LETTER – 1992-U


Yesterday, we lived in the darkening shadows of Babylon's lifeless teachings. We were bound hand and foot by her "faithful servants" ... because of her "blind messengers" I’ve lived in fear and ignorance; even the gift of grace hinged upon her abominable teaching of legalism. Not attending II church II became the unpardonable sin. The truth we did have was only stifled by our loyalty to her cause. How freely her servants wasted the Lord's tithes and offerings, and how shameful was the abuse of the gospel of Jesus Christ. 


We need not look back to the past centuries to find the corruption of Babylon ... we knew it in our day, and like blind followers we called the ugly harlot daughters “The Church.” That which divided the children of the Lord we called "outpourings," and the ones who preached her distorted gospel, we called “men of God.” There were precious moments when the sorrowing sinners came forth and cried out to Jesus for salvation ... but even those she took and robbed. If you doubt what I am saying, look at the mess they call Christianity today. True, there are more steeple houses, organizations, and Bible schools than ever ... but they are only factories of Babylon where she mass produces her religious robots. I know there are people within her system that are hungry ... but to be fed they must come out unto the Father ... we cannot go in to them. 


But when it pleased the Father to reveal His Christ in us, we left the camp and gladly faced the desert. Now that desert is blossoming as a rose and from the crusty ground of our solitude flows the water of life. Now with all chains broken, and far beyond the reach of mortal men and their vain and greedy religious notions, we enter into God's Paradise of freedom and life; where all work has ceased and we rest upon the bosom of our loving Father. 


We wait in the holy silence of His presence for the hour of our full redemption and manifestation. Our inner son is being filled with understanding, compassion, and mercy. We are seeing mankind through the eyes of the Saviour of the world. We are being prepared to be the victors over sin, death and hell. Part of the preparation, my faithful sons, is bearing in our spirit, mind, and body the weight of the sins of mankind ... to feel their shame, their pain, and their guilt ... to shed their tears and to share their suffering ... to walk for a moment in their lifeless and shallow footsteps, and finally to hear their haunting cries of vexation and hopelessness. The hour will surely come, perhaps it is nearer than we know, when we will cry out: "Father, forgive them, they do not know what they have done." And with the atoning power of the precious blood of Jesus shall every "doorpost" be stained. Redemption can be nothing less. Hallelujah! 


Can you see the foolishness of playing religious games? Can you see the lifeless position of never seeing beyond man's religious thoughts and educated suppositions? Man seems to always probe into the things of God through the pages of history ... always inspiring their own thoughts with the intelligence obtained by learning ... but the chain of their thinking is always broken by division and controversy. THE BODY IS OF CHRIST! ... not the so called "church" of the past two thousand years. Babylon is wicked, her daughters are wicked, defiled by man, defiled by false doctrine and lifeless tradition, and defiled by the greed for the god of this world. Shame on those who have taught that The Church, The Body of Jesus Christ, became defiled, or needed to be purified and restored. Man defiles his body because his mind is defiled ... but the mind that is in Christ Jesus is the pure mind of the Father that has always, and always will, rule over the Body that He has prepared for His Christ. 


We have ears to hear, let us hear the voice of the Spirit as in the silence of our souls He whispers the secrets of things to come. 

The Spirit of the Living God is breathing upon our inner son ... to purify, to sanctify, to glorify ... to transform these mortal bodies into the incorruption and immortality of the Sons of God. He shall bring us forth and stand us upon Zion as lords and saviours ... to deliver the creation from the bondage of decay. The Sons of God will open the doors to the ages, the rule of which will be given to them. with the mind of the Father they shall fill all things with Divine Order, Divine Unity, and Divine Purpose; as once again the Father's holy courts echo with the words of creation: "Let us." 


The Book is being opened in the heavenlies ... this is obvious, signs of it are written everywhere. The Book was written eons ago by the Father, then sealed with the blood of the Lamb that was slain, then placed in the Father's storehouse for the times of the "Lily." In the omnipotent mind of the Father all that was written therein was completed, while as yet there was nothing. It is not a book as we know such, it is the "Living Gospel" of the totality of the secrets, the substance, and the mysteries of the Living God ... placed within the deepest dimensions of the Sons of His Christ. Their lips were sealed by the Crimson Mark till the times of the appearing of the Kingdom and the Manchild. The process has begun, the Kingdom of God is being established among His own, and the Manchild (the sons born in full stature before there was time, or place, or things) is being made ready for the greatest hour of manifestation and the speaking of truth that the ages have ever known. 


There is nothing and no one that can stop the birthing process that is taking place today. The power and might of the heavenlies are moving in the perfect timing of the Spirit. The Father is receiving His sons unto Himself. Their minds are being renewed and their lips are being opened, and the first words of the Everlasting Gospel are being spoken. A glory of transcendent magnitude is falling as a holy anointing upon them. The things that were "unlawful to speak of" are being revealed to those who have taken refuge in the depths of the Father's greatness. The Day of the Lord is hastening on as the fullness of the Father expands into His vast family of sons filling them with unfading light, ageless truth, and undying love. 


Deep within our spirits we can hear a "new song" ... it is the sounding of the "eighth trumpet" ... the music of new beginnings. We are free, the future belongs to us, and even now, in a small measure, we are being privileged to partake of it. Yesterday is for the fearful and the doubting ... forever is for the free. Learning is for those who follow teachers ... becoming belongs to the Sons of God. For this reason they were born: to become the fullness of Him. 


I received a letter the other day and among its golden nuggets this one especially touched my spirit: "We have found also that to be "taught" leads almost nowhere for us. Our heads become bogged down and we think there is no way we will ever "learn" all this wonderful knowledge. Of course not! How can LIFE be learned ... it must be experienced to be real. We thirst after ...  


The hour of "real life" draws near ... the very life that He is ... is soon to be ours, and we shall stand forever in the garments of light and everlasting life. We are entering the gates of home. We are remembering our birthright: "Sons, all that I have is thine." Hallelujah! 



NOVEMBER 25, 1992













LITTLE LETTER [Carl R. Schwing] 11-25-92              2

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