LETTER – 1992-R


Early on a summer's morning, one can stand at the creek's edge and watch the rising of the mist, as it gently ascends like the spirits of the just reaching upward to the Father's House. The forest comes alive with the sounds of daybreak ... birds singing their morning song ... the snorting of a deer and the chattering of little creatures. But most glorious is the rising of the sun above the hills, as its mighty rays penetrate the canopy of trees and sparkle in the dew drops resting on the ground. Need I mention the Great Presence as He passes amid the beauty of His handiwork? It is truly a "holy place" ... free, for the moment, of the sound and work of man ... free to be the delight of the Uncreated One. 


Ah, but my thoughts go back to another morning long ago, when in the dawning mist of a greater morning, walked the One who had broken the stronghold of death. In the stillness of that Resurrection Morning, as God's people were sleeping, the Son of Righteousness arose giving light upon the dawn of a New Covenant. While His "chosen few" remained in the safety of their hideaway, a forgiven harlot met with Him in the garden (and we too were there). It was to this simple soul that He gave the message: "Go and tell." Hallelujah! In my spirit I can see this dear lady running through the garden of stones and flowers ... her heart beating in awe and wonder, as her voice gives way to the dearest song that the earth had ever heard: "He is risen, He is alive, He lives ... and because He lives, I too shall live! And that song echoed through the valley and over the hills of Judea ... and was borne upward upon the wings of the wind unto the Ivory Palace of His Holy Father; where once again the foundation of the heavenlies were moved, as the Morning Stars sang the song of the Risen One, and the Sons of God shouted for joy because of their conquering Elder Brother. He did not dwell among the "dead ones" ... He was breaking bread with the "made alive ones" in a realm known only to the Son of God. 


From the dust of the earth, God brought forth Adam ... breathed the breath of life into his nostrils and Adam became a living son. Then God placed him in the garden, as the morning mist watered the earth. His eyes could see the life in every living thing, his ears could hear the endless praise as it flowed forth from all that the Father had made. It was in the coolness of the morning that they walked and talked together ... just Father and son. In my heart I seem to sense that the Father told Adam the full story ... the complete plan for mankind ... and Adam rejoiced and said: "It is good, and all the glory be Thine." Just how long Adam lived in God's Eden enjoying peace and harmony with all life, and dwelling under the overshadowing presence of the Eternal, we cannot recall at present ... perhaps, millenniums. The hour of "stepping down" finally arrived, and all respect for life and communication with life, ceased ... his covering of light became a garment of flesh and the mind of a son became the mind of a man. Yet, by this son "stepping down" began the process of man stepping up. This son put on the image of the earthy, knowing that someday all would bear the image of the heavenly ... through the power and glory of a Greater Adam. 


Long before there were beginnings, mornings, or creations; out of the secret dimensions of the Ancient One, came forth The Christ ... Living Son of the Living God ... in full stature, possessing the fullness of the Godhead, thus, carrying in His loins God's Council of Sons. He, who was born of the seed of the Father, gave birth to the sons of His seed. As angels watched in solemn awe, these sons came forth by His word and filled the courts of the Father's chamber. Like a holy mist, the song of the angels filled the heavens ... a song of the Father's infinite greatness and matchless glory ... as the Sons hailed Him as Father-Mother-God and worshipped Him and their Elder Brother. Holiness is the strength of the Father's House ... life and light and love burn as a great fire before Him. Truth is the stronghold of His throne ... His plans, His purposes, and His will is the heartbeat of His Kingdom. His Sons are the fullness of Him, and the joy of the realm. 


A time of solemn jubilee was ordered, and the Spirit of God, like a sweet smelling fragrance, filled the regions of the Kingdom. He called forth the stars to sing and anointed the Sons to shout. He put on display all the treasures of the Father's Storehouse ... and the splendor of that assembly put into motion the beginning of all things. All that the Father willed ... the Word, the Wind, and the Sons fulfilled ... and brought into existence all that He ordered. 


Hear this, ye Sons of the Most Holy: Once again a beginning is dawning. The Morning Mist (the seven Spirits of God) is resting upon us, lifting us upward to the Day of the Lord ... for the Kingdom that is within us is now coming forth. It is not to the weak, nor the fearful, nor the doubting, that the vision is given ... it is the birthright of every son begotten of the Christ ages ago. It belongs to those who have been made faithful through the endurance of great suffering, even unto the loss of self, for they are the inheriting saints in Christ Jesus, made alive by His precious blood. It is the hope of all mankind, the joy of all creation. 


The ways of the Father are high and holy. Man did not, nor can he have, any part in the Divine Functions. He may propound his meager ideologies and his lifeless traditions; he may preach his message of yesterday's glory ... he may meet with the elite of his choosing and discuss what he feels the saints should hear ... or not hear. He may attempt to change the course of the future, yet all he can do is talk. If every book was burned, we would lose very little. If our Bibles were taken from us ... the Word would live on to grow within our inner son, and if all voices were silenced ... THE ROCKS WOULD BREAK FORTH! The hour of "manpower" among the Sons of God is over. We have but one Father. .. He alone is God. We have one Christ, and He is God's. We have one gospel, one purpose, and one will ... the Father's. Hallelujah! We know no "man" after the flesh, not even Christ ... we know all things through the Spirit ... all else is vanity and vexation of spirit. 


How brilliant is the Rising Son of the Kingdom. The light of His eyes bring freedom from the types, the shadows, and the foolish notions of religious thought. He buries in the dust of the earth the learning and wisdom of man. He opens the "door" to the greater truth, the deeper life, and the higher ways. Out of His mouth comes the sound of many voices proclaiming the Everlasting Gospel ... The Manna of Eternal Life. In His faithful hand is the Everlasting Covenant, the Father's gift to His Christ Sons. 


"In the morning mist of the Seventh Day, the Sons of God walk into the glorious light of the Father's Kingdom. Upon the High Altar of the Living God, is the Living Manna ... the feast prepared by the Father for the Sons of His Christ. "Come and partake" is the cry of the Spirit ... for this is the Manna of the Everlasting Covenant." Hallelujah! 



August 16, 1992





















LITTLE LETTER [Carl R. Schwing] 8-16-92                2

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