quickened our spirits (the inner son), and our minds (the understanding); all that remains to be conquered is the flesh. Now we sit in the silence of the morning for our Mighty Christ who shall redeem and quicken our mortal bodies. 


The creation is on tiptoe, waiting and longing, perhaps even sensing that the time is at hand for the Manifestation of the Sons of God. The world and its people are crying out for freedom; proclaiming the dawn of a new age ... yet, how little they know of what THE DAWN shall bring. 


Far greater is the rising of the Sons than the sunrise of the morning. They bring with them the fulfillment of all that the creation has moaned for: Justice, Peace, Equality, and the Liberty of the Sons of God. When they appear the long night will be over ... the ways of man will be gone forever, and the dead in Christ shall live again. They are the City of our God, the place where the sun never sets ... where light began, where truth was born, where love and mercy met ... and grace came forth. They are the many membered Christ. The Kingdom is rightfully their's, the rule of the universe and of the ages is their's ... and the souls of all mankind. This is the Covenant the Father made and sealed with the Lamb's Blood, before there was time. Eternity echoed with these words of the Father: "Sons, thou art ever with me, and all that I have is thine." Hallelujah! 


June 7, 1992


















































LITTLE LETTER [Carl R. Schwing] 6-7-92                2

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