LETTER – 1992-Q


Sweet are the words that fall like good tidings upon Mount Zion. Words which anoint, quicken, and bear us up "upon eagles wings" unto the Father. Words that are not foreign to "US" ... we heard them long ago in the high places of the Holy Sphere. "Let us" were the words which bound us to the Father in an inseparable union. The words of Zion are bearing an increase within our inner son, an increase of life and knowledge. 


The past was shallow and lifeless ... how vain were all of our efforts. Because He is ... we are. We came from the Word ... because we are ... the Word is. Though many were put to death, the Word lived on ... born again within another son ... another voice to speak. They who bore so many deaths shall soon give life to all. Yea, though the heavens and earth should pass away ... the Word would live on to start anew, the work of the Father's plan. 


The word of the Everlasting Gospel is for all that dwell upon the earth ... it is for the earth and all of nature ... it is for heaven and the heavens above the heavens ... it is for the angels and the saints and they that sleep in Jesus; it is for all the Father has made and all that shall ever be. 


Man continues to preach his worn out message of doom and damnation ... of anger and wrath ... of hatred and death; offering a contingent salvation to poor helpless creatures who have been made subject to a world dying in the coldness of the night ... subjected to blindness and ignorance ... lost in the grip of Adam's curse. If a man is drowning, what use is there in telling him so ... or in telling him what he should have or shouldn't have done? Rather, it is most urgent that we, in great strength, courage and love, should "rescue the perishing." The Father's love is taking form within each son. It was in the Father's perfect planning that they should become the visible expression of His love ... not to "show" love, but to administer love to a drowning creation. Love, to man, has been in word more than in deed. Man's love, like all the other characteristics of Adam's race, remained in a "fallen" or "limited" condition, expressed by one's emotions or sentiments. Perfect love, or love made perfect in the Father, first, forgives ... then lifts up ... and then sends forth. 


We, as the Sons of God, are being given the good tidings of the Everlasting Gospel (the full expression and reality of the Father). This is the Gospel in its purest form ... free of all mixture, divisions, and barriers ... free of man and his self motivated ambitions. It is through the Everlasting Gospel that the "curse" will be cancelled and man's greatest enemy, death, be destroyed. 


If men would only turn loose of men. There is not one among us that is The Christ reincarnate ... those who believe otherwise are deceived and follow old wives tales. There are no manifested Sons of God upon the earth, no not one. All will know, my brothers, when one appears ... one look upon his face and the glory of his countenance will change and transform into the heavenly image, all that behold him. His presence will advance time into the state of timelessness, and usher in the full glory of the Father. All things will become new ... and as a mighty Sun shall this many membered Son arise in great Light, bringing forth Eternal Life and Eternal Love to all creation. 


"In that day shall the Father's kingdom be fully revealed to the creation, and God's Christ Sons shall be made to sit upon the Father's throne. The dominion of the ages shall be given to them until the Age of Eternal Jubilee, when the Sons shall return all things, with an increase, to Father God." 


Many among us today, look to man for the "word." A "word" as we know it, is but a feeble expression of our outward man in an attempt to describe a particular thought  ah, but the word as it is in Christ Jesus is a form of life giving energy … it is a power, an authority, it is the substance of things not seen ... it is a Person ... and we call Him, Father. If you accept anything less, you will, in the end, be disappointed. The Word is not far off ... He is nigh ... yea, He is in you ... look to Him and hear and live and be. 


The word for the hour is to the Sons. The weight of the times is upon their shoulders ... the Spirit of love, compassion and mercy is their anointing. The Father's wisdom and knowledge is in their hearts; the strength of the Spirit is their strong arm. They are the hope of the creation. They wait in the hidden parts of the earth for the redemption of their bodies. The hour draws near for their glorification and exaltation unto the full measure of sonship. 


Truly, the time is ripe for us to lay aside the teachings and the truths of the past; forsaking those who prefer to cling to the "vessels" of the past as they struggle to revive a "fading glory." This is not the hour for handing out yesterday's manna. It is morning by morning that new mercies, truth, life and light appear; send it out by the power of the Spirit upon the waves of your inner son, and by the unity of justified men made perfect (complete) in Him. We are the House of the Living God, built upon the Rock: OUR LORD, OUR SAVIOUR ... OUR ELDER BROTHER. 


For two thousand years we have yearned for the coming of our Father's Kingdom. His Kingdom cannot be described by the finite words of a dictionary ... it is not to be sought for in theories, countries or history ... it is not to be compared to man's vain ideas of a kingdom. The Kingdom is a state of being ... it is the will of the Father becoming the life and joy of every son, then every creature, and finally, of all things. It is the manifestation of the Father's power and glory, it is the visible expression of the Godhead: Father, Sons and Spirit ... the ever expanding expression of the Father's Supreme Being. 


Ride high, my beloved, upon the wings of the Spirit, far above the flight of the eagle, unto the place of thy beginning ... for, your dwelling place is in the secret chamber of the Most High ... yea, even in the Kingdom (bosom) of thy God. Hallelujah! 



August 1, 1992

























LITTLE LETTER [Carl R. Schwing] 8-1-92                 2

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