LETTER – 1992-P


It is a holy hour when a son cries out to his Father. The heavens are silent, not even a whisper is heard. One is flowing into the other. The son carries with him the "weight" of the world and the suffering of all mankind. The burden for the reconciliation of the creation is his, and the cry for their freedom is the theme of his prayer. All that dwell in the heavens are moved by the love and compassion of the Father and His son. Their discourse is filled with the Spirit, life, and divine emotion ... could it be anything less? How awesome is the union of this son and his Father. What a sacred moment when the two embrace as their love becomes lost in the depths of its beauty and fullness. Such a world of knowledge opens to us when we behold this scene by the Spirit. 


How long must the world suffer ... how long must they wait? For us, the dawn is breaking ... for them, the night grows darker and colder. We bear their pain and hear their cries. "Father, let us set them free" we whisper. Yet, He is silent for we have not yet suffered our death on the cross of Jesus. We have not shared the moment when our spirits cry out: "Father, why hast Thou forsaken me?" He forsakes us that we, as men, might bear in our spirit, mind, and body the total darkness of Adam's Race ... that we might share in Redemption's glory ... that we might give to the creation the gift of grace. There we "hang" alone, rejected by the world, despised by the brethren, and abandoned by our Father. Ah, indeed this is our hour of maturing sonship, for we have entered into that place where only Jesus had entered. Now we, as our Elder Brother, are slain for the restitution of all things. We have tasted the curse of death, that we might be the givers of life.


We are not playing church ... we are the Sons of God. There is no room for the truth of the past ... we are becoming the truth ... we are speaking the truth, we are imparting the truth. All who have been "refined" shall know of these things. The fire that once purified, now unify all who pass through. 


The hour draws nigh when the sons shall assemble in the presence of the Father and be reunited forever, in perfect union with Him and their Elder Brother and with each other. Then shall they appear before the creation with words of comfort. All warfare shall be ended and all iniquity be pardoned. Their voice shall be heard throughout the universe as they prepare the highway of holiness for their God. It shall be straight and plain ... all flesh shall see it, for the Sons have ordered it. Hallelujah! 


In great strength shall the Father appear, and His Sons shall be His strong hand ... they shall perform His work before Him. They shall gather all that the Father has made and lead them in tenderness to Him, to receive from His bosom the gift of love and life. In the hollow of His hand shall He hold all things in heaven and on earth; He shall call them by name and cover them with the greatness of His might. In the high places shall these good tidings be heard: "All nations have beheld the God of their salvation." 


All shall hear and know that the Sons have heard and known from the beginning, yea, from the foundations of the earth, that it is the Father who sits upon the circle of the earth, and that all things are by Him, for Him, and to Him. They shall lift up their eyes and behold Him who created all things. Then shall the song of the barren be heard ... for, those who never knew Him, shall serve Him and bring glory to His Name. They shall see and know and understand that the hand of the Lord hath done this. 

A whole new dimension of the Word of God is being opened; a dimension of light, knowledge, and speech that for the past two thousand years has been unknown to the pseudo church. In the past I’ve lived upon hope and promises ... this is the hour of reality. No more "crumbs" from off the table; it is "suppertime" for the Sons. We partake of His body and of His blood, for we have our part in Him. 


Sonship is a life, the eternal life that we were born into ages ago, and is now being returned to us. Sonship is knowing, even as He. Sonship is speaking the Word, sending it forth, and bringing it to pass for the glory of our Father. The Sons were born of the Spirit ... they live in the Spirit ... they are led of the Spirit ... they are the visible expression of the Father's nature. 


This time of "aloneness" was so necessary. It weaned us from man and his vain and foolish religious notions. It took us from the "letter" to the Life ... from a covenant contingent upon earthly signs (sun, moon, springtime and harvest), to the Everlasting Covenant of the Father and of His Christ Sons. 


Should I remain silent because the things I write are not according to orthodoxy or man's preset beliefs? God forbid! I must speak, for there are too many that have chosen to be "esteemed" or to be "popular" ... there is no life in such things. If I please men, I have accomplished nothing. If I draw followers unto myself, the Kingdom has gained nothing. If I should wear a "Babylonian garment" I would be of all men most miserable. If I should accept the "wedge of gold" ... I would be just another hireling. Many times I have failed and fallen ... may our loving Father grant that I be found faithful to the "mantle" of sonship that He has so graciously, and in great mercy, placed upon me. 


Do not look to any man for the Word. We are the Sons of God ... the Word of the Father is given to each son in the depths of his being. I, with others, bear witness to the Word ... HE IS THE WORD! He lives and moves and has His existence in you, my beloved. Look unto Him and live. Look unto Him for He opens the Everlasting Gospel to you. 


"The Sons heard the word of the Father and had life therein: An Everlasting Covenant was made with them, and sealed by the blood of their Elder Brother. The Sons pledged their perpetual obedience to the Father, and carne before Him with worship and adoration. Thus, was their unity and love complete." Hallelujah! 



JULY 8, 1992




























LITTLE LETTER [Carl R. Schwing] July 8, 1992               2

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