BY:  CARL R. SCHWING – JUNE 18, 1992

LETTER - 1992-O


We have not been taken to these heights to enjoy the scenery, but to possess all that we behold. We are no longer strangers and pilgrims; we have found the realm of our beginning. This is the realm where we are taught of the Father as He prepares us for the Kingdom Reign. It is here that we shall be given "a place and a name better than of sons." This is our place of restoration, where our pre-dawn knowledge is returning, as once again we bear the image of the heavenly. 


We know ourselves to be the Sons of God, even as it is known by the Father. In ages past we were all one with the Father and with each other. We shared many lives and many deaths through one another because of the great unity that the Father of spirits had given to us. I do not speak of a "reincarnation" rather, something far more glorious than that. If we look at the truth of our "many lives" and "many deaths" in the light of perfect union in the Body of Christ Sons, we will see by the Spirit, that there is such a perfect harmony and perfect sensibility from one member to the other, that indeed when one lived, all lived ... when one suffered the pain of death, all suffered. This union is so profound that to see one is to see the other ... it is an unmistakable birthmark of every son. This is the communion beyond the bread and wine ... beyond spirit converse, it is partaking of the nature of the Godhead. Is it any wonder that we all shouted for joy in eons past? 


We were sent here to partake and to serve His purpose of good and evil; to bear in our bodies the marks of both Adams. Now the hour of our rebirth is here. We are being born again into the Everlasting Kingdom; in this birth we shall bear an increase of the glory we once had. 


How do I put in words that which my spirit sees and knows? How do I describe the wonder and. beauty of it all? Come, 0 Spirit of the Living God, and breathe the breath of the Great I Am into the nostrils of every son, that he might become a living god, and know, even as he is known. 


Do not become trapped in the tunnel of human thought. We are of a nobler birth and a higher calling. The door of the Father's Storehouse stands open before us, therein dwells all that the Father is and has; cross the threshold and one enters into a realm of life and energy, hitherto unknown. The Father's Storehouse is simply the center of His Being. It is from His center that all things have evolved, or will evolve. Adamic man did not have, nor can he have, any part in the progressing of this "coming forth" from the Father's center. There are realms where only sons can dwell, authority which only sons can share, works that only sons perform, and truth that only sons can know. 


Man cannot come to the Father by the darkness of natural thought or religious understanding. Only by the Light of His Christ can one be drawn into the supernal dimensions of God-life and full sonship. The day truly comes when the Father shall draw all men unto the Christ Sons. Then shall the wisest of men be but fools ... none be so blind as His messengers ... and none so empty as they who trusted in men. 


Even now a great cloud of light encircles the earth ... new stars appear in the heavens, and still small voices whisper peace and truth to forsaken sons. Very much is happening in the heavenlies. Swiftly, the Spirit moves as to "shorten the time" ... to hasten the day, and to usher in the hour of the manifestation of the Sons of God. 


How much longer must the sons be silent? How much longer must they remain hidden? How much longer until they are "clothed upon" with the garments of immorality? 


It will be in the twinkling of an eye … as the sons are taken beyond the barriers of time and distance, and the lightning of His great glory penetrates the stronghold of their flesh, and the fire of God consumes the remaining marks of Adam's curse ... that the Sons of God shall stand in the awesome majesty of their Father's presence as He proclaims to a waiting creation: "These are my beloved Sons, hear ye them." We shall stand with our Elder Brother upon the highest regions of Zion, and all mankind shall hasten to the mountain which glows with the Light of God's fullness. They shall cry out: "What must we do to be saved? Speak to us that we might learn and live and put off these mortal garments." A silence shall settle upon the earth, a silence so profound that all men shall fall to their knees and hiding, their faces shall tremble with great fear. Then, with the voice of love and grace shall the Sons proclaim: "Behold the Lamb of God that was slain for the sins of the world." The crimson tide shall flow as once again "the end of all flesh shall come" and every tongue shall confess that THE CHRIST is LORD unto the glory of the Father. All enemies shall be subdued, the gates of hell shall be broken asunder and the souls that were tormented shall enter into the joy of the redeemed. The earth and all nature shall be free and rejoice in the presence of the Sons of God. 


This is the Kingdom of God and of His Christ and of His Sons. This is Paradise restored, reopened, and expanded ... the beginning of a new age, a new order, a new glory. This beginning is thus spoken of in the Everlasting Gospel: "And God restored heaven and earth and all that be therein ... as the Sons shouted: Father, it is good." Hallelujah! 


June 18, 1992


Rise to transports past expressing,

Sweeter by remembered woes;

Christ comes, our wrongs redressing,

Comes to give the world repose.


Christ comes, the world redressing,

Love and grace in His train;

Comes to heighten every blessing,

Comes to soften every pain.


Hail to Him with mercy reigning,

Skilled in every peaceful art;

Who, from bonds our limbs unchaining,

Only binds the willing heart.


But to Thee, our God, defender, friend,

Let praise be given to all eternity;

Thou, without beginning, without end,

Let us, and all, begin and end in Thee!


The Captivity ... Oliver Goldsmith 1731-1774














LITTLE LETTER [Carl R. Schwing] 6-18-92              2

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