LETTER – 1992-T


In the dawning of the past age, a virgin, without "knowing man" conceived by the overshadowing of the Father's Spirit. Three men followed a star and just a few shepherds heard the message and the song of Redeeming Grace. As the world continued on in its merry way, and the people of God argued over the corning of the Messiah ... glorious and wonderful works of the Lord were transpiring ... a new age was dawning, and the Holy Child was growing in great wisdom and obedience...


Today, the people of the world are diligently searching for the "right men" to govern their countries ... there are no right men. The people of God are "running to and fro" looking for the "right men" to feed their hungry souls ... there are no right men. The many membered Christ-man is rising with life, righteousness and equality in His wings. The Father has given to Him (them) the words of the Life-giving Gospel. It will be by the many voiced Christ that the message of freedom and restoration will be proclaimed. Even now the word of the Lord (the Sons of God) is smiting the many names of Babylon ... of its governments, religions, and human idols ... laying in the dust of the "great image" all that sought to take unto themselves the glory and power which rightfully belonged to the Father. 


This is the Morning of Freedom ... the Spirit is breaking all strongholds. He is removing all that is of self, of man, and of vanity. Out of His mouth flows the sacrificial fire of God ... consuming all that is of Adam's way, slaying the golden beast of man made religion and sprinkling the ashes thereof upon the high altar of the Living God as an offering of victory and freedom. 


Only a "beast" would be so foolish as to think that he could destroy the "manchild" ... ah, He dwells in the secret place of the Father's high and holy habitation. Only a fool would be so vain as to think that he could stifle the workings of the Spirit, and who but a religious zealot could be so shallow as to think that he, by natural resources, could dispense the word of Almighty God, or establish the Everlasting Kingdom. 


I have been a business man most of my life. I know the various methods of buying and selling. I know the most effective ways of encouraging people to buy. This knowledge has aided me in my discernment of the methods used by the so called "men of God" in asking the people to give money. There is the blunt way, there is the subtle way ... then there is the most clever way: leading the people to believe that they are being divinely inspired to give. The latter can be most rewarding. The time is ripe for us to speak out against this age old practice. Tithing and offerings were such lovely truths, until man discovered that he could profit therefrom. 


They who once discouraged meetings, even for a few, now hold "non-meeting" meetings for their "select" and sit once again among the congregation of the scornful. Indeed, far greater is the mystery of Babylon than we have ever imagined. Be thankful, ye faithful ones, for not having part in such foolishness ... for not touching the unclean thing ... for not being deceived by the voices of confusion. You are free ... you are being "taken" by the Spirit to the Father's dwelling, there to sit and partake of your heavenly calling. 


As the words of truth and freedom are freely spoken, we will clearly see the bondage of those who are bound to a fading glory ... or slaves to a dying order ... or captives of the "esteemed." The more we hear of the Everlasting Gospel, the more lifeless are the words of man. Many shall be slain by the words of the Everlasting Gospel ... and by that slaying they shall be lifted to a higher realm by the power of the God-Word. Bondage offers security ... freedom is the path which leads to divine attainment. 


Darkness is the result of the "fading light" ... the dawn is the overpowering of the darkness. THIS DAWN brings forth the light that shall never fade ... the truth that shall never grow old, and the Kingdom that shall not pass away. This is the Dawn of Eternal Increase ... all that is behind, is gone forever. 


My fellow sons, when we were in the religious system we did not know what "commitment," "surrender," or "consecration" really meant. As we begin to plummet the depths of Jesus Christ we discover the true meaning of such holy words. It is then that we truly cry out: "Father, I am fully yours, do with me whatsoever pleases You. If I live, I am yours ... if I die, I am yours. To live, to serve, to die, to live again, is all at your bidding ... where, how, or when makes no difference. Everything that I was, began in You ... everything I am, exists in You ... everything that I will be, shall once again begin in You." Hallelujah! 


Come, let us stand together in the Spirit and behold the lovely Manchild ... He has come to lead His brothers home ... to lead them back to the Father's land ... to seat them once again in the high and holy place. Can you feel the Spirit of Oneness flowing from Him into us? .. gently and lovingly joining us together. Let us blend our voices in praise unto the glory of our Everlasting Father until all things, everywhere, are shaken by the sound thereof. Once again the voice of Elijah, of John the Baptist, of Jesus, of Paul, just to mention a few, is being heard in the moving of the Spirit. They are taking up their abode within the flaming hearts of all that look unto the Father. 


There is indeed a price to pay for these "little letters" ... for their message is one of abandonment ... it is the forsaking of all others and clinging only to the heart, the love and the will of the Father. They demand "aloneness." O! how costly ... yet so wonderful. It is in the "aloneness" that we lose ourselves in the depths of Jesus Christ. Thank you, my treasured readers, for your willingness to pay the price for these little jewels. 


In the dawning of this age, the virgin sons, without "knowing man" are bringing forth, by the overshadowing of the Father's Spirit, the message for which the entire creation is waiting. It is the childlike, the poor, the suffering, the elderly and the bereaved that are hearing the message and the song of the Kingdom. As the world rushes on in its merry way, and the people of God play "follow the leader," glorious and wonderful works of the Lord are transpiring ... a New Age is dawning, and the Manchild is appearing in great wisdom and authority ... 


Rest, my beloved, in the freedom of the Sons of God, as upon the breath of the Spirit you are carried away to the place in Him where all is light and life ... the place where He is all, .. the place where lye were "first born." Hallelujah !


November 18, 1992


Where will we find a man who does not seek his own interest? The Scripture says: "All seek their own." Only those who seek the interest of God alone, do good. Will someone be found who has no interest except God's? The priest chooses the priesthood out of self-interest. The preacher will preach for God's glory; however he seeks his own glory and applause. The missionary seeks success. But those who do not look at themselves in any way, who, when forsaken by all, even forsaken of God, do not look at themselves but at the interest of God alone, how rare! 


Jeanne Guyon 










LITTLE LETTER [Carl R. Schwing] 11-18-92               2

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